Jaipur Living by Burke Decor

Burke Decor offers Jaipur rugs, pillows, poufs and throws with scrolling baroque designs perfect for formal spaces as well as geometric striped designs suitable for more casual settings. Each fabric accent piece provides extra warmth and style in any room it graces.

Jaipur Rugs began as an international company rooted in sustainability with two looms and one goal in 1978, later expanding to become an inclusive model that supports artisans throughout their journey.


Jaipur Rugs was established by Nand Kishore Chaudhary in 1978 with nine weavers and two looms. Chaudhary saw the plight of underpaid weavers from marginalized social backgrounds and saw his business as a way to help these artisans earn more through their craft.

Chaudhary’s commitment to democratizing supply chains from its inception is what propelled Jaipur Rugs into becoming what you know today. Through social initiatives and the Jaipur Rugs Foundation, Jaipur Rugs now supports over 40,000 weavers across 600 villages with living wages, access to healthcare services and leadership education – providing products which are both beautiful and meaningful! By giving back directly through Jaipur Living products!

Jaipur Rugs family takes great pride in designing bold colors, distinct styles and fashion-forward trends with pride. By remaining consistent with its vertically integrated business model, they can offer competitive pricing in today’s market.

Jaipur Living will provide you with a Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy, outlining the minimum advertised prices that can be advertised for its products online. In order to continue selling Jaipur Living products online, it is imperative that you comply with this agreement.

Jaipur Living strives to produce pieces with consistent levels of quality in every piece they produce, yet due to being handcrafted, slight variances in color and size may occur; for best results we advise purchasing a sample rug as it provides truer color matching capabilities and texture matching capabilities. Likewise, natural dyes used may fade with age due to sunlight or humidity conditions.


Jaipur rugs are handwoven by artisans using centuries-old techniques, creating products which reflect both their creators and the communities they serve. Every detail from raw material selection and weaving through finishing is taken into account to produce top quality rugs. A rug may even be reproduced several times to help artisans hone their skills and gain experience while satisfying customer demands for one of a kind rugs crafted specifically for them. Each rug becomes even more precious once touched by many customers over its lifespan!

Jaipur Rug Company was first founded by Nand Kishore Chaudhary as a social venture to assist marginalized carpet weavers of India. Based on principles such as dignity, compassion and love, it quickly evolved into one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of hand-knotted rugs worldwide – operating over 60 factories across India in 600 villages with more than 30,000 workers employed – which now leads the consumer market with high-quality yet durable rugs.

Burke Decor is proud to offer an extensive selection of Jaipur Living rugs and fabric accents from giant focal point rugs like Ceres in Baltic and Silver Birch that pairs beautifully with rustic or bohemian rooms to abstract art rugs, there is sure to be one perfect for any room imaginable. Additionally, throw pillows, poufs and other fabric accessories provide opportunities to add texture and warmth.

Prices do not include taxes such as federal, state or local sales/use/excise and similar levies unless specifically mentioned; customer is solely responsible for paying any such charges; tax exemption certificates must be presented prior to receiving an invoice from Jaipur Living.


Jaipur began with one man’s vision and has grown into an international connection between people from around the globe and artisans who weave rugs. Commitments to artistry, quality and sustainability remain at the core of everything they do. Their vertically integrated business model ensures consistencies in design and production while offering competitive pricing in today’s market.

Jaipur Living, a global rug company known for combining time-honored techniques with trending styles, takes great pride in creating products with meaning beyond aesthetic beauty. Through social initiatives and their foundation, they support over 40,000 artisans from 600 villages by offering them living wages, access to healthcare and leadership development programs.

Designs produced on their looms feature both traditional and contemporary styles, making it easy for clients to find something they like. Their oversized focal point rugs like Ceres in Baltic and Silver Birch suit those who prefer rustic or boho styles while others such as Fables (grey/blue) feature antiqued geometric patterns for those with more contemporary tastes.

Jaipur Living’s commitment to rug making means each rug is handcrafted by an expert team that ensures durability as well as style. They use only premium materials hand knotted onto vertical looms with superior craftsmanship. Jaipur Living rugs are composed of 100% wool, with various colors, sizes, patterns and sizes available – their artisanry sets them apart from competitors!


Jaipur Living’s mission is to make an impactful difference in the lives of artisans and people across the world. Their focus on sustainability, artistry and quality will define both Jaipur Living’s industry presence as well as Jaipur itself for decades to come.

Sustainability begins with the people who create Jaipur products, and The Jaipur Rugs Foundation works tirelessly to support more than 40,000 artisans from 600 villages in five states by offering them living wages, healthcare access and leadership education programs that help them realize their full potential and become leaders within their community and beyond.

Jaipur promotes environmental sustainability with the use of recycled materials and natural fibers such as cotton reclaimed from garment waste to reduce waste and support local textile economies, and sustainable dyes that have minimal impacts on the environment. Furthermore, Jaipur supports fair trade and women empowerment while earning awards such as India’s Director General of Foreign Trade’s Star Export House designation and C.K. Prahalad case study inclusion in his book The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid for its commitment to social change.

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Jaipur Living’s vertically integrated business model enables it to offer competitive pricing in today’s marketplace, taking full responsibility for our artisan network from design, production and customer delivery; providing consistency in quality and cost.

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