L-Shaped Patio Furniture Creates Large Seating Areas

l shaped patio furniture

L-shaped patio furniture provides you with the flexibility of creating seating areas large enough to comfortably seat multiple people at one time, and works with any decor style.

Tamara from Magnolia Network’s hit show Bargain Mansions understands the importance of creating an efficient outdoor kitchen layout. She chose an L-shaped grill island to make cooking and entertaining easier.

Sofas and sectionals

Sofas and sectionals allow you to craft a seating environment tailored specifically for your space. Their slim profiles fit neatly into corners to save room, enabling you to organize the seating around an ottoman coffee table or other focal point in the room. Furthermore, multiple sectionals can divide large living rooms into cozy gathering places where people can socialize while watching television.

Selecting your sofa style and fabric is the first step towards designing your sectional. Select a classic neutral tone for an elegant appearance, or add flair with patterns that complement your decor.

Add an eye-catching pop of color to your family room by choosing an eye-catching sectional. This green leather sectional adds vintage charm while complementing its wooden beams and detailing perfectly.

One key element when selecting a sectional is its shape. A U-shaped sectional provides optimal seating for family gatherings, and also works great as an effective divider in open floor plans by creating distinct sitting and dining areas. An L-shaped sectional can provide flexibility, as it comes in all sorts of configurations – including ones featuring chaise lounges.

When choosing between right or left sitting chaise sectionals, consider which side of the room you prefer facing. If you’re an avid TV viewer, opt for an option with chaise lounges on its right side; that way you can quickly face towards the screen!

If you’re searching for a sleek modern sectional sofa, Outsunny offers this design. Their sectional features an ultra-thin profile and exposed metal or wooden legs to keep its silhouette minimal and the silhouette sleek while comfortable cushions and neutral hues complete its appearance.

For casual yet comfortable seating in any small porch, patio, or sunroom space, Outsunny offers this five-piece set. Featuring woven wicker design that looks good anywhere on a deck or porch and neutral pillows to coordinate with most decor styles, this modular furniture includes two one-armed sections as well as chaise lounge, corner table, and coffee table for modular convenience.

Curved sectionals

Curved sectionals can transform large spaces, creating an inviting seating area. Curved sectionals also work well in smaller living rooms as they encourage people to sit more naturally without harsh angles or sharp corners. When selecting your sectional, consider matching its curve with that of your wall or placing it centrally within the room depending on your personal preferences.

Curved sectionals can help divide large open rooms. Their curving design acts as a focal point that helps define the space; pair them with armchairs or love seats to create an inviting seating area; add color and texture by layering an area rug under it to complete the effect and make your guests more comfortable in your open floor plan.

There is a variety of sectional sofas on the market, so it’s up to you to determine which will best fit into your space. Reclining sectionals make great family room pieces as they allow your young children to watch television or play video games comfortably without taking up too much room – but do measure first to determine whether this type of sectional would take up enough room in your living area before purchasing one!

Selecting a modular sectional, which is composed of separate pieces that you can assemble to suit your needs, can be extremely versatile. They’re typically lightweight and easy to transport. Or go for sleeper sectionals which come complete with mattresses that can be pulled out when necessary.

If you want your curved sectional to serve as the centerpiece of your living room, pair it with right-arm facing chairs arranged symmetrically around a central cocktail table for maximum impact. Also add accent pillows for an added pop of color or to create tension within the space.

One way to utilize a curved sectional is to place it in a corner, matching its curve with that of two walls and creating an appealing, symmetrical appearance while making it easy to walk around the space without hitting walls. You could even pair one of these curved sofas with armless chairs for added contrast in the room.

Chaise sectionals

A chaise sectional is the ideal way to unwind after a busy day and recharge, making an elegant statement in any family room or contemporary living area. Add color-coordinated pillows for an inviting finish!

Some sectionals come equipped with removable chaise lounges that you can position anywhere along either the left or right sides of the sofa, depending on your space and preferences. Experiment with different placements until you find one that feels best and looks most aesthetically pleasing; an ottoman in the center could even serve as an effective divider or cozy reading nook!

Many people place sectionals against walls, but this can obstruct seating space and disrupt flow within a room. A better approach would be to arrange it in the center of the room instead, as doing so helps anchor it to its surroundings more and makes it feel less like separate pieces of furniture.

As you arrange your chaise sectional, keep in mind the seating needs of all members of your household. If there is a TV in the room, position the sectional so everyone can watch together; alternatively, for an alternative approach, arrange it so one end faces toward a window while another rests against a wall.

When entertaining guests, you can switch up your arrangement and place one chair in front of each chaise lounge for an eye-catching U-shape configuration. This layout works especially well for smaller living rooms with open floor plans and plenty of windows that showcase beautiful outdoor scenes.

Bassett offers an expansive selection of sectional couches, making finding your ideal one simple. Choose from two-piece chaise sections to four-piece designs in various lengths to meet any size room requirements. Our design studio allows you to plan out its components as well as choose fabrics, finishes and styles like double chaise sectionals with track arms for a modern family room aesthetic or choose neutral brown leather for a more classic aesthetic.

How to arrange them

When it comes to patio seating arrangements, one size does not fit all. Your lifestyle and backyard landscape could require your patio to serve various functions: reading, watching TV, grilling and hosting parties are just some examples. A modular seating arrangement such as this one gives you flexibility in terms of accommodating these purposes.

For example, when hosting a party you can easily rearrange furniture to allow guests to mingle without blocking walkways. When it’s time for rest and relaxation you can move everything back together again into an inviting reading nook.

Add an air of luxury and texture with an outdoor rug that adds color and depth.