Kids Patio Furniture – Relax With Comfortable Seating and Dining Options

kids patio furniture

Imagine spending an evening relaxing with your family under string lights, with children snacking at tables that are designed specifically for them.

Well-crafted kid patio furniture can help draw kids outside to experience nature and your landscape, providing them with something fun, yet safe, to do. When combined, its materials ensure it combines attractive aesthetics with optimal safety standards and functionality.

Lounge and Dining Sets

So that they feel at home outdoors, whether attending a backyard birthday party or just taking time for themselves in nature, children need comfortable and secure seating and dining options to feel right at home outdoors. Lounge sets that feature tables and cushioned chairs offer stylish patio furniture for kids; for an aesthetic approach consider investing in padded benches that provide supporting seats with design details such as rounded edges to prevent pinches or pokes that might present hazards to their safety.

Add an island or hutch to your dining set for easy organization of drinks and servingware, plus potted plants and twinkling tealights that make the space inviting. Some designs even feature bottom shelves designed for this purpose – perfect for inviting children into your space!

Create an inviting outdoor play space for children by including high-pile rugs that double as plush play mats and other practical accessories that make outdoor playtime fun for everyone involved. Shade options, such as canopies or umbrellas, help protect young eyes and skin from the harsh sunlight; canopy or umbrella shade is another effective solution. Wall art featuring your family’s favorite animals or plants adds another personalized touch to the outdoor space.

Sling Chairs

Have the right kids patio furniture allows all family members to relax and enjoy outdoor living spaces together. This collection offers kid-sized dining chairs and cozy lounges designed specifically for youngsters that work perfectly on porches, backyard decks and near fire pits – they even fold easily for picnics and outdoor sporting events! Luckily, with such an extensive range of styles and colors to choose from it should be easy to find seating that complements existing decor perfectly!

Younger children tend to require softer designs for outdoor furniture than adults, as this helps decrease the risk of falls and injuries while providing greater comfort as kids have shorter legs than adults. Outdoor sling chairs with rounded edges and wider armrests offer comfortable seating solutions for young children; many models even feature neutral colors that blend easily into most landscape designs, allowing you to easily match up cushions or throw pillows for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Sling chairs offer timeless charm in any backyard or outdoor dining area, adding timeless style. Constructed of sturdy materials such as acacia wood or polywood, sling chairs provide superior weather resistance against warping over time and may even come equipped with UV protection to shield from damaging sunlight rays.

While some sling chair designs offer neutral color choices, others feature vibrant hues to perfectly compliment most outdoor spaces. These vibrant tones make these designs great for families seeking to encourage exploration and outdoor activities in an entertaining fashion; their bright hues may even fade less over time making them suitable options for long-term outdoor use.

Kids-sized sling chairs make the perfect poolside and cottage deck seating solutions, featuring sturdy frames with weather-resistant fabric sling seats featuring pink or navy stripes for optimal relaxation. Their compact folding flat design makes them easy to transport for picnics or sporting events.

Tables and Chairs

Furniture designed specifically for kids helps bring families closer and encourages more outdoor playtime. Our selection of kids table and chair sets allows children to use them for eating, crafts or games with friends; plus they’re easy to clean and stackable for easy storage when not being used! Pair them with kid-sized picnic or Adirondack style tables for the ideal space for family meals and outdoor fun!

This collection of kids patio furniture includes chairs and tables made of various materials. Each material brings its own set of advantages and disadvantages when designing children’s furniture; plastic, metal and wood being among the more popular choices. When selecting material options for kids furniture that will withstand frequent use it should take into consideration your family preferences, budget constraints and desired durability requirements.

An outdoor kids table and chair set made of wood offers classic beauty that may last for years, yet this type of furniture may warp or crack when exposed to moisture and humidity over time. Wood requires additional care than other materials when it comes to maintaining its appearance; such as regular sanding and refinishing.

Plastic outdoor furniture options, on the other hand, are durable yet lightweight and come in various styles to match any decor – easily cleaned using soap and water for effortless upkeep! Plastic is also weather-proof as it resists splintering and rot.

Aluminium or wrought iron metal outdoor furniture makes an excellent option for kids patio furniture, providing sturdy yet easy maintenance requiring minimal sanding or repainting as well as resistance from harsh chemicals. Plus its neutral colors complement most homes while its cost is usually less than wooden or plastic options – with features like rounded corners and armrests which help ensure safety around younger kids.


Families may prefer choosing brightly-colored furniture designs to add fun, inviting styles that encourage kids to interact with their patio or backyard space in their own unique ways. Plus, bright hues tend to last longer when exposed to sunlight and other outdoor elements than more neutral tones would.

When purchasing patio furniture for children, it is crucial that the pieces you select have been certified suitable for outdoor use by their manufacturer. This signifies that the material used has been treated against water damage, sun exposure or other weather-related issues – for instance when shopping wood furniture make sure to read product descriptions to verify whether or not a piece is constructed from weather-resistant pine or cedar; additionally if cushions or fabric cushions will be part of their purchase it would help if more information were available about how well these hold up against weather elements before making a final decision on purchase.

Some kids patio furniture includes swings or hammocks for added flair and relaxation, while wind chimes add an additional fun and whimsical element that can help both children and adults relax outdoors. These accessories typically offer soothing sounds to help soothe both parties!

Shop Pottery Barn’s selection of kid’s patio furniture to give your outdoor spaces an upgrade this season. Find everything from versatile picnic tables and comfortable lounge chairs, perfect for sipping lemonade with friends. Don’t forget some outdoor toys and games to keep those younger members of the family busy during hot summer days!