Lazyboy Patio Furniture

Lazyboy patio furniture is an excellent solution for people who seek comfortable yet durable outdoor seating, thanks to its sturdy construction that stands the test of time and its wide array of colors and styles to meet every taste.

Framed furniture pieces are marked with their Product Identification Tag (ACK Number) and wood finish for ease of identification by dealers as custom orders.


If you’re in search of an inviting yet comfortable chair, Lazy Boy recliners offer stylish yet practical solutions. Offering various colors and styles, these chairs make finding the ideal chair easy while being easy to keep looking new! Plus they make great additions to any room in your home!

If your outdoor space needs some TLC, look no further than Lazy Boy patio furniture to revive it. Renowned for their comfortable designs and sturdy construction, Lazy Boy furniture makes an excellent addition to patio chairs, sofas, and more – with so many styles to choose from you are sure to find exactly what fits in with the aesthetic of your yard!

The Scarlett Collection High Leg Recliner is an excellent option for small spaces. Featuring tall wooden legs that give this recliner its classic, sophisticated appearance, its fabric comes in various colors to meet any decor scheme and assembly is quick and simple while leatherette upholstery provides durability with easy maintenance needs.

This reclining chair was created for maximum comfort, and features an easily-adjusted side lever to easily recline in any position. Ideal for relaxing after a long day at work or reading in the sun, its quiet reclining mechanism also offers plenty of support for your back.

This recliner features all-weather handwoven resin wicker over an aluminum frame designed to resist rust. It includes a matching coffee table with matching woven coffee tables. Quick drying cushions covered in Sunbrella(r) fabric ensure long-term colorfastness and durability, with three lounging positions to provide maximum relaxation and comfort. Tan finish options also available.


If you’re searching for outdoor furniture with durability in mind, Lazyboy patio furniture could be just the thing. Producing stylish yet comfortable pieces that are easy to care for while remaining budget friendly makes Lazyboy an excellent option.

Lazy Boy furniture is constructed using various materials, such as top-grain leather. This soft yet resilient material withstands years of wear and tear while offering endless color and style options – enabling you to find exactly the piece that reflects your own personal taste.

Lazy Boy outdoor recliners provide the ideal way to unwind after a long day. Their three-position reclining mechanism offers you ample options, making this ideal for watching television or reading in three distinct positions. Furthermore, its easy use can be controlled via one lever for optimal relaxation on patios or backyards alike.

La-Z-boy furniture is handcrafted to last a lifetime and covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty that covers its frame, spring systems and mechanism; however cushions, upholstery or leather are not included under this coverage.

Step one of assembling a Lazy Boy chair or sofa involves selecting the fabric. Each fabric has been rigorously tested to ensure durability and fade resistance for extended use; in addition, many have antimicrobial properties to ward off mildew growth as well as bacteria odor-causing bacteria growth.

Once they find the ideal fabric, Lazy Boy employees begin assembling the furniture. A framer assembles the main structure of a chair or sofa before adding its recline mechanism via metalworks department. A cut and sew center then creates fabric kits which will later be attached by an upholsterer before receiving final inspection by validation technician before shipment.

Easy to clean

Lazyboy patio furniture is comfortable, stylish and easy to keep clean – which makes the outdoor experience more pleasurable for you and reduces replacement costs over time. Plus, steam cleaners make quick work of disinfecting it against germs.

If your furniture has become stained, enzymatic cleaners may help. These products use enzymes to break down organic compounds that cause stains and unpleasant odors; some models are even safe enough for pets! You can find such cleaners at most stores offering home improvement supplies.

Use soapy water and a soft-thistle brush to quickly and effectively clean patio furniture. Simply dip the brush in the bucket of soapy water, scrub until your cover is free from debris, making sure not to apply too much pressure or you could damage its material – then rinse with warm water afterwards!

Vacuuming furniture can also help keep it looking its best. Doing this regularly is recommended, since dirt can accumulate quickly and make fabric look worn out. With pets around, keeping furniture clean becomes even more essential as they often shed hairs or bring in dirt from outside into your home – so be sure to regularly vacuum!

Cleaning furniture regularly will not only help prevent stains but can also help stop it squeaking. If it does squeak, try adjusting its screws or bolts as necessary or try lubricating its moving parts with WD-40 in order to stop them grinding together – otherwise consider replacing any necessary hardware which might be squeaking.


When shopping for patio furniture, the goal should be something that looks great while feeling luxurious yet affordable and easy to maintain. Lazyboy has you covered: our selection of furniture fits these criteria perfectly – be it an outdoor recliner or an entire set! No matter the budget.

Lazyboy patio furniture sets are created to offer maximum relaxation. Their chairs are both comfortable and durable, coming in various colors to suit any aesthetic imaginable. Plus, if you can’t make it out to one of their physical stores in person you can even purchase online!

One of the most beloved pieces of outdoor Lazyboy furniture is the Breckenridge sofa. This model boasts all-weather handwoven resin wicker over heavy-duty aluminum rustproof framing for ultimate weather resistance, with its patented reclining mechanism offering three lounging positions. In addition, you’ll find matching Simone sequoia toss pillows featuring elegant stripe patterns and an accompanying woven coffee table to complete your patio set-up.

If you’re in search of more fashionable outdoor furniture, take a look at the Colton Collection. With its elegant curves and weatherproof wicker construction in rich brown weatherproof wicker as well as Cilantro green fabric fabric finishes – these pieces can fit right in with any seating area and design of home!

If you’re on the budget, check out Outlet by La-Z-Boy for affordable furniture options. With their vast selection of overstocks, closeouts and unique items at deep discounts you won’t find elsewhere, they offer great savings with their regularly changing inventory – so you’re bound to find your ideal piece here!