Inspire Your Patio Decorating Ideas With Elegant Patio Furniture

elegant patio furniture

Add elegance to your patio decorating ideas with exquisite furniture selections. Select a dark or rich shade for the background to ensure that designs on chairs and tables stand out more prominently.

Luxury outdoor furniture designer Exteta brings creativity, modularity, and conviviality together in their creative collections for both indoor and outdoor use. Their pieces can be found poolside at resorts, hotels and private residences across the world.


There’s nothing better for enjoying the great outdoors than sitting back on a garden lounge chair or chaise longue. Add a low table to create an informal seating area that can easily transition between relaxation and al fresco dining, and accessorize with stylish outdoor pillows and cushions to ensure maximum comfort.

An upholstered lounge chair in green tones will blend perfectly with both structural planting and pavers, patios with trees or woodland gardens nearby, or to provide shaded relaxation spots while sipping lemonade or refreshing summery cocktails.

If your patio design takes its inspiration from contemporary, classic or country garden ideas, curved outdoor sofas will add a touch of elegance. Not only can they accommodate larger gatherings with more seating for each gathering and improved ergonomics; their curves offer better ergonomics and provide a softer look than straight-sided designs. A variety of materials including metal, wrought iron, plastic and wood may be used to construct these pieces; choose something with durable construction like metal for easy cleaning or invest in polyethylene/high pressure laminate tops that replicate natural teak for budget-minded alternatives to traditional wood furniture!

Barlow Tyrie

Outdoor furniture must be built to a higher standard than its indoor counterparts in order to withstand rain, sun rays and pollen exposure. Furthermore, it should be easy to clean and comfortable for seating purposes.

Barlow Tyrie has earned itself an international reputation for creating stylish yet quality patio furniture, meeting all customer standards in terms of materials, manufacture and customer service. Their designs reflect this dedication.

As one of the oldest teak leisure manufacturers in the world, they employ plantation grown Tectona grandis from Indonesian government-managed forests where responsible forestry practices are observed – providing durable material which resists moisture damage and maintains its high-end natural look over time.

Recently they expanded their range of luxury garden furniture products, adding stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium, Eucalyptus wood and hand-woven synthetic fiber pieces. Working closely with internationally-acclaimed designers they have also produced beautiful pieces combining pleasing proportions and ergonomic performance in styles ranging from organic shapes to block-like structures – an impressive array of collections is now available to make garden living easy.


Skagerak, a family-owned Danish brand, provides luxurious outdoor furniture that combines function and beauty. Their contemporary designs come from both established and emerging designers; premium materials are used to craft elegant patio pieces like Bent Santesson’s Drachmann Sofa for lasting beauty that won’t go out of style anytime soon.

“Design for Generations” is the mantra behind this designer patio furniture brand, whose guiding principle is “Less is More.” They only source premium teak from FSC certified foresters for their luxury outdoor furniture designs; their sleek designs enhancing decor in exclusive hotels and sophisticated resorts around the world.

Talenti translates contemporary trends, collaborates with world-renowned designers, and employs cutting-edge manufacturing processes to produce exquisitely refined furniture that fuses indoor sophistication with outdoors ease. Their exquisite collection redefines luxury casual outdoor furniture for both residential and commercial environments – lounge chairs, sectional sofas and dining tables come in various shapes and sizes and eco-friendly reclaimed teak and rattan materials are included; in addition, thermo-coated aluminum materials and high tech Dekton surfaces add durability.


Luxury outdoor patio furniture combines design elegance with weather-resistant functionality, making it the perfect complement to the harsh conditions found both inside and outdoors. It can withstand both bitter winters and scorching summers without losing its shape or structural integrity; its lasting elegance often achieved using innovative materials like fiberglass and sand, or modern manufacturing processes; pieces can easily be moved around making them suitable for residential settings with both indoors and outdoors areas in their environment.

Exteta has long been recognized for their groundbreaking designs that combine innovation with tradition. Their artisanal pride in wicker weaving combined with premium raw materials and global design talent have resulted in furnishings that redefine beauty and luxury, including limitless-timeless collections that include chairs, lounge seating and tables that blur traditional and modern design boundaries.

Janus et Cie stands out as another luxury casual patio furniture maker that emphasizes environmental sustainability with their product offerings. This highly esteemed retailer uses eco-friendly teak wood and recycled milk containers from their partnership with Treedom to craft elegant outdoor dining and lounge pieces for use around the world. Their furniture can often be found in stylish resorts, hotels and residences worldwide.

EGO Paris

Luxury outdoor furniture has become an essential element in interior design as the boundaries between indoors and outdoors have blurred, making screened-in porches and decks an integral part of interior planning. While high-end indoor furniture manufacturers typically do not provide outdoor lines, more brands than ever now cater to sophisticated clients looking for both elegance and durability in their furniture selections.

EGO Paris stands out as one such brand whose contemporary designs have earned international acclaim. Their aluminum patio furniture collections boast pieces designed by world-renowned artists like Emmanuelle Legavre, Dorothee Noirben, Thomas Sauvage and Ronan Masson; its pieces adorn hotels from Dubai to Buenos Aires as well as other majestic open air spaces around the world.

EGO Outdoor Furniture’s outstanding products are handcrafted from powder coated aluminum and come with an array of stylish finishes. Furthermore, you can personalize each piece to fit into your own aesthetic – making EGO’s outdoor furniture more than a stunning decorative element for your home; but an essential functional extension too!


Knoll and Manutti offer luxurious outdoor furniture such as their rattan pieces that is both comfortable and durable, providing hours of use without fear of fade in sunlight. Their fabrics can easily be wiped clean if an accident should occur and many manufacturers also provide chairs, sofas and footstools with waterproof finishes for added protection.

Belgian designer Manutti creates luxury patio furniture for residential and commercial spaces with the goal of creating an atmosphere of exclusivity and relaxation. Their wide and varied collections include spacious outdoor couches, plush patio lounge chairs and weatherproof rugs; while their holistic approach focuses on interpreting contemporary trends while working closely with internationally-acclaimed designers.

Belgian company’s designs combine indoor and outdoor styles using premium raw materials that can withstand the elements. Through Treedom, this company is committed to sustainability and reforestation – using FSC-certified teak wood from sustainably managed forests for their designs; elegant woven patio furniture from this brand can often be seen at stylish boutique hotels, luxury resorts and upscale residential properties.


Oasiq was established on the principle of premium manufacturing, offering elegant patio furniture that is as long-lasting as it is stylish. Their designers use only top quality materials such as teak harvested ethically from sustainable forests for handcrafting their pieces into lasting designs – with any fine splits and cracks considered natural characteristics rather than defects.

Oasiq offers all their products with a three year full warranty policy covering manufacture defects with normal usage as well as staining from water, mildew or dirt stains on cushions. Additionally, this warranty covers staining from water spillage as well as mildew growth on cushions.

Oasiq Outdoor Furniture of Belgium believes in paying meticulous attention to detail in every element of its product design and comfort, such as cutting steel, joining teak boards together, hand weaving synthetic wicker weaving. Therefore, Oasiq outdoor chairs, tables and sofas meet even the highest customer standards.

Machar table epitomizes timeless style. Its sturdy proportions and slim profile make it perfect for large social events. Additionally, its honest material treatment and minimalist style evoke classic Scandinavian wood furniture in its organic forms.