Jaipur Living Rugs by Burke Decor

jaipur living rugs

Rugs by jaipur living are designed to make a statement, either complementing or clashing with your room’s color scheme. Burke Decor offers an extensive collection of these rugs, poufs and throws in various sizes and colors.

Genesis Rug collection boasts modern flair with simple patterns that will complement other furniture, while Coastal Shores Rug boasts the classic striped motif of beach houses or coastal designs.


By purchasing a Jaipur rug, you are helping sustain its artisans who weave them. Their income supports their families while simultaneously upholding traditional art of hand-knotted rugs – skills essential to Jaipur Living that bring ancient tradition back into modern homes around the globe.

Jaipur Living partners directly with its artisans to allow for greater creative control of design processes and create high-quality rugs. In addition, Jaipur Living ensures fair wages are provided and is dedicated to sustainable development; Jaipur Living believes the most effective way of accomplishing this goal is through providing opportunities for growth among their artisans.

Jaipur rug artists are skilled and dedicated artisans, capable of taking an ordinary jute or wool rug and adding their personal flair. Ranging from baroque scroll designs for formal spaces to abstract artwork pieces suitable for contemporary homes, there are endless design choices available to them.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary, the founder of Jaipur Living, began his business in 1978 with two looms and nine weavers. He believed that when goodness, fairness and love prevailed in business operations, profits would follow suit – this remains Jaipur Living’s guiding philosophy today.


The Jaipur Living rug collection boasts an assortment of designs and patterns. Each rug in this collection is crafted from high-quality wool for added softness underfoot as well as resistance against direct sunlight fading. When selecting your rug, keep your space’s color scheme and scale in mind; find one that complements existing decor while tying into other room hues.

The Vibe collection provides an expansive variety of designs and colors hand woven by skilled artisans in India. Their mission is to help artisans earn a livable wage and improve their quality of life while supporting local economies with these rugs that make an elegant statement about who you are!

Vibe collection rugs offer dramatic accent pieces or elegant focal points with geometric and abstract patterns, so that they blend with any decor while adding depth to the space.

The Naturals Tobago collection exudes rich texture and organic allure. Woven sisal fibers add natural foundational appeal for coastal or global-style spaces, while its neutral taupe and white hue makes it suitable for contemporary homes. All sizes are nominal; accepted variance is +/- 3″. Blot out any spills immediately using mild soap and water before using a fan/dryer to speed drying time if possible and avoid prolonged moisture exposure. Vacuum regularly without beater bars while trimming any stray tufts using scissors – keeping an eye on what else might happen!


Jaipur rugs come in an extensive selection of styles and designs, from intricate patterns that bring out the beauty of traditional furniture to designs that complement modern or transitional pieces. Each rug is handmade by skilled artisans and can make an eye-catching statement in any room or space. Their color palettes include bold hues as well as dark, rich tones to complement or contrast other colors in the room.

When purchasing a Jaipur rug, several key elements should be kept in mind. First and foremost is positioning; your rug should act as an anchor in the room and tie together all other decor pieces. After that comes size; size determines how much coverage there will be in your space and color choice before choosing texture for a rug that embodies all these qualities.

Burke Decor offers an expansive selection of Jaipur Living rugs from both indoor and outdoor options for any type of space, perfect for any environment. Crafted of sturdy indoor/outdoor material designed to withstand foot traffic, they come in both round and rectangular designs to accommodate footfall easily and offer easy care – ideal for use in busy living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices where an easy to maintain surface is desired.

Jaipur Living’s brand mission is to enhance lives for customers, employees and artisans by upholding age-old craftsmanship and creating beautiful rugs that express both passion and commitment to tradition. Their Vibe collection of Jaipur Living rugs showcases this perfectly. These pieces can serve as statement pieces in a room or harmoniously blend in seamlessly to enhance existing decor – no matter what the case may be!


When shopping for a Jaipur Living rug, it’s essential to consider both its size and budget when making your selection. A large rug can serve as the centerpiece of a living room while smaller rugs complement furniture perfectly. In addition, knowing your budget allows you to narrow down options without compromising quality.

Jaipur Living’s rug collection comes in various styles and sizes to complement modern and traditional designs alike. Some pieces, like Genesis collection rugs with abstract paint-stitch patterns and natural colors like tans and grays are great examples.

Other rugs from the Coastal Shores collection feature classic striped patterns that complement beach homes or any home that wants to capture that coastal atmosphere. Furthermore, these earthy pieces come in shades of blues, whites and browns for optimal aesthetic.

Jaipur Living rugs are more than an aesthetic addition to your home; they also contribute to improving the lives of artisans who create them, through education, health care, literacy programs and more. The goal of Jaipur Living is to give artisans who create these exquisite works an improved quality of life through education, health care and literacy programs.

Learn about Jaipur Living by attending their annual housewarming party in High Point hosted by Revel Woods and featuring industry experts discussing business and design. Admission is free, while attendees will enjoy refreshments such as hors d’oeuvres and cocktails in the new showroom space.


No matter your style preferences – be they cotton softness or synthetic fiber durability – Jaipur Living offers a rug to meet them all! Additionally, they even have options made with recycled PET from water bottles! All materials meet exceptional quality standards supported by Jaipur Living’s dedication to its skilled artisans.

Color and pattern are also key elements to consider when shopping for a rug. A rug’s design can either stand out as the focal point of a room or blend in seamlessly, accentuating other decor items in an understated manner. For instance, Fable rug family features distressed designs which add rustic charm without dominating it; similarly Ceres rug employs geometric designs which bring attention to your decor while remaining unobtrusive.

Wool is an ideal material to use when crafting Jaipur Living rugs, as its natural resistance to staining makes for comfortable underfoot cushioning and insulation properties are great at maintaining an ideal temperature year-round in your home. Jaipur Living’s ethically sourced wool comes from sheep sheared in humanely manner to make these sustainable and eco-friendly pieces.

Other materials for rug construction include traditional loomed styles like dhurries and kilims. These flat-woven options feature warp threads running horizontally while weft threads run vertically – the result is durable, reversible machine-washable styles with easy maintenance requirements. On the other hand, hand-knotted rugs are created by artisans hand on vertical looms – the process typically taking 240 days from start to finish before producing high quality finishes that are reversible, durable and easy to maintain.