Made Goods – Pigeon & Poodle and Thucassi Candles and Diffusers

Made Goods is an American manufacturer of fine home furnishings, specializing in luxurious dining furniture such as the Torion Buffet in dark horn, Coco Mirror that resembles leaf coral, handmade black-and-white marble striped Carlotta nesting tables with the name Carlotta on them, Pigeon& Poodle Home Accessories as well as Thucassi candles and diffusers are among their signature pieces.

About Us

Made Goods is a design company that creates eye-catching pieces for designers and boutiques, featuring innovative materials, unexpected proportions and thoughtful design. In Los Angeles, Made Goods represents Pigeon & Poodle and Thucassi brands with larger showroom spaces available to them.

Made Goods of Industry, California employs between 201-500 workers. They offer an attractive compensation and benefits package with average pay expected of roughly $80,000 annually; benefits provided to employees include medical, dental, vision, life, paid time off and paid leave policies.

Zippia provides an in-depth view into Made Goods, including salaries, political affiliations, employee data and more. This data comes directly from people who have worked at Made Goods themselves.

Made Goods was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Industry, CA. They have quickly earned an excellent reputation among customers due to their exceptional customer support and quality products, which include homewares, furniture and accessories for every room in your house. Plus there’s even an attractive rewards program! For any inquiries or issues please reach out via phone or email.

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After opening industry-only showrooms across the country, Made Goods opened its first LA space on Beverly Boulevard — open to both trade professionals and the general public alike. Situated at the epicenter of design-friendly Los Angeles, this new showroom focuses on Made Goods designs characterized by unusual materials and thoughtful proportions as well as representing Pigeon & Poodle and Thucassi products with retail prices clearly displayed for visitors to view.

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Made Goods, Pigeon & Poodle and Blue Pheasant are part of Ardmore Home Design, an esteemed wholesale brand located in Los Angeles County’s eastern regions. Each brand provides a distinctive collection of luxury furniture and accessories designed with excellence in materials, texture and proportion in mind. In addition, Thucassi candles and scent diffusers manufactured and distributed by Ardmore Home Design round off this group of wholesale brands.

Terms & Conditions

All orders placed with Ardmore Home Design, Inc. d/b/a Made Goods (“Made Goods”) will be bound by these Terms & Conditions as outlined here, which form the entirety of our agreement. Any purchase order that departs from, adds to, or conflicts with these terms will not be binding unless agreed to in writing by Made Goods.

Made Goods implements a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy to maintain the integrity of our product line and network of retailers. MAP applies to all forms of advertising such as catalogs, direct mail pieces, websites and in-store displays – and may contact retailers who sell its products below the MAP level if we identify this as occurring.