Jaipur Living Rugs – A Journey of Subtle Detail and Craftsmanship

jaipur living rugs

Immerse yourself in subtle details and craftsmanship with Jaipur Living Rugs’ February product launch of luxurious handknotted handknots, earthy woven naturals, and indoor performance collections.

Designers value the cozy warmth and long-term beauty offered by power-loomed accent rugs that bring an eclectic touch to on-trend spaces. Blot any spills promptly and vacuum regularly to preserve their aesthetic.

About Jaipur Living

Since 1978, Jaipur Living was established by Nand Kishore Chaudhary with the idea that “Let goodness, fairness, and most importantly love predominate in any business; profits will inevitably follow.” NK’s philosophy can be seen through every rug’s craftsmanship and thoughtful design; Jaipur Living has evolved from being just Nand Kishore working alongside 9 carpet weaving artisans on two looms to an international brand using over 40,000 skilled weavers across India and Nepal producing original rugs designed by an team of global design experts creating original designs using more than 40,000 skilled weavers to produce original rugs designed by team of global design experts collaborating.

Jaipur Living works hard to offer affordable prices while upholding quality and fair wages for its artisans. In order to meet this goal, Jaipur Living uses only natural materials such as wool, cotton and silk when producing its rugs, weaving them using skilled artisans using traditional weaving methods. In addition, Jaipur Living offers styles ranging from classic scrolling baroque designs to abstract art rugs for contemporary lofts and urban spaces – with each rug produced according to your desired decor – in any size you could possibly imagine!

Jaipur Rugs Foundation was formed to assist its artisans. This nonprofit organization provides access to education and doorstep healthcare – an integral component of Jaipur Living that has already had an impactful presence in over 273,000 lives! Jaipur Living also seeks environmental conservation with help from its partners; their focus lies on sustainable development.

Company offers an easy, generous return policy and all products are covered by at least one-year warranties against material and craftsmanship defects. Customers may return any product within 30 days from receiving it without penalty or hassle. Return merchandise must be in its original condition: unaltered by third-party products and undamaged; salable and in its original packaging; otherwise a restocking fee may apply. Customer will be responsible for paying all shipping and insurance costs associated with returning an order unless due to Jaipur Living’s mistake. Jaipur Living’s prices do not include federal, state or local sales taxes imposed by applicable laws for goods and services sold via Jaipur Living; such taxes shall be payable by Customer unless provided an acceptable tax exemption certificate to Jaipur Living.

Jaipur Living’s Story

Since 1978, Jaipur Living has operated with an undying passion for people and product. Their goal is to foster beautiful lives for employees, customers and artisans – while simultaneously upholding centuries-old artisanship through handmade rugs. Nand Kishore Chaudhary started the company back then alongside nine artisans on two looms while building upon dignity for workers; today over 50,000 artisans across India work for Jaipur Living while being empowered with love, integrity and quality workmanship at work!

Jaipur Living believes that providing its clients with an accessible commerce experience is integral to its overall mission. Their website allows clients to shop by style with collections of photographed interiors. Clients can then filter by color, size, material shape and more characteristics in order to find their perfect rug! Each product page features rich content such as detailed descriptions and purchase points which makes their experience easy for all their customers.

Jaipur’s design and commerce experiences enable their artisans to connect more easily with customers around the globe. This helps their business expand while still supporting local communities while staying true to Jaipur’s core values.

As in high traffic areas, regularly vacuum your rugs will help prevent dirt particles from penetrating the fibers and damaging their colors, or creating an oil or film layer on them that causes dull, sticky or soiled appearances. Professional cleaning should also be undertaken regularly in order to get rid of this film or oil layer and restore their vibrant hues.

Long exposure of your rugs to direct sunlight should be avoided. Prolonged sun exposure can fade the dyes in your rug and weaken its fibers, so try using rugs that can be moved out of direct sunlight during hotter periods or covered with a light-blocking shade to minimize sun fading.

Jaipur Living’s Mission

Nand Kishore Chaudhary began Jaipur Rugs with two looms with the goal of creating jobs that upheld rural India. Today, his company continues this work through their network of over 50,000 Artisans – and Jaipur Living continues to serve as an advocate for these talented craftspeople and bring timeless craftsmanship from around the world to connect people around them.

Asha and Archana Chaudhary now lead their father’s business, continuing his legacy by expanding on his core values – respect for artisans’ integrity while upholding handmade carpet production techniques – by applying design innovation. Asha and Archana’s products are globally acclaimed, as their dedication to artisan empowerment stands at the forefront of each product produced.

Jaipur Living partners directly with skilled artisans residing in small villages throughout India to produce its textiles. This direct relationship allows the company to oversee every step of production and ensure quality and ethical standards are upheld, while responding quickly to changes in consumer demand.

Jaipur Living’s products are created to be both beautiful and functional, using time-honored techniques with trend-inspired touches to craft timeless rugs and accent pieces using only top materials available to them by local artisans.

Jaipur Living rugs feature an anti-static coating for maximum durability and stain resistance, to resist dust build-up. To extend their life expectancy further, be sure to vacuum regularly with beater bar off and blot spills immediately – scheduling professional rug cleaning sessions regularly may also extend their longevity.

Jaipur Living was established in 1978 with an international reach and is known for its passion in people, products and design. Their ethos centers around their belief that when goodness, fairness and love prevail within business practices then profits will automatically follow suit.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles was delighted to welcome Jaipur Living team for an afternoon of decor-filled festivities on January 31. Attendees took part in tufting demonstrations, created their own rug designs and explored vintage pieces as well as perusing our 375,000 square-foot headquarters and scanning swatch wall for all our latest rug offerings.

Jaipur Living’s Vision

Jaipur Living is a global lifestyle brand driven by people, product and design. Renowned for their luxury rugs, poufs, pillows and throws, Jaipur is driven by a mission of creating beautiful lives for employees, customers and artisans – while preserving age-old craftsmanship of handmade rugs. Jaipur founder NK Chaudhary revolutionized carpet industry through connecting global audiences to rural Indian artisans through business models built on dignity – revolutionizing carpet industry as we know it today.

Jaipur Rugs’ collection offers an expansive variety of styles, colors, and patterns that span traditional to contemporary. Additionally, this brand has raised the machine-washable standard with their machine-friendly collections designed to withstand heavy traffic areas in your home; all constructed using durable fibers that are kid and pet safe.

Each Jaipur rug is handcrafted by artisans trained to the highest standard with quality materials, adhering to stringent quality control guidelines and customer service expectations. Jaipur strives to offer top-quality products at highly competitive prices with attention paid to every detail and understanding of latest industry trends reflected in each unique design they produce.

Over nearly four decades, this company has achieved incredible growth. Now an international leader in its field, it serves as an inspiring example of how strong values and exceptional products can work hand-in-hand to create a better world for all involved. Today, over 40,000 artisans across 700 villages work alongside them towards building brighter futures for themselves and their communities.

So long as nothing else is specified on your sales order or invoice, all prices may change without prior notice. All prices exclude federal, state and local property, sales use or excise taxes; customers with valid tax exemption certificates can provide their payment within 30 days from date of purchase unless credit terms have been approved by Jaipur Living.