Jaipur Rugs

Jaipur Rugs was founded in 1978 with an inclusive socio-economic model to empower grassroots artisans. Their focus has always been to empower women and provide them with sustainable livelihoods.

Chaudhary’s company provides an ideal example of how profit and purpose can coexist in harmony. They invest heavily in local weaver communities, supporting and encouraging them to become entrepreneurs themselves.

Hand-knotted in India

Jaipur Rugs has built its reputation on creating eye-catching handmade carpet designs from centuries old traditions into vibrant home design displays. Through a unique business model that empowers artisans and communities around India with sustainable livelihood opportunities while spreading authentic Indian essence around the globe. Their hand woven rugs will add decorative flourish to your space while telling cultural tales through intricate craftsmanship.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded his company with two looms and nine weavers in 1978, when the business first started operations. Since then, its growth has been exponential; today there are 7,000 looms worldwide as part of this global enterprise – all to the benefit of artisans, employees, suppliers, local communities, buyers, etc.

Designers collaborate with local artists to develop new designs that are both beautiful and practical, using various weaving approaches – traditional or contemporary – woven by skilled artisans resulting in vibrant colors, patterns, and textures that meet current design and production trends. Furthermore, the company uses modern technology to stay abreast of these latest trends in design and production.

Jaipur rugs are hand-knotted using wool yarn, meaning each knot must be tied by hand to form an exceptional rug of high-quality and durability that lasts long term. This process may be time consuming but results in high-quality carpets which are environmentally-friendly as well as being great choices for homes with children or pets. Their color palette draws its inspiration from nature with over 1,000 swatches available for selection; and Jaipur designers use Pantone FHI Paper Traveler, a portable version of Pantone Fashion Home + Interiors Color System system to take their color inspiration wherever they go!

The Jaipur Living collection encompasses an assortment of styles and sizes of rugs from small accent pieces to larger area rugs, all hand-knotted using wool construction with abstract or geometric designs woven by skilled craftspeople. Ideal for any room in the house, these durable sustainable pieces come with lifetime guarantees to guarantee their quality!

Designed in collaboration with Soho House Mumbai

Only recently did Soho House open in Mumbai – India’s former party capital. Housed in a 10-story building located beachside Juhu neighborhood and designed by Nick Jones and Linda Boronkay from Soho House Design, its space provides an exquisite playpen any Soho House member would be proud to call their own.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded Jaipur Rugs in 1978 along with nine hardworking artisans on looms, with the vision to link India’s artisans with global markets through exquisite carpets made by them. Today, Jaipur Rugs continues this legacy, supporting over 40,000 Artisans across five states and 600 villages through economic and social programs; Asha and Archana Chaudhary lead in America while their mother Kavita heads things in India.

This house was filled with exquisite details that gave a glimpse into India’s rich heritage, from antique furniture and Subodh Gupta paintings, to fresh flowers in bloom and the sound of an old-school rotary dial telephone ringing out its message of peace (I almost wanted one as souvenir!). Every corner held something beautiful for my senses to explore!

One of the house’s most spectacular features is its impressive collection of Jaipur rugs designed specifically for Soho House Mumbai and inspired by its unique culture. Ranging from traditional to modern pieces woven using hand-knotted techniques with organic wool or recycled cotton as raw materials. Easy care means these versatile rugs can be used both residentially and commercially, while being easy to keep clean.

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Made from organic jute

Jaipur rugs make the ideal addition to any room, whether you want a splash of color or ground it with natural texture. Crafted by skilled artisans in India using natural fibers like sisal, hemp and jute for durability and sustainability purposes – handmade Jaipur rugs will outlive their life expectancies and last generations or longer! Furthermore, being eco-friendly they’re environmentally-friendly as well.

Rugs can also serve to insulate a space while providing underfoot comfort, helping reduce humidity levels and improving air quality. Easy maintenance makes these rugs suitable for high traffic areas like offices. However, they should not be placed in rooms with high moisture levels as these rugs may absorb liquids or mold growth.

Artisan weavers use hand-knotted techniques to weave intricate designs on these rugs, which come in various sizes and colors to complement any interior design style. Their earthy colors and luxurious textures add an earthy charm that complements any living space perfectly while their renewable materials support an eco-friendly lifestyle; in fact, the jute used is organically farmed before being recycled when no longer required.

Jaipur Carpet’s motto is straightforward: let goodness, fairness, and love prevail in business; profits will inevitably follow.” Established by NK Chaudhary in 1978 as a two-loom operation with 9 artisans working under him as part of their initial contract, today they are an international leader in handmade carpet manufacturing.

Jaipur not only provides an expansive collection of rugs, but they also engage in numerous social responsibility programs and community initiatives that aim to support artisans’ health and wellbeing, promote women’s equality, preserve traditional craftsmanship techniques and preserve tradition craftsmanship as part of their ongoing mission. All these efforts speak to Jaipur’s enduring value.

When purchasing a Jaipur Living rug, the first thing to keep in mind is its placement within your home. Plan where, how large, and which color palettes it will feature before selecting one from one of their design families such as Genesis, Dorada or Coastal Shores to complement your interior decor style.

Crafted from recycled cotton

Jaipur rugs are an easy way to add flair and character to any room in your home, as these beautiful creations from skilled artisans offer an extensive variety of colors and patterns that complement other furniture or decor in the room. When shopping for one, keep size of area needed as well as colour palette in mind; this will allow you to select an optimal type of rug for your space.

Jaipur Rugs first revolutionized the rug industry when they established a unique business model that supported artisans directly. Today, Jaipur continues their revolution through an unmatched collection of hand tufted wool and natural fiber rugs designed by skilled artisans around the world that convey their design vision and passion for people and planet. Their designs combine timeless culture and style with contemporary trends to provide living spaces that inspire joyous living experiences.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, the company’s founder, believed in “letting goodness, fairness and love prevail in business; profits will inevitably follow”. Since their launch, this business has flourished into one of the most beloved household brands around. Their collection of rugs are handmade by artisans in India who are treated with dignity and receive fair wages along with benefits like health insurance and child development programs.

Jaipur rugs are durable and designed for high traffic areas, making them easy to maintain and clean. Being washable makes these rugs even simpler; simply vacuum regularly and blot any spills immediately if they happen; they may shed initially but regular vacuuming helps lessen this effect.

No matter the aesthetic you seek in a rug, Jaipur has something suitable for every taste and style – from natural jute rugs to hand-knotted heirloom pieces and everything in between. When placed strategically they can tie any room together or stand alone as standalone features.

If you’re shopping for Jaipur rugs, keep an eye out for labels stating “Crafted from recycled cotton.” Additionally, it is important to consider social equity practices of companies when making your decision, such as internal practices, supply chains and community outreach as this forms an essential pillar of sustainability.