Jaipur Rugs – A Tribute to Beauty, Creativity and Community

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Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded Jaipur Rugs with the vision of breathing new life into ancestral craftsmanship. His purpose-driven business model provides financial, social and community prosperity for artisans.

Under NK Chaudhary’s children, Jaipur Living continues to flourish under their leadership. Asha and Archana serve as CEO and COO respectively of Jaipur Living US while Kavita heads Design while Yogesh oversees Sales & Marketing operations in India.

About Jaipur Rugs

Nand Kishore Chaudhary (NKC), leaving his job at a bank to launch Jaipur Carpets with two looms and nine weavers in 1978, believed that carpet weaving would provide tribal artisans from remote villages a means to living while also creating social change within their communities. After moving his company from Gujarat to Jaipur in 1999, its network has since grown to over 40,000 weavers; most of whom hail from some of India’s poorest rural communities.

Now, this family-run business is an industry leader for hand-knotted rugs with operations across 40 countries and was featured as a case study in C K Prahalad’s The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid book. Additionally, they continue to transform carpet manufacturing by connecting rural artisans with global consumers who appreciate their craft.

They dedicate much of their energy towards supporting local artists, assisting in the design process for their rugs, working directly with weavers and collaborating with designers from around the globe. Furthermore, their unique supply chain helps reduce waste by sourcing locally and cutting shipping costs.

They strive to assist artisans by opening bank accounts and imparting financial literacy training, as well as closing gender gaps and eliminating poverty in rural India.

As part of their commitment to ethical production, Jaipur Rugs Foundation was created in order to support artisans and their communities. They invest in ideas and solutions which create social value as well as education, healthcare and infrastructure investments that benefit weavers as well as their families.

Fast fashion has quickly taken over retail, so it’s essential that consumers know where their products come from and who created them. Supporting local communities while saving money with buying local is also key when selecting items for home decor – and Jaipur Rugs takes great pride in supporting artisans who handcraft its rugs! They believe strongly in bringing these beautiful handmade rugs directly to you!

About the Artisans

Nand Kishore Chaudhary revolutionised the traditional carpet industry through his profound appreciation for craft and commitment to inclusivity. He recognized rug weavers who came from marginalized social backgrounds as powerful agents of change; economic prosperity being an effective tool in their empowerment. On his mission of connecting weavers’ art with end consumers’ dreams and emotions he founded his carpet revolution movement.

Jaipur Rugs was founded by Harendra Nath in 1978 with two looms and nine artisans, but today the family-run business employs over 40,000 artisans spread over 600 rural Indian villages. At its core is its commitment to the wellbeing of its weavers; eliminating middlemen by connecting weavers’ stories directly with consumers; offering stable income throughout the year as opposed to seasonal farming work; working towards health and education equality among weavers by organizing health camps and training programs specifically tailored towards them; all elements that set it apart.

Weavers are taught how to weave designs and color combinations that reflect current fashion trends in order to offer customers a wide array of choices. In addition, this brand collaborates with designers and architects from around the globe in order to cocreate new designs together while giving weavers an exclusive platform from which they can showcase their talent.

The company’s comprehensive logistics support system guarantees weavers receive their raw materials without delay, with team of supervisors visiting artisans’ homes regularly to inspect looms and train weavers on how best to maintain them. In addition, there is an e-learning platform providing access to knowledge they require in order to develop their skills further.

This platform was designed as an all-in-one resource, giving weavers access to new techniques and patterns with ease while tracking their rugs from beginning to end. Communication among team members becomes much simpler as well; especially beneficial for weavers who work from their homes as it eliminates long distance travel for collaboration purposes.

About the Collections

The Jaipur Rugs Collection is an ode to beauty, creativity and artisan savoir-faire. The designs owe much to history of rug weaving with pieces inspired by classic Persian and Tibetan pieces as well as more contemporary ones with tantric tiger motifs from Tibet woven into them – along with more contemporary ones that reflect our lives today.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, commonly referred to as “Gandhi of the Carpet Industry in India,” established his business based on principles of dignity, compassion and empathy to transform traditional hand-knotted art into home design showcases. Beginning his business with two looms in 1978 – starting out small but expanding into India’s largest network of rug weavers today with customers worldwide delivery services!

Chaudhary recognized that crafts business was an effective means of connecting rural communities to global markets, making his firm one of C. K. Prahalad’s preferred examples of businesses which combine profit with purpose.

Jaipur Rugs stands out from their competitors by going beyond traditional business practices to promote sustainable economic development in their communities. Craft is more than a profession; it provides self-respect, pride, and hope. Their company empowers artisans into artists by connecting them with global designers who share a similar vision of conscious luxury.

FHI Paper Traveler color chip technology equips their artisan network with an easy way to visualize how their chosen colors will appear on the final product, making decision-making much simpler than before when using cotton swatches for reference. This revolutionary solution helps designers and weavers communicate clearly while eliminating miscommunication between design teams and weavers that could require multiple rounds of coating for perfect colors.

Manchaha’s artisan-driven initiative expands on our well-established design-led business model by giving weavers more freedom in weaving their own individual ideas than following pre-mapped patterns found on most rugs. This allows them to express emotions, dreams and personalities while making real differences in their own lives – just like with most other rugs! Taking its name from Hindi for “heart’s desire”, these handmade rugs contain over 200,000 hand-spun knots that represent each weaver’s personal narrative.

About the Brand

Jaipur products aim to add beauty and warmth to any room in your home, offering hand-knotted wool or silk material rugs, pillows and throws with quick shipping times for patio furniture or couch backs. Burke Decor has an extensive collection of Jaipur items including their “Quick Ship” items which can be delivered immediately.

Jaipur’s weaving artisans come from marginalized social backgrounds, many working in agriculture or other low-paying professions such as landscaping or catering. Therefore, the company focuses on empowering these artisan communities and helping them realize their dreams by offering regular work throughout the year – including programs like education loans or bank account opening.

These programs aim to assist weavers and their families, teaching them financial independence and connecting artisan communities worldwide with new styles, trends and ideas from designers around the globe through workshops and collaborative projects with local artists.

One of Jaipur Rugs’ most remarkable projects is Freedom Manchaha, which provides hope and healing to prisoners. Prisoners enrolled in the program learn weaving techniques as part of jail release programming – offering a source of income when released from incarceration. Ghanshyam participated in Freedom Manchaha, and claims weaving helped him find inner peace, providing an outlet from past hardships.

At Burke Decor, we appreciate Jaipur’s ability to blend traditional rug design with contemporary aesthetics and designs. Their colors and patterns reflect current fashion while remaining committed to quality workmanship – producing stunning rugs and throws suitable for lodge-inspired homes.