Ledge Lounger – The Perfect Way to Relax by Your Pool

Ledge lounges provide an ideal way to unwind by the pool in comfort, reading or napping in privacy. Their easy setup provides safety as you relax.

This stunning ledge furniture is recommended for pools that hold nine inches or less of water and comes in 13 different colors to perfectly complement the decor of any swimming pool.

Made in the USA

Enhance the experience of poolside lounging with Ledge Lounger’s in-water outdoor furniture. Their signature series in-pool loungers are tailored to fit perfectly on tanning ledges or sun/baja shelves for ultimate comfort and convenience, all year long. Crafted from commercial quality UV resistant materials that withstand all weather conditions for year-round peace of mind.

No matter where your backyard may be, these pool furniture pieces will transform it into an oasis of relaxation and indulgence. The Autograph Luxury Chaise Lounger stands out with its beautiful fade-resistant finish and spacious cushioning designed to comfort and embrace you.

This in-pool patio chair is made of sturdy plastic resin that won’t chip or splinter and comes with a two-year commercial warranty. Available in neutral shades or faux sandstone and granite to complement other Autograph collection pieces. Furthermore, adding an optional headrest pillow adds extra comfort and luxury.

Ledge Lounger provides an assortment of accessories to enhance your summer entertainment, such as table tops and umbrellas, games like ping pong and dominoes, Tic Tac Toe or Checkers sets and much more.

Drain your ledgelounger to prevent waterlogging caused by frequent use and maintain its clean, beautiful appearance. Doing this is as easy as pulling the plugs and propping it halfway out from between ledge and coping before leaving to completely drain over several minutes. When not in use, store away from direct sunlight and strong winds for best results in terms of preventing algae growth and mold development.

Designed for your pool

A pool ledge, commonly known as a sun shelf or baja shelf, provides the perfect space for lounging and relaxing. Conceived as an extension of your existing pool or part of a custom design plan, ledges often include in-pool furniture such as loungers and chairs to complete its look; making this the perfect spot to enjoy beverages and snacks alike! Plus side tables, umbrellas and other accessories can make it feel even more like home away from home!

A Ledge Lounger is a modern pool chaise that adds style and comfort to tanning ledges or sun/baja shelves. Constructed in the USA and designed to withstand outdoor pool environments, this piece comes in various color options to coordinate with any poolscape and even features an optional riser for locations that require deeper water depths.

The Signature Chaise ledge lounger, seen worldwide, provides an invitingly contoured spot to rest on any ledge comfortably and stylishly. Ideal for shallow waters with water depth between 0-9 inches, this elegant solution will make your ledge into your ideal place for sunbathing!

Instead of the typical in-pool barstools which need to be installed during pool construction, this revolutionary product is hollow and can be moved around as needed for convenient repositioning. Specifically designed to support lower back support while easily adapting to different floor angles. Plus, its stylish color options help complete any pool or patio decor!

Ledge Lounger offers an assortment of in-pool furniture to complement your ledge experience, such as barstools and chaises; their tables even include built-in ice bins to store drinks! Not only is a ledge the ideal place for relaxation but it can also serve as an effective platform for entertaining guests. Rather than creating separate experiences between poolside and patio living areas, everyone can share one experience together.

Ledge loungers provide an ideal way for older adults and children with mobility issues to relax in the water without needing to swim or navigate deep sections of a pool. Ledges also ensure a safer, more enjoyable, and relaxing pool experience for all pool users.

Made to last

Ledge Lounger furniture is made with long-wearing materials to provide years of comfortable use in your pool or spa setting. Built to withstand sunlight, rain, and salt water without fading or deteriorating over time – you can relax knowing your furniture will withstand whatever comes its way for years! So spend more time relaxing by your pool without worry that its furniture won’t hold up over time.

The Ledgelounger base comes in various colors and is constructed of high-density polyethylene for durability and resilience against sunlight, wind, saltwater and rain. You can assemble this sectional piece together with others from Ledgelounger mainstay sectionals to form endless configurations, giving your guests something truly unforgettable when poolside.

Autograph is the ultimate luxury ledge lounger, built to withstand even the most rigorous lifestyles. This lounger provides the perfect way to unwind after spending a long day outdoors or simply enhance any outdoor living space – with an investment grade design made in America that comes complete with a two year commercial warranty!

Easy to set up

Ledge Lounger products are designed to adorn, enhance and deliver an unparalleled poolside experience. Made to stay afloat through weather changes and pool chemicals for years of comfort, relaxation and fun. Setting up your ledgelounger couldn’t be simpler: fill up and place on tanning ledge as desired – then enjoy your beverages directly by your side without getting up! You can even keep ice and mixers close by using our convenient ice bin side table – having everything at your fingertips makes #LEDGELIFE that much sweeter!