Light Wicker Patio Furniture

light wicker patio furniture

Light wicker patio furniture provides an elegant, timeless design that looks fantastic in nearly any setting. Crafted with durable modern materials that resist sun and rain exposure, light wicker is a durable addition to your backyard or balcony space.

Resin wicker furniture features thicker strands that better resist sun and wind damage than flat types, providing greater pliability for pleasurable relaxation.

All-Weather Durability

Wicker patio furniture can make a stylish yet comfortable outdoor living space more inviting, or dining sets for an al fresco dinner. There are various kinds of wicker, including traditional natural materials like rattan, modern synthetic options that look just like real wicker but can handle harsh weather conditions, and clearance items available in stores or online. However, for optimal performance it is important to purchase high quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Wicker furniture is easy to care for and requires little upkeep compared to other forms of outdoor furnishings. Wipe it down with damp cloth or use your garden hose to spray off debris accumulated throughout the summer season. Furthermore, its light construction makes wicker more manageable in your outdoor space allowing you to adapt seasonal changes or change up furnishings as necessary when entertaining guests.

Traditional wicker furniture was typically constructed of natural materials like rattan, bamboo or the fibers from tropical palm trees. While rattan is an attractive choice for boho patios, its durability may not hold up against rain and sunlight exposure – thus prompting most manufacturers to produce similar-looking versions out of synthetic materials that can endure the elements.

Resin wicker offers another affordable synthetic alternative to natural rattan: resin wicker is more durable, weather resistant and affordable. Though its color palette might differ slightly from natural rattan’s palette, there are still numerous choices of shades. Weather resistance ensures resin wicker stands up well under Arizona heat and humidity conditions as well as Northern California winter cold and rain storms as well as Gulf Coast sun and rainstorms.

FCI London offers an assortment of all-weather wicker sets designed to complement the outdoor space in your backyard, perfect for all sorts of climates and situations. Choose the style that works for you or buy pieces piecemeal as your budget allows – either way you will end up with beautiful furniture you can enjoy for years.


Wicker furniture adds a sophisticated charm to any outdoor living area, thanks to its lightweight construction and natural aesthetic. Perfect for both small summer cabin decorating projects and expansive luxury home designs alike. Thanks to various weaving styles and rearranging options available to you, your wicker sofa set can easily fit the layout of any backyard landscape.

Your wicker may require waterproofing depending on the materials used to construct it; however, this is often not necessary as quality sets are designed to withstand the elements. Cheaper brands tend to use leftover threads when weaving their sets which causes unraveling; on the contrary, quality sets use minimal threads while wrapping ends several times prior to being stapled to prevent unraveling.

Wicker patio furniture that looks equally as nice without protective coating can still look fantastic, particularly when purchased with an aluminum frame. Aluminum frames are moisture resistant and can even be treated to enhance weather resistance – meaning you don’t have to worry about rust or water damaging the frame over time.

Many consumers often make the mistake of mistaking rattan and wicker as one option when purchasing outdoor furniture, but once you understand their differences you can easily select the ideal piece for your yard. Rattan is a wood-like vine native to Australia, Asia and Africa that features strong stems suitable for creating durable furniture while its plant skins help joiners bind joints together securely.

Rattan and wicker come in both natural and synthetic versions, giving you plenty of options when selecting what will best meet your style and needs. Natural rattan provides a more organic vibe in your backyard space while synthetic wicker requires less maintenance upkeep.

Synthetic wicker furniture is an eco-friendly choice that’s durable, low maintenance, and available in multiple colors to meet the decor of any room.

Comfortable Seating

Wicker furniture may conjure images of casual, exotic designs; however, it can actually be quite comfortable. Light wicker sets with thick foam-filled seat cushions can become especially inviting when combined with plush outdoor sofa pillows.

Cheap wicker patio furniture often uses leftover strands as weaving material, causing these strands to unravel over time. A quality brand, like Harmonia Living, weaves each strand four rows at a time to avoid this issue.

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Your backyard should be an oasis for relaxation and unwinding. Selecting furniture to ensure it looks inviting can make a world of difference; when it comes to outdoor pieces, wicker sets provide the optimal combination of aesthetics and functionality – be it all-weather wicker chairs or lounge beds; these pieces will enhance any patio and add a luxurious element.

Wicker furniture boasts an elegant design that suits a range of landscapes and decor styles, from suburban gardens with trees and shrubs to those dominated by blue skies and lush grasses. Pair brown wicker chairs and tables with rustic decor such as brass lanterns or string lights for an inviting homey aesthetic, or try white wicker furniture to complement the outdoors more vibrant colors.

Material choice can have an enormous effect on how long wicker furniture will remain looking its best. PVC, which is commonly found in cheaper wicker furniture, is subject to cracking, fading and other forms of damage over time. On the other hand, resin wicker is constructed from more resilient abrasion-resistant resin which requires less maintenance to keep looking new – an ideal option for busy households!

Color selection for wicker furniture should also be an important factor. Bright, bold hues tend to fade more quickly in direct sunlight; neutral or pastel pastel shades tend to fare better against harsher environments. Although you could get away with using vibrantly hued cushions on wicker chairs, neutral tones might provide greater weather resistance and long term performance.

PatioLiving’s selection of brown all weather wicker furniture offers you everything you need for the ideal backyard retreat. Browse through our inventory and discover lounge chairs, dining chairs and sofas that will add fresh, inviting looks to any patio or backyard space. Invest in complete sets or select pieces according to your budget; whatever works for you will leave an indelible mark with guests and family alike!