Investing in the Best Quality Patio Furniture

best quality patio furniture

Investing in high quality patio furniture helps your family and friends spend more time outdoors. Selecting durable materials is the key to prolonging its use outdoors.

Not all materials are created equal, which is why it’s crucial to conduct thorough research into which types of patio furniture offer the greatest return for investment in your home.


Teak wood patio furniture is a luxurious and resilient material for outdoor furnishings. With its tight grain pattern and vibrant golden brown color, teak stands out among its peers as an eye-catching material to elevate any backyard to the next level. Additionally, teak’s durability and longevity outlive many other forms of patio furniture like cedar or pine by decades; due to slow growth processes such as kiln drying processes as well as mortise and tenon construction techniques that give this wood its structurally sound foundation which won’t crack or rot over time.

If you want your teak furniture to maintain its showroom luster, a natural sealer should be applied at least annually. Otherwise, its wood will weather naturally into a silvery gray patina over time which means less sanding or refinishing needs. However, regular treatment with high-grade oil is recommended to preserve its showroom shine.

While other materials such as wicker can absorb moisture and be subject to mold growth, treated teak has natural moisture-proofing properties which make it highly water resistant, making it suitable for use around pools, hot tubs, or any area subject to humidity or coastal climates. It also makes an attractive accent piece.

As it is dense and strong, teak makes for ideal outdoor furniture material that will withstand even the harshest environments – this explains why you will find century-old park benches made of teak in England or pieces from dismantled ships still intact in caves in Western India.

Teak patio furniture design possibilities are almost limitless due to its adaptable wood. Teak can be used to craft exquisite or casual styles; combine it with metal and wicker for timeless classic pieces; or simply be left alone as timeless timeless classic pieces that feel great to touch.


Aluminum outdoor furniture is a favorite for patios and backyards alike, known for its easy cleaning features as well as durability. Thanks to its painted finish and rust resistance properties, spilled drinks or outdoor debris simply wash off easily, keeping it looking brand new for as long as you own it.

Aluminum’s lightweight nature also makes it easier for you to move pieces around your patio as needed or rearrange furniture when refreshing up your space. In fact, pieces made up of both cast and extruded aluminum may even offer you the best of both worlds!

When shopping for aluminum furniture, look for pieces with solid construction rather than tubular frames to ensure stability and ensure they won’t blow away in high winds. Also ensure the frame pieces are welded instead of riveted for extra strength and look for powder coat finishes to protect against the elements and extend durability.

If you live in an area prone to high winds, steel patio furniture would be better. While both materials are strong and resilient against high winds, steel will stand up better against strong gusts. Also look for steel furniture designed specifically for your climate; that way it can adjust itself appropriately, not becoming too hot or cold and disturbing your comfort level.

Aluminum outdoor furniture offers many style options to meet the individual tastes and styles of each person who buys it, from simple modern pieces to ornate ones that stand out in your backyard. Plus, with multiple sizes to choose from you’re sure to find pieces perfect for your space – bar chairs and full dining sets are just two examples that fit every taste and budget! Visit one of our Outer showrooms today to gain more insight into this popular type of outdoor furniture!

All-Weather Wicker

Wicker patio furniture has quickly become a favorite choice for outdoor seating areas, thanks to its attractive aesthetic that complements various forms of decor. But many don’t realize that wicker isn’t made out of an inanimate material like cane stalks, rattan, or synthetic fabrics; rather it’s created through weaving techniques. And this versatile option for your backyard offers you great flexibility.

All-weather wicker is a type of wicker specially treated to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions, like rain, snow and sun exposure. This treatment allows all-weather wicker to outlast natural fibers like rattan and palm that may sag or become brittle under these circumstances.

This all-weather treatment helps the wicker retain its color over time, unlike natural materials which may fade with exposure to UV rays. While gradual fade occurs over time, additional treatments or protective cushioning can protect it.

All-weather wicker furniture has an added advantage of being lightweight, making it easier to move around and rearrange without too much difficulty. This feature makes all-weather wicker a great way to frequently change up the aesthetic of your backyard without much fuss or effort needed from you.

Wicker furniture isn’t only easy to work with; it’s also cost-effective and long-lasting, adding beauty and functionality to any backyard space. A set of wicker sofas and chairs won’t break your budget while simultaneously adding beauty.

When purchasing all-weather wicker furniture, make sure you look for high-density polyethylene wicker as one of the best and most reliable types available. Not only is this versatile material durable enough for almost any patio use but children can use it safely since its shape remains stable over time – which makes it perfect for use outside with friends.


Many consumers favor metal patio furniture over wooden and wicker options for its easier cleaning, more water resistance, lighter weight and greater design possibilities. Some metal pieces even mimic materials like wood and wicker to expand homeowner options for design ideas. But buyers should carefully weigh all advantages and disadvantages before making their purchases.

Customers looking for metal patio furniture should select only those of highest quality available. Although steel and wrought iron patio sets can be durable and robust, over time their exposed to moisture may rust quickly, speeding wear-and-tear as well as discoloring finishes over time.

One of the top choices for patio furniture made of metal is aluminum, as it does not rust and can withstand humidity and moisture far better than steel or wrought iron. Unfortunately, aluminum furniture can become hot in direct sunlight which could be an issue if sitting outdoors frequently – this may lead to sizzled skin! Stainless steel patio furniture may offer greater corrosion and moisture resistance compared to both wrought iron and aluminum options; although premium priced, its longevity could well make up for its increased maintenance cost.

Metal patio furniture pieces can easily become damaged if they are not adequately protected, which manufacturers can do by applying powder coatings to their frames. This process has proven significantly more effective than using traditional enamel paint as its electrostatically charged structure makes it less likely to chip or crack, plus powder coated surfaces tend to be harder to scratch or dent than finishes made from wrought iron or aluminum; additionally it doesn’t need as much upkeep maintenance than enamel does.

Wrought iron and aluminum patio furniture are among the most widely-used types of metal used for outdoor furnishings. Both provide classic yet timeless styles to complement any backyard space, and those shopping for this type of patio furniture should make sure their welds and finishes are of top quality to avoid buying items which appear worn down or damaged in any way.