Jaipur Cirque Rug

jaipur cirque rug

Muted color tones and distressed Oriental patterning combine for transitional appeal on this modern area rug, giving it an appealing transitional aesthetic. Luxe yet soft-to-the-touch, its viscose and shrink polyester accent is soft against your feet with satisfying textures to provide a luxurious experience.

Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning should be performed on this area rug to maintain optimal condition. In case of spills, clean them immediately by blotting.


Jaipur Cirque area rugs offer the perfect finishing touches to your living space, with their range of vibrant colors that blend contemporary trends with proven manufacturing processes to produce durable rugs that remain looking like new for years after purchase. Perfect for high traffic areas of the home!

Power loomed printed technology allows rug creators to accurately reproduce many of the designs, sizes and materials found in hand woven, knotted and tufted rugs with this powerful process. Utilizing polyester and viscose fibers that feature lustrous sheen and soft underfoot feel characteristics – power loomed rugs are perfect for busy households with children or pets or those looking to change up their style frequently.

The Jaipur Living brand collaborates on their rugs with designers and artisans who share a belief that how your rug is created is just as crucial to its design itself. Their social enterprise employs over 40,000 artisans across 700 villages, providing them a living wage, access to healthcare and education as well as literacy and financial training. Their commitment to quality and design is unrivalled within the industry; their products are sought-after globally. Their modern abstract pattern of brown, gray and ivory complements contemporary low traffic spaces perfectly; machine stitched then power loomed from polyester/viscose fabric.


Jaipur Living’s modern aesthetic rug creates an airy loft feel in contemporary, low-traffic spaces. A brown, gray and ivory abstract pattern adds flair while providing style versatility ranging from eclectic to traditional decor styles. Plus its luxurious viscose and polyester materials offer unparalleled underfoot comfort thanks to their high-low pile texture!

Cirque collection brings together contemporary appeal with timeless, intricate Old World designs. Heaston area rug epitomizes this concept; its painterly abstraction features carved-like textures that beautifully accent mottled hues in light and cool neutral tones. Crafted from power-loomed viscose and shrink polyester yarns for comfort with an alluring lustrous sheen finish.

Jaipur Living rug brand is founded on an innovative social enterprise which employs over 40,000 artisans in 700 Indian villages, paying them livable wages and providing access to healthcare and literacy programs – this allows them to produce quality rugs and textile furnishings which are coveted across the world. Their model distinguishes them from other home furnishing companies while adding sustainable style into indoor and outdoor living spaces; each rug boasts high-grade materials with unparalleled attention paid to detail at an accessible price point for modern lifestyles.


The Jaipur Living – Cirque Arvo area rug comes in various sizes to meet a range of space needs. Its high-low pile makes an elegant statement while providing comfort underfoot, complementing contemporary interiors beautifully while transitioning between spaces nicely. Muted color tones and artistically abstract patterning lend it transitional appeal while its lustrous sheen captures light beautifully; making this versatile rug suitable for bedrooms, formal dining rooms and living spaces alike.

This rug is handmade using an innovative weaving technique to preserve its design, producing an exquisite piece that stands the test of time. Easy maintenance with regular vacuuming and professional cleaning; suitable for children and pets!

Jaipur Living is a company dedicated to sustainable, ethical production. Their artisans work in fair trade environments that provide them with access to education, health care, literacy training and livable wages. Jaipur Living’s vision is to produce products that reimagine indoor and outdoor spaces by merging beauty with comfort in each design; their designs seamlessly merge the two areas for an inviting “at home” feeling.


Rugman displays the total cost of your purchase, including shipping*. There are no hidden fees or charges that could arise during checkout or upon delivery; your rug will arrive directly to your home at no additional charge.

The Cirque collection expertly marries contemporary appeal with the timeless and intricate beauty of Oriental designs. The Basilica area rug showcases this combination with an intricate diamond medallion accented by classic lattice details for an exquisite expression of style. Its mottled gray, ivory and gold colorway is vintage-inspired; soft viscose polyester creates a textured high-low pile, suitable for medium to low traffic spaces such as bedrooms, formal dining areas or living rooms.

Subtlety and luxury define this elegant design. At first glance it may appear understated; upon closer examination however it becomes evident of all its glamourous details. Carved effect and subtle sheen capture light beautifully for added dimension beneathfoot while viscose/shag polyester blend provides comfort that you can see and feel.

Jaipur Living takes great pride in how their textile furnishings are manufactured. Their artisan-driven business model ensures fair wages, access to healthcare and education services, as well as an opportunity to expand in a supportive and nurturing environment. Their handcrafted heirloom-quality rugs come from artisans in over 700 villages throughout India – with Jaipur Living becoming one of the fastest-growing furniture brands in America with products designed to bring comfort and beauty together in equal measures. Their spring collection caters to diverse lifestyles by seamlessly merging indoor and outdoor living – providing both comfort and beauty together in perfect harmony!