Jaipur Living Britta Rug

Bring an inviting Scandinavian aesthetic into your living spaces with the soft iron gray Britta rug, made of eco-friendly polyester. Power loomed to ensure maximum durability, this power loomed accent adds an easy way to elevate high traffic areas while remaining care-free for decades of use.

Delray Rug creates a contemporary coastal vibe with its beautiful hues and luxurious sheen. Crafted of wool-viscose blend, its luxuriously soft feel underfoot makes this rug suitable for low traffic bedrooms or formal living rooms.


Absolon from Jaipur Living offers tactile indulgence with its plush wool-and-viscose blend, decorated with an abstract motif of earthy green hues. Perfect for bedrooms, home offices or cozy living spaces! This modern rectangular area rug comes complete without borders – making it the ideal addition to bedrooms, home offices or cozy living spaces alike!

Absolon features an understated visual texture with its tweed pattern in heathered taupe and rust hues, featuring soft looped pile designed to stand up well under medium traffic levels. A cotton backing adds extra stability; hand-tufted with plush pile, this area rug can also be professionally cleaned to remove stains or periodically for maintenance needs. Avoid prolonged moisture exposure; always blot spills immediately!

Chaucer makes use of Absolon’s profession in another scene when Nicholas must brand him with his kultour (3326). This act of cautery conjures images of barber-surgeons as surgeons who cut away gangrene; thus it symbolizes both Absolon’s virility and strength (Chaucer may have also drawn inspiration for this scene from an eighteenth-century ballad entitled the Monk Who Prophesied an Earthquake).

Absolon recalls Absalom or AabySHalom from biblical history – an Israelite archbishop and king. The English spelling first emerged during medieval times and persists into modernity; Absolon is now widely used both as a given name in England (where it can also be written Absalom), other European languages, Israel and Finland where it serves both masculine and feminine uses – male in Czech Republic Slovakia Slovenia Finland but feminine given name Israel Finland where Absolon can be read Avshalom or Avshalom; however Absolon does not represent variant spellings such as Abiysalom – it stands alone!


Britta adds sophistication and texture to our plus collection with its subtle tonations of ivory and gray and looped texture, providing versatile appeal that complements any design direction. Crafted by hand tufted wool viscose yarn, Britta provides hand tufted quality that’s hand tufted by artisans using hand tufting techniques, giving this hand tufted rug its tactile surface texture that adds textural depth.

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