Made Goods Furniture and Home Decor

Made Goods excels at using unconventional materials and proportions to craft luxe pieces for their wholesale brand, including furniture with distinctive textures and styles that set it apart. Their furniture showcases this perfectly, featuring handcrafted textures that enhance its design.

As product requests from designers expanded, so did the company. From decorative boxes and frames, then beds, nightstands and dressers. For optimal longevity look for furniture with legs that join together rather than being nailed or glued.


Homeowners looking to elevate their interior design without undertaking extensive remodeling projects may benefit from purchasing made goods furniture and home decor pieces from various makers. These pieces come with different finishes, fabrics and sizes available – makers will even custom make pieces according to homeowner specifications! When selecting pieces that work well in their space and complement other elements of design elements they should do their research first to select pieces that work.

Quality furniture depends heavily on the materials that go into its creation. Selecting high-grade materials is key to ensure the piece will withstand for many years; a reputable company should use top-grade wood and fabrics when manufacturing their pieces; additionally, good manufacturers employ artisanal manufacturing processes such as hand finishing, glassblowing and weaving that create truly one-of-a-kind pieces with lasting beauty and appeal.

Homeowners looking for made goods furniture should search for stores offering an expansive selection. Furthermore, it is essential that each piece is constructed durable and sturdy; pieces attached using nails or glue may not stand the test of time as dowels and screws secured using reinforcing blocks may hold together better over time.

This wholesale brand specializes in statement pieces with unexpected proportions and handmade materials, such as the Bernt Coffee Table’s reinforced concrete block finished in bright contrasting colors – ideal for adding contemporary style. On the other hand, Essery Desk provides more traditional workspace solutions with clean lines and its sleek metal frame making this timeless design that will stand the test of time.


Made goods furniture and home decor pieces feature distinctive textures that add depth and dimension to any room. Available in various finishes and colors, made goods furniture makes an excellent addition to any space – homeowners can use these pieces to bring modern or traditional aesthetics into their space, as well as create more boho vibes with these pieces.

Made Goods is a wholesale furniture and lighting brand that blends uncommon materials to craft striking statement pieces for any home. Their Bernt coffee table and stool boast unexpected proportions with an emphasis on texture. Crafted with vegan leather and rattan for an organic style that complements many different decor styles.

Steelcase designers are also passionate about finding innovative ways to incorporate sustainable elements into their designs, such as recycling materials in furniture such as the base and back frame of its Think chair made of recycled glass fiber; or creating chairs made out of mycelium mushroom growth that forms seats; an innovative material which could replace petroleum-based foams as seating solutions.

One of the greatest challenges when designing made goods furniture is striking a balance between design and functionality. This is particularly critical when creating dining room tables, which must both function and look beautiful. To achieve balance when designing dining tables, wood veneers with different color schemes may help add interest while still remaining practical – this will allow your table to stand out while still being functional.


Made Goods furniture and decor pieces are known for being striking, featuring intricate textures and unexpected proportions. As a wholesale brand that utilizes innovative materials to craft statement pieces.

Plisse is a lightweight plain weave fabric featuring puckered stripes in its vertical warp direction, producing an eye-catching effect in apparel such as blouses, dresses and even bedspreads. Composed primarily of cotton, acetate or rayon fibres woven together with other textiles like silk, linen or wool threads for this fabric’s creation, plisse is often found used for women’s blouses, dresses or bedspreads.

Oscar Yague and Chris DeWitt attribute their company’s success to two key traits: an appreciation for numbers and marketing. Yague, an Excel spreadsheet analyst, is known as an expert marketer while DeWitt quickly established Made Goods by sourcing decorative mirrors before expanding into larger furniture items such as tables and credenzas. Now, Made Goods offers luxury home furnishings including lamps, wall decor and furniture – an unprecedented combination!

Stain Resistant

Best Home Furnishings provides furniture manufactured from quality materials that will withstand regular wear and tear, such as performance fabrics that are stain-resistant and moisture repellent – ideal for high traffic areas and families with pets. Stain resistant fabrics offered include micro deniers, suede microfibers or cotton fabric treated with water-based liquid repellent.

Handmade furniture may vary greatly in color, texture and consistency between pieces due to being handmade – this makes each one more distinctive for homeowners and shoppers. Furthermore, shops offering made goods often provide shorter delivery lead times and an easy purchasing process.

Made Goods furniture is known for incorporating textures and materials to create bold statement pieces, often in unexpected combinations. Based out of Los Angeles, Made Goods collaborates with global artisans to craft hand-made pieces that add layers of complexity to your space – for instance the Jonathan Side Table features man-made white resin combined with teak logs in a rectangular design, providing an elegant accent or side table that has natural wood grain but weather-resistant surfaces – an example being its creation!

The company offers an expansive selection of outdoor seating. The Jolie Dining Chair is an attractive solution for casual outdoor dining experiences. Crafted with weatherproof marine-grade rope, its dark navy or slate rotted aluminum base features cushioning upholstered with classic MC muslin fabric cushions to provide optimal seating comfort during balmy evening soirees. Plus its curved back allows relaxed sitting when hosting dinner parties under the moonlight!


Furniture constructed of natural materials like wood and metal tends to outlive plastic counterparts when it comes to durability. Wood and metal are strong and resilient materials that can handle heavier weight without bending or breaking, while using recycled or renewable materials minimizes waste while simultaneously decreasing demand for non-renewable resources. Manufacturers can also employ energy-efficient production techniques that decrease greenhouse gas emissions during production.

Durability in manufactured goods furniture depends on various factors, including material quality and workmanship. For instance, legs of any piece should be attached securely with sturdy glue or nails as weak ones may give way under pressure and cause the furniture to collapse.

Durability of finish is also an important consideration. Furniture coated in high-grade varnish or polyurethane will resist scratches, spills, fading and discoloration; these protective finishes also serve to guard against discoloration caused by sunlight exposure. But not all furniture finishes are equally resilient: some may not withstand abrasions and scratches as readily; it is important that you select an option which complements the style of your home when selecting one that’s durable enough.

Made Goods is a furniture and home decor company that specializes in handcrafted pieces made of natural materials like bone, horn, shell and stone, designed to add luxury and sophistication to any space. Their products come in an assortment of styles and designs to fit your taste – you may even be surprised to discover they also offer curved furniture pieces which add the perfect finishing touches!