In Stock Patio Furniture

Imagine dining al fresco or snuggling close with someone special on a comfortable deck chair at sunset – make those dreams come true with in stock patio furniture!

Find outdoor dining sets and seating in a range of styles, sizes, materials and styles – from classic wood to sleek metal options – that will complement the decor of any home.

Sofas and Sectionals

No matter whether it’s for hosting guests for dinner or just curling up with a good book, choosing the appropriate outdoor furniture helps create the ideal ambiance. Selecting sofas and sectionals carefully to maximize the potential of your patio space. Choose between classic rattan wicker to modern outdoor fabric pieces to satisfy any taste; matching coffee tables and end tables ensure a consistent look and feel in any outdoor space.

Consider your living room size and seating needs when making this selection. Choose between an L-shaped sectional that tucks neatly into a corner or larger U-shaped models with more seats – many come equipped with chaise lounges to allow for even greater relaxation!

Upholstery is an important consideration when purchasing a sectional sofa as it will determine both comfort and durability of the piece. There are various fabrics to choose from such as cotton, polyester and even suede which offer different levels of ease for cleaning and durability depending on your lifestyle and usage needs. If you have pets or children in your household then selecting stain-resistant material might provide more resistance against damage to keep everyone comfortable for longer.

Sectional sofas are constructed from durable materials that can withstand weather and frequent use, while being lightweight enough for portability if rearranging your living room becomes necessary. Furthermore, sectionals offer more seating options than regular sofas making them the perfect solution for large families rooms.

Many of our in stock sectionals can transform your backyard into an additional living room. Ebel’s Avallon collection boasts weatherproof synthetic wicker with thick plush Sunbrella cushions; Mallin’s Albany collection also combines luxury and durability, featuring an aluminum frame rust proof aluminum frame, foam cushions, and thick plush Sunbrella cushions for optimal outdoor seating.

Tables and Chairs

With the right patio furniture, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your living room. Choose from in-stock dining sets and chairs to take the guesswork out of planning outdoor seating arrangements, while our quick ship options ensure your new look arrives quickly at your doorstep.

Selecting the ideal table and chair set depends on factors like the size of your patio, seating capacity needs and aesthetic considerations. A set featuring chairs with matching materials and designs will create an aesthetically pleasing space.

Wood patio furniture boasts an elegant appearance that stands up well to exposure from sun, wind, rain and snow for decades. Cypress, redwood and mahogany are among the most common wood varieties used to craft outdoor furnishings. Metal patio furniture has become increasingly popular due to its durability – aluminum steel galvanized steel are excellent materials that won’t rust or corrode over time.

Wicker patio furniture adds charm and comfort to any backyard with its intricate woven look, made of bamboo, reed or cane material. Jordan’s offers a selection of tables and chairs constructed of this versatile material from Mallin’s Denmark collection with clean modern lines and strong yet bold defining lines; Canton collection from OW Lee features traditional shapes blended into contemporary styling while River City Casual by Ebel Grayton collection provides comfort and luxury all in one package.

If your backyard space is on the smaller side, consider small patio table and chair sets designed specifically to work in balconies and porches. Matching outdoor coffee tables and end tables will also add an element of symmetry to your seating arrangement, and for an added relaxing touch pair up outdoor lounge chairs with ottomans to complete this space and give yourself somewhere to kick back and unwind.

Fire Pits

As summer transitions into fall and daylight decreases, fire pits are an ideal way to extend backyard enjoyment and create warm, welcoming spaces for friends and family to gather around. Our selection includes portable wood-burning fireplaces as well as contemporary built-in fire pits fueled by propane or natural gas; plus we offer fire tables that combine form with function to add an attractive focal point while providing convenient seating areas perfect for enjoying s’mores!

Our fire pit selection has been thoughtfully created for maximum flexibility and convenience, from freestanding ethanol fire pits fueled by eco-friendly ethanol that requires no chimney or installation to our designer Stix Series portable fire pits featuring contemporary campfire designs that allow users to switch between liquid propane** or natural gas, we have an outdoor fireplace solution perfect for every backyard, patio and deck.

Propane and gas fire pits produce significantly more heat than their wood-burning counterparts while producing minimal smoke or embers – meaning cleaner surfaces and easier cleanup compared to traditional wood burning pits, especially helpful for those suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions.

Keep a water source, hose or fire extinguisher nearby in order to safely put out flames and keep children and pets away from open flames and always supervise around any type of fire. Furthermore, proper ventilation must be maintained along with regular checks for leaks.

Before leaving your fire pit unattended, remember to switch off its gas or propane supply so it does not accidentally turn on again. This simple action will extend its lifespan and ensure its optimal working condition for longer. For extra peace of mind, ensure you keep a first aid kit nearby in case of minor burns; additionally, inspect for wear and tear frequently to make sure it remains securely anchored to the ground.


No matter if you want to host dinner parties, create a cozy outdoor reading spot or simply kick back on your patio while sipping coffee in the morning, the right furniture and accessories can make all of this possible. At English Gardens, you will find lounge, dining and bistro sets along with many accessories designed to enhance backyard entertainment areas.

Your choice of material for patio furniture depends entirely on its intended use. Wood, wrought iron and metal are popular choices when it comes to sturdy outdoor furnishings that can stand up against weathering and the elements; wood options include cypress, redwood and mahogany while Teak naturally resists rot and damage naturally while aluminum galvanized steel and stainless steel are great metal choices if rust-resistance is key. Synthetic resin, plastic and wicker furniture is another viable choice which offers sleeker looks while being easier to maintain than wood materials – ideal if space constraints prevent their use!

Once you’ve chosen your ideal material, choose a theme for your space. For instance, coastal-inspired pieces could include furniture with white, blue and pastel color palettes as well as rope design; shells or nautical flags would pair nicely with this casual aesthetic.

To achieve a rustic or farmhouse aesthetic, choose patio furniture featuring distressed wooden finishes or natural-looking materials with wood grain effects. Add warmth with an outdoor fireplace.

Other popular themes for patio furnishings are traditional, modern and contemporary styles. If you prefer minimalistic decor, metal outdoor chairs featuring sleek lines and neutral hues make great additions – complement their designs with matching cushions for the perfect finish!

As your patio becomes an enjoyable living space, you will likely want to add planters for greenery and modern lighting fixtures for illumination. As summer ends and temperatures decrease in the evenings, patio heaters may come in handy; just be sure you can switch them on/off as temperatures change! In order to protect furniture from rainwater damage when not being used a purchase thick, water resistant covers which keep patio furniture safe while in storage.