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All Jaipur Living rugs qualify for free shipping with no restocking fee attached.

An elegant rug can enhance the decor in any room while standing out as its own work of art. Jaipur Living specializes in hand-made rugs made by talented artisans as a labor of love.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, founder of the company, strived to give carpet weavers in India dignity and fair treatment, eventually expanding his vision into a global network of artisan communities supported by his business and its social initiatives.

About Jaipur Living

Jaipur Living was established by Nand Kishore Chaudhary (NKC) in 1978. Working alongside nine artisans weaving two looms, NKC revolutionized the rug industry by connecting customers directly to Indian Artisans. His business was founded on dignity and subverting centuries old practices that shunned poor people, women artists and creative types; NKC’s daughters Asha Chaudhary (CEO) and Archana Chaudhary (COO) have continued on this foundation of excellence today.

Jaipur Living weavers have immersed their lives into creating the products for Jaipur Living, creating designs and quality textiles with lasting designs and bold colors to inspire customers and improve communities alike. Jaipur Living’s lasting design principles will guide them well into the future.

Shopping for a rug involves many considerations: size, position, color and shape are all crucial when it comes to selecting an appropriate piece. With all the options available to you it may be difficult to identify the most appropriate rug for your space; so before making a selection it is essential that you decide where this piece will reside as well as its style and purpose.

ImportGenius allows you to track Jaipur Living’s past imports and exports, including those shipped from their supplier Kartal Hali Tekstil Sanayi Ve Ticare. This information comes from public data sources like US Customs Service reports as well as public sources such as Wikipedia – providing a full picture of their operations so you can make better business decisions for your own.

About Us

Jaipur Living’s vision is to become an innovative company that brings artisans and their timeless craft to the global community. Their business model prioritizes giving artisans dignity while giving customers exceptional quality products at fair prices. Their philosophy states “Let goodness, fairness and love prevail; profits will follow!”

Nand Kishore Chaudhary established Jaipur Living Carpets in 1978 with nine artisans and two looms, revolutionizing the carpet industry by working directly with Artisans instead of going through middlemen. Since then, Jaipur Living has grown exponentially – now employing over 50,000 artisans across India who create beautiful masterpieces with pride and passion!

Jaipur Living offers free shipping and returns for their rugs, along with sample swatches on selected collections as well as 2’x 3′ samples in popular styles. Their rug swatches provide helpful visual reference of exact Pantone colors present within each rug or collection for easier color selection.

Jaipur Living offers customers an option to customize rugs by size and color for an additional fee, making this service perfect for those who require something truly individual for their home.

Jaipur Living reserves the right to alter pricing at any time and without prior notice, such as those published in its catalog and quotes issued as quotations are valid for thirty (30) days from their issue date unless stated otherwise on them.

About the Artisans

No matter the project – from bedroom murals and terrariums, to sculptures, woodworkers, metalworkers and ceramicists – Jaipur artisans are on hand to craft your perfect piece! Sculptors, woodworkers, metalworkers and ceramic artists alike can help add personal touches to your home with unique custom creations for you.

Many artisans were raised in traditional art families and it’s essential they pass down their skills to future generations. Nine Dot Squares is dedicated to supporting artisans as they venture into modern world where their craftsmanship can be honored.

Rajasthani artisans are renowned for their exquisite stonework designs, such as marble statues, figurines, carvings on furniture and other unique items crafted of marble or stones. Tourists frequently flock to this city due to its gem cutting center which draws in visitors from both within India and overseas.

Rajmata Gayatri Devi, known by her former name Rajmata Diya Kumari Devi, was dedicated to revitalizing block printing in Jaipur and her legacy lives on today as the practice continues to thrive. To that end, she established the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation store PDKF (Princess Diya Kumari Foundation) store which gives female artisans a platform on which they could display and sell their works.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, founder of Jaipur Rugs, saw first-hand how carpet weavers in rural India struggled under unpaid wages, so his company launched as a social venture to aid them. Since then he has amassed an army of weavers – with over 85% being women! Additionally he established a school of weaving at Jaipur’s jail where prisoners can learn the art of creating beautiful rugs through weaving classes held for prisoners incarcerated there – an example that collaboration can save dying arts while changing lives simultaneously!

About the Collections

Jaipur Living’s collection of flat weaves, naturals, transitional, and modern pieces offer something for every design family – perfect for unifying decor in your home or making it pop on its own! Headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Genesis rugs feature designs inspired by paint strokes or abstract color swatches, making them suitable for contemporary and modern styles. Meanwhile, Coastal Shores rugs boast flat weave construction featuring classic beach house stripes in blues and whites that can help recreate that relaxing ambience in homes where it’s desired to recreate that tranquil environment.

Asha Chaudhary, Nand Kishore Chaudhary’s eldest daughter, has joined his business and currently leads its American arm, known as Jaipur Living. Additionally, she participates in Jaipur Rugs Foundation which was created in 2004 under Rajasthan Public Trust Act to support artisans networks.

About the Brand

Jaipur Rugs was established by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1978 to revolutionize the rug industry with their unique business model of working directly with artisans to improve their lives and communities while simultaneously raising global brand recognition. Today, Jaipur boasts offices both in India and America.

Family-owned Jaipur continues to lead its industry with an unwavering dedication to ethics and sustainability while using design as an agent of change. Their vision is to establish an enduring and beautiful brand that unites communities while supporting artisans within each of them.

The Jaipur Living Collection encompasses an assortment of styles and materials that complement various design families – traditional, contemporary and transitional alike. Ranging from Genesis Rug collection to Coastal Shores collection; every style and pattern are handwoven by experienced weavers with quality materials.

Interior designers are an important partner of Jaipur Living and we enjoy an excellent working relationship with them. This special bond can be seen through our Designer Edit program; an expertly curated assortment of high-quality home textiles exclusively available through Jaipur Living design partners that ensure unsurpassed value to clients.

Jaipur Living stands by their ethical practices, being members of both Fair Trade Federation and Sustainable Development Goals – universal goals designed to transform our world for the better. Through programs such as Jaipur Rugs Foundation and Manchaha program they provide artisans with living wages and healthcare coverage; through partnerships with organizations like Goodwill of North Georgia and Salvation Army they support them while giving back to their local communities.