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Jaipur Living Rugs are durable rugs designed to withstand high traffic and wear. Available in multiple sizes to complement any decor style, these versatile floor coverings can act as focal points or tie rooms together seamlessly.

Nand Kishore Chaudhary founded this social business venture to assist underpaid carpet weavers in rural India. C K Prahalad highlighted their impactful social business model in The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

High-quality design

Jaipur Living rug collection features an assortment of design styles spanning ornate Persian rugs to plain jute rugs with artwork or abstract color swatches, from ornate Persian designs to artwork-decorated pieces and abstract color blocks. Shopping through design families will help you hone in on your personal taste and find a rug ideal for your space. Once you know where and when you intend on placing it, start looking at various sizes.

Jaipur Living blends heirloom-quality materials with contemporary designs to craft timeless accent pieces that add beauty and grace to any room. Their Ciana collection, for instance, provides a textured foundation for transitional spaces with its soft blend of jute and wool that stands up well against high traffic wear – with easy-decorate motifs featuring an updated kilim look with global appeal.

Boheme collection design pieces draw on vintage aesthetics with ornate worldly patterns and distress effects to evoke vintage aesthetics. Rhoda area rug features faded yet beautiful Persian medallion with digital printing technology to produce one-of-a-kind patterns; Fable family features similar distressed elements in ornate scrollwork and floral patterns to give an eclectic feel.

Hand-knotted rugs are an elegant luxury that stands the test of time, often boasting hand carving with high/low pile effects. Their construction can take up to 240 days and their quality cannot be beaten – the Gaia collection showcases this quality with transitional filigree motifs and easy colorways for decorating purposes.

Natural rugs are another hallmark of Jaipur Living brand, and their natural jute Sauza collection anchors rooms with earthy texture and neutral palettes that are easy to decorate with. Their casual design has an earthy aesthetic and will fit seamlessly into various design schemes; their sturdy natural fibers offer comfort underfoot; although some initial shedage may occur initially; regular vacuuming should help reduce this effect.

Due to Jaipur’s longstanding partnership with Interior Designers, they created the Designer Edit program. This specially curated assortment can only be purchased by Interior Designers via their website or sales associates; thus ensuring products reach their full potential while upholding Jaipur’s longstanding tradition as an Interior Design favorite with quality that cannot be rivaled.

Extensive range of colors and patterns

Jaipur Living rugs provide a vibrant splash of color and pattern to any space, offering something for every traditional aesthetic (the Jaipur Village Azra Area Rug for example), contemporary (Rize RIZ06 Zaid Wool Area Rug), as well as neutral options that fit seamlessly with any decor (Jipur Rize RIZ06 Zaid Wool Area Rug).

Jaipur Living rugs feature an incredible range of patterns and colors, and are made with high-quality materials to guarantee years of use. Their natural fibers help protect the environment, while their intricate craftsmanship means your rug will withstand everyday wear and tear. All this makes Jaipur Living rugs ideal choices for any room in your house–bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms–whether living room, or bedroom!

Jaipur Living rugs stand out from the competition because they’re meticulously hand-crafted by skilled artisans using generations-old techniques, giving each rug its own unique character that cannot be replicated by machine-made rugs. Furthermore, Jaipur Living only uses premium natural fibers which are both soft and resilient enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without staining – ideal for busy households!

Jaipur Living rugs draw their designs from ancient cultures and traditions as well as global influences such as trade routes. When trade routes opened up, people from different regions began exchanging ideas and products – this influence can be seen in their variety of rugs from France Aubusson rugs through Spain Moorish to Scandinavian simplicity to Greek key detailing; all beautifully weaving artistry combined with timeless traditional motifs.

Jaipur Living’s collection of contemporary and modern styles places great importance on quality, ethical business practices and environmental sustainability. Their Genesis collection features designs evoking paint strokes while the new Coastal Shores line recreates that relaxing feeling associated with beach living.

Variety of shapes and sizes

Rugs are an effective way to add color and dimension to any living space, creating an inviting ambience in which to live. Jaipur rugs come in various patterns and colors so that you can find one to suit your individual style; their creation uses quality materials with traditional techniques for lasting durability.

Before purchasing a rug, carefully consider its size, design and pile height. The latter factor determines how soft it feels under furniture as well as cleaning ease; higher pile rugs typically last longer.

Design of the rug also plays an integral part in its appearance in your room. To blend in seamlessly, select one with earthy hues and an understated pattern – then pair it with pieces in neutral tones like browns or whites for maximum impact. Alternatively, opt for one featuring colorful floral motifs or geometric designs instead!

Jaipur rugs come in an extensive array of styles and shapes and sizes. A larger rug will make fitting furniture into your space easier; conversely, smaller rugs create an intimate environment.

Jaipur Living rugs are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials, such as premium natural fibers that are both soft and durable, making them suitable for high traffic areas like living rooms. Furthermore, these rugs can easily be maintained as they resist staining and fading for easy care and stain resistance.

Jaipur Living stands out from many rug manufacturers by emphasizing social responsibility and working directly with artisans to provide jobs that support their families. Their dedication to those who craft their products can be seen in every rug produced; as is their commitment to improving lives and working conditions in rural India while providing education and training.

Free shipping

Jaipur Rugs is an industry leader when it comes to high-quality rugs made with natural materials. Their collection offers patterns and colors perfect for any decor imaginable at unbeatably competitive prices. At Rug & Home, you can easily find your ideal Jaipur rug while taking advantage of free shipping with every order!

Jaipur Living’s collection features flat weaves, naturals, transitional and modern designs with distinct fashion-forward trends. Jaipur combines quality artistry and social responsibility; their business model is founded upon sustainable development of local communities and sustainability as core tenets.

To select a Jaipur Living rug that complements your room and space, take into account its position and size first, before considering color and style choices as well as shape of rug – these factors will enable you to find your ideal rug!

If you aren’t completely satisfied with a Jaipur Living rug, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund; if purchasing custom orders instead, however, a 50% deposit must be paid prior to placing the order.

Rugs are essential elements in any room and can tie your design together beautifully. Not only can they add the perfect finishing touch, they can also improve the atmosphere in a space by creating an inviting atmosphere for guests or hiding any flaws on the floor surface beneath it. Selecting the ideal rug takes careful thought and consideration but will pay dividends later on!

Jaipur Living’s Genesis rugs are hand woven using a mix of wool and viscose for an exceptionally soft yet textured high-low pile rug, featuring what appears like paint stroke patterns in their weave pattern – perfect for contemporary and modern designs.

The Jaipur Revival JAR01 Hacci Cream/Blue Rug is the ideal addition to any bedroom, living room, or kitchen. Crafted of luxurious cream-colored material woven with blues and silvers for an opulent touch – its unique design adds elegance to any space and pairs well with traditional furniture styles.