How to Outfit Small Outdoor Patio Furniture Spaces

small outdoor patio furniture

Add seating options that complement the area dimensions to make small patio spaces appear larger than they actually are. Consider including an inviting outdoor rug as part of the design to complete the space’s overall feel and make it seem larger than it really is.

Find a stackable chair set that takes up minimal space when not being used, or locate a bistro table that provides space for two while taking up minimal room.

Stackable Chairs

If your outdoor patio furniture set is limited in terms of seating space, stackable chairs may be an ideal solution. As they can be stacked vertically when not being used, freeing up more room in either your table area, shed or garage as required.

Stackable chairs are typically constructed of lightweight materials that make them easier to transport when not in use, making them the perfect solution for patio spaces with limited patio space and need to make the most of what space there is available. Stackable chairs also make a great way of creating lounge nooks around swimming pools – such as an above or in-ground.

There’s an impressive variety of stackable chairs to choose from when selecting patio seating, making finding something suitable for you easier than ever. A popular pick is the Metrocles chair, with its modern aesthetic and seven different color choices made of plastic for maximum support of 350 pounds in weight capacity and water-resistance that’s easy to keep clean – perfect for patio furniture used across various weather conditions! However, keep in mind that plastic furniture may become fragile under low winter temperatures, and should always be stored away safely when not being used.

Small Sofa

An outdoor patio space provides the ideal spot for a comfortable sofa to provide relaxation with family, friends or simply taking in the sunshine. Opt for modern outdoor sofas featuring customizable cushions and pillows that match your design aesthetic; for an added playful element add a ping pong table or acrylic cornhole set for maximum summer fun!

If you want to host an outdoor dinner party on your balcony, investing in a three-piece bistro set may be just what is needed. These sets feature two swiveling chairs and a side table which stack neatly for storage purposes; lightweight yet durable materials ensure they won’t blow away in a storm.

Opting for neutral colors will help your small patio achieve a modern minimalist style. A light-colored area rug helps open up walkways and enhance visual appeal; some vibrant throw pillows add bursts of color. Finally, consider completing the look by including decorative plants or fountains to complete it all.

Purchase multifunctional pieces that can meet all your needs. For instance, consider investing in a lounger that doubles as a daybed and benches with hidden storage, so as to maximize use out of small spaces without compromising comfort or aesthetics. Flexibility also keeps patio spaces from becoming overstuffed with unnecessary furniture that takes up unnecessary space.

Round Tables

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties with your friends, finding an outdoor dining table large enough to seat six or more will be essential. West elm offers round and square styles of outdoor dining tables designed specifically to suit your space and seating requirements.

Round patio dining tables are great for engaging in conversation with guests because everyone has access to the same view and can see who’s talking. Plus, they’re much easier to move than rectangular ones with 90* angles!

Consider opting for a clear glass outdoor dining table to open up your space and brighten up your patio decor, as it resists damage from sun and rain. A powder-coated or rust-resistant metal table may also work well and pairs perfectly with wood chairs for additional seating options.

When setting up patio dining chairs, aim for at least 38″ between each chair pushed back towards the table when fully extended and its seat. This will enable easy movement while giving people enough leg room to sit comfortably.

A 60″ round patio table works well in most spaces; some people may prefer a smaller 40″ table for cozy intimacy. Rectangle patio tables may also work well – for large outdoor dining areas consider one made from weather-resistant teak wood from a sustainable source for optimal longevity; these are easy to maintain with soap and water cleaning alone and will remain looking good without needing repainting or staining!

Dual Purpose Furniture

When searching for furniture to enhance a small patio, seek out pieces with multiple uses. An ottoman that doubles as a coffee table provides a stable surface for setting beverages and decor while offering additional storage to stow away outdoor pillows or blankets.

Small garden stools make great side tables or extra seats for guests on patios and are easy to move around the patio. Choose one with a chic pattern to pair well with other patio chairs and benches, or select something neutral so it can blend easily into existing decor.

Another way to maximize space is with an outdoor sofa featuring built-in storage. This option eliminates the need for separate end and coffee tables, and comes in different styles to suit any backyard design. Choose a modern sectional with chaise or mid-century sofa with attached bench – these options provide seating and storage for you, your guests and more – before filling up any remaining spaces with chairs or loungers from Pottery Barn’s selection of metal, plastic or all-weather wicker patio furniture – the possibilities are limitless when creating relaxing retreats of relaxation in any size space!


Outfitting a patio requires striking a delicate balance between style and function (use and maintenance), so outdoor furniture for small spaces often provides pieces with both qualities in mind. To maximize your backyard space, try investing in versatile pieces like stackable chairs or tables with folding tops to quickly set up relaxing seating areas or work spaces for projects.

Look beyond sofas and chairs when shopping for outdoor furniture; consider opting for modular pieces such as sectionals that can be configured in various ways, or smaller tables and accent tables that can tuck between seats to save space. Such pieces make an excellent addition to tight outdoor spaces as they require minimal storage space.

Add decorative pillows and throw blankets to elevate your patio design further. Light up your space with string lights or sconces – they are easier to install than larger fixtures while creating an inviting ambience throughout the year.

Be sure to incorporate plenty of greenery in your small patio design, from planters and hanging baskets to potted plants – for a cozy, welcoming ambiance. Furthermore, these elements create a natural focal point on the patio that can draw the eye away from any trouble spots in your yard.


Decorating a small patio requires style. Avoid crowding it with too much furniture that will overwhelm it; opt instead for smaller pieces that will better fit and make the area appear larger. Choose colors and finishes that complement the surrounding environment, as well as accent pieces like outdoor lighting to emphasize design details.

For instance, if you want to transform your patio into an intimate lounge-dining area, a small outdoor bar table with stools makes an excellent option. It takes up minimal space while being easily pulled in when needed; when entertaining guests a bench that seats four is an equally suitable alternative when extra seats are needed without compromising table room.

Nesting furniture provides extra seating quickly for relaxation or dining, and doubles up as storage solutions. Chairs equipped with side tables provide easy drink accessibility; small sofas or sectionals with built-in end tables offer convenient spots for books, magazines and outdoor supplies. In tight spaces ottomans offer stylish seating solutions while taking up minimal floor space.

Another way to maximize space is to utilize wall areas as seating or decor elements. Hanging chairs, swings and hammocks offer cozy spots for relaxing; while stylish wall art displays and framed flower gardens add visual interest.