Mamagreen Patio Furniture Review

mamagreen patio furniture

MAMAGREEN offers high-end outdoor furniture that combines eco-design with functionality. Their collections have won multiple exhibit and design awards across the world; furthermore they can customize products specifically to each project.

Mamagreen sources its new teak from sustainable plantations sites that meet rigorous sustainability criteria, while they’re committed to using reclaimed materials, saving trees, and reducing waste.


Mamagreen Outdoor Furniture is a premium designer outdoor furniture source specializing in contemporary collections made with eco-friendly materials. Catering to commercial spaces, their selection is engineered to withstand high traffic and extreme weather conditions – dining tables to lounge options; Mamagreen truly has something for every outdoor space in every location worldwide!

Mamagreen’s mission has always been to combine beautiful modern outdoor furniture with sustainability. Their collections have won multiple design awards and are popular with designers worldwide. As well as being eco-friendly, their designs are also functional and comfortable; making them an excellent choice for commercial projects due to being constructed to endure harsh environments for extended use.

Zudu’s elegant yet bohemian range, for instance, combines innovative textiles and warm woods to create an inviting yet relaxing ambiance, making it the ideal setting for home or commercial settings alike. Additionally, their modern patio furniture is perfectly tailored for Sydney-siders who increasingly host gatherings outdoors – in fact a recent survey discovered that more than half spend more time socializing outdoors than watching television!

Mamagreen’s environmentally sustainable patio furniture can be found around the world – from casinos and cruise ships, restaurants, hotels and vineyards. Their pieces have been designed to withstand cold Zurich winter climates to hot and humid Sydney summer temperatures as well as open ocean environments on yachts or cruise ships.

Svenson Patio Furniture is dedicated to reducing their ecological impact by adhering to strict environmental standards during manufacturing and sourcing all of the teak used for its patio furniture from sustainable plantations sources. Furthermore, they strive to offer maximum customization capabilities for their customers by offering a selection of frame finishes, tabletop materials and upholstery fabrics so you can find furniture to complement your unique outdoor design scheme.

Mamagreen also provides accessories to complement its stylish selections of modern outdoor furniture, such as protective covers for chaise lounges and sofa seats, outdoor pillows and carpeting. By keeping patio furniture free from dirt with these covers, mamagreen makes maintaining it effortless.


Mamagreen furniture is designed with comfort in mind, boasting high-grade materials such as stainless steel and FSC certified teak. Metal frames come powder-coated in neutral tones or chic colors for your convenience, while its teak features golden care treatment to protect it against any future blemishes or marks – plus protective covers are provided to keep it looking its best over time.

Mamagreen strives to minimize its environmental footprint from design through production, employing recycled teak sourced from plantations farms that follow stringent sustainability criteria and new teak from plantations farms that adhere to ecological standards, while recycling keeps each piece’s individual color, knots and cracks that add charm. Furthermore, over 97% of their waste is recovered.

Mamagreen designers work in their own design lab, giving them ample space for close attention to each detail and guaranteeing top build-quality – as evidenced by numerous exhibit and design awards they have received. Furthermore, this brand is part of the International Casual Furniture Association (ICFA).

Mamagreen’s collections not only achieve high levels of build-quality, but are also visually appealing. Each piece undergoes a stringent design process that emphasizes clean lines, correct proportions and subtle combinations of materials for an aesthetically pleasing design that appeals to both eyes and souls alike.

mamagreen provides over 30 collections to suit every style and lifestyle imaginable, from contemporary to traditional – perfect for both residential and hospitality use alike. In addition, their accessories complement these designs perfectly.

Established by Belgian designer Vincent Cantaert and Indonesian design partner Barbara Widiningtias, their company specialises in modern furniture that stimulates both mind and body. Their designs have been featured in Australian design publications like Belle, House & Garden and Melbourne Living magazines.


When purchasing outdoor furniture, durability should always be top of mind. Outdoor furniture must withstand an array of elements including rain, UV rays and pollen and dust accumulation – so choosing an ultra-durable brand like mamagreen patio furniture with its decades-long lifespan and lifetime warranty should be prioritized.

This company only uses premium quality materials when creating its furniture, such as recycled teak and marine grade stainless steel. Their manufacturing process is environmentally-friendly and sustainable while remaining safe for workers and consumers. Dedication to sustainability has led to considerable growth and success over time – as evidenced by numerous exhibit and design awards awarded to their furniture designs.

Modern designs and quality materials make it the ideal choice for anyone seeking stylish yet practical furniture. The company offers several collections, each featuring its own distinct style – for instance Eden features wide slats of recycled teak for an eye-catching design that’s easy to keep clean and weather resistant – making it an excellent fit for Sydney climate conditions.

Bondi Beau is another stylish yet durable outdoor furniture collection to consider, featuring loungers, chairs and tables made of powder-coated aluminum with recycled teak tops – each piece can be configured endlessly, and cushions may be added for comfort if desired. Lightweight yet robust pieces suitable for daily use!

Clima Home furniture is produced in-house by expert designers and craftspeople to meet industry demands and deliver top-quality pieces. Vincent Cantaert, their chief designer, combines his knowledge of furniture making with art studies to craft pieces that stimulate both the mind and body; these designs have been featured in Australian publications as well as major shows. You can visit their Miami showroom to experience it for yourself!


MAMAGREEN furniture features modern designs with simple lines that look at home in nature and your backyard. Crafted from durable materials that withstand weather, MAMAGREEN furniture can withstand years of outdoor wear-and-tear. Furthermore, their designers experiment with innovative joining and adhesion technologies before rigorously testing all pieces shipped out.

The company uses eco-friendly materials, including reclaimed wood and recycled metals, in their product designs. Their upholstery lines use quick-drying foam cores which help prevent mold and mildew buildup. Their certified Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) wood uses UV-resistant fibers and weather-proof weaves. Water repellent finishes also keep colors looking bright.

Mamagreen is a premium commercial outdoor furniture brand founded in 2007 by Belgian designer Vincent Cantaert and offers contemporary collections designed for high traffic environments such as hotels, restaurants and resorts.

Contrasting traditional patio furniture, contemporary outdoor furnishings have begun blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor. Metal that mimics wood grains, polymers that imitate concrete textures and even creative combinations of materials on one piece are now commonplace – giving rise to an assortment of new styles sure to fit into any space.

Modern outdoor furniture trends include modular seating that can be customized to fit your space and meet all of your needs and preferences. With such versatile seating solutions available to you, creating lounge areas, dining tables or conversation spots has never been simpler!

Furniture from this line comes in an extensive selection of colors and fabrics, giving designers and business owners plenty of customization options to create outdoor spaces that reflect their brand or aesthetic. Furthermore, there is a full array of accessories that can help create beautiful and functional environments.

Mamagreen Furniture’s principal designers, Barbara Widiningtias and Vincent Cantaert, share a common goal: creating inspiring residential and public spaces that both stimulate the mind and relax the body. Experience their distinctive aesthetic for yourself at either our Clima Home Miami Showroom or Mamagreen Sydney Showrooms.