How to Measure and Replace Patio Furniture Cushions

patio furniture cushions

Revamp your wicker patio furniture with new outdoor cushions designed to increase comfort and style. Learn to precisely measure existing cushions (see how), then shop for machine-washable replacements for fast, simple care.

Polyester chair cushions are a popular choice among outdoor chair cushion manufacturers as it is lightweight, easily resistant to fading, mildew and moisture damage, with an appealing aesthetic and great durability. Polyester also boasts crisp lines for an eye-catching finish.

Foam or Padding

Outdoor cushions must provide not only comfort and support but also act to shield their foam interior from moisture damage caused by showers, sun exposure or beverage spillage. Fabric used for cushion covers as well as type of fill inside of them can have an impactful impact on how long a pair lasts before needing replacement.

Foam and padding that doesn’t breathe easily is a breeding ground for mold and mildew, so selecting materials with excellent air circulation is crucial. Polyurethane foam is often chosen because of its affordable nature and medium-firm support; however, due to lacking any water-resistance features it should only be used in protected locations from rain and other forms of weather conditions.

Dry Fast foam is an alternative synthetic material designed to be highly breathable, repel fungi and mildew growth and treat with biocide to stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, however, its firmer texture means less mold growth; it does cost slightly more than traditional polyurethane foam though.

For extra comfort, add a layer of Dacron between the batting and foam or padding. Dacron is a synthetic fiber that dries quickly so as to avoid mold and mildew growth; often combined with Sunbrella fabrics for an upscale appearance.

If you are making replacement cushions on your own, sew straight lines on rounded edges to ensure they are as round as possible and ensure long-term comfort and lasting quality. Add a zippered cushion cover so it is easier to remove and replace inner foam or padding; be sure to sew this closure one half-inch from the edge of the bottom panel in order to leave enough space for seam allowances.

Add fabric sealants to the outer cover of your replacement cushions to extend their longevity and protect them from sun rays and liquid spillages. Many home improvement stores sell popular brands of fabric sealant sealant sealant products; it is another way to keep patio furniture cushions looking new!

Backrest Cushions

Add backrest cushions to your patio furniture for an extra comfortable and supportive sitting experience in the garden. Look for cushions specifically designed to fit chair backrests, measuring their dimensions carefully to ensure an exact fit; when selecting fabric covers, consider their texture and color so as to complement the environment of your outdoor space.

Style of an outdoor seating area is integral in creating the ideal atmosphere for relaxing with family and friends. Patio furniture cushions come in an assortment of colors and patterns to match with the rest of your landscape, providing bold contrast or serenity depending on what feels right for you. To truly transform your backyard into an extension of your home, pair new outdoor furniture with matching frontgate patio cushions for an enhanced experience.

High-back outdoor chair cushions feature 3-inches of padding made with two layers of dense 600 GSM polyester batting that absorb pressure points when your body hits the seat. Their outer fabric shell has been treated with enhanced UV protectant that keeps their vibrant red hue from fading under direct sunlight. Securely fastened into place with four attached ties, these cushion can also be taken apart for cleaning or storage when necessary.

Comfort is key when it comes to enjoying patio furniture for extended periods, and fabric choice for patio cushions should not be taken lightly. Fabric impacts how well cushions perform, whether they can withstand heavy use and their cost; some common options include vinyl, cotton canvas and solution-dyed acrylic options that offer affordable solutions against moisture, mildew and stain resistance as well as lightweight durability; vinyl is often chosen because it resists moisture, mildew and stain resistance while cotton canvas gives traditional looks while remaining lightweight and durable; solution-dyed acrylic is expensive but can withstand harsh sun rays while also protecting children and pets from all elements – making this an excellent option!


Your outdoor cushions need sturdy fabric protection against moisture, dust and debris – whether made of foam pads or polyester fiber blow-fill. The best performance fabrics for outdoor furniture use high-quality fibers which naturally resist dew drops, raindrops and UV rays for a superior experience outdoors.

Acrylic fabric makes an excellent material choice for cushions as it stands up well to both sunlight and humidity. Just be mindful that damp cushions don’t remain damp for long, as this could result in mildew growth. Keep acrylic fabrics away from fire pits or any hot objects as well; otherwise they could ignite!

Olefin cushion fabric is another viable outdoor cushion fabric choice made of plastics and other manmade materials, making it both low cost and recyclable. Olefin offers several advantages over other cushion fabrics, including being water repellent and not absorbing mold or mildew; however it may become hot under direct sunlight.

Spun polyester fabric is a firm yet smooth material that’s relatively cost-effective to produce, used as upholstery for napkins, tablecloths, and patio cushions. Manufacturers weave spun polyester into upholstery fabric used on napkins, tablecloths, and patio cushions – ideal for people on tight budgets since its lifespan doubles that of cotton or polyester-cotton blend fabrics while standing up well against everyday wear and tear. In addition, its dye helps protect it against soiling, staining, and fading.

Sunbrella fabric is widely considered one of the premier durable outdoor fabrics, featuring 100% solution dyed acrylic yarn that resists UV light fading while withstanding years of heavy usage without losing color or softness. Sunbrella’s exceptional durability makes it popular in poolside furniture and back porches where guests often sit for extended periods, and Sunbrella cushions need only periodic cleaning using mild dish soap and cold water to remove dirt, food spills and mildew growth – saving both money and hassle when choosing outdoor seating solutions made with Sunbrella!


Cushion shapes and dimensions are essential to both comfort and functionality. Cushions that are too large may look bulky or not fit your furniture properly, while those that are too small may cause discomfort or cause your seating arrangement to look awkward. In order to ensure that your new patio furniture cushions are the appropriate size, take accurate measurements of both the seat frame and other dimensions where they will be placed to avoid misshaped cushions over time and ensure they provide optimal fitting solutions.

Standard furniture cushions come in various shapes and sizes, ensuring it should be easy for you to find replacement cushions that perfectly fit the patio chairs in your patio set. However, for pieces with unusual shapes like arm chairs or sofas that require custom patio cushions made to order can be more appropriate. Manufacturers offer this service, requiring you to provide measurements as well as drawings on paper for desired cushion shapes before producing and shipping the cushions directly to you home.

Before selecting the thickness and type of foam or padding for your cushions, it’s also essential that you select a fabric. Many people purchase outdoor fabrics which combine durability with comfort so they can continue enjoying their patio chairs for years. Popular choices for patio cushion fabrics are vinyl, polyester, cotton and canvas; just be sure to check their durability ratings prior to making a decision!

Are You Looking to Add Extra Color or Improve Comfort on Your Patio Furniture? Cushions Can Make All the Difference Using these tips, find the ideal cushions for your outdoor furniture and enjoy relaxing all year long in comfort! Take some time now to select the appropriate cushions for your furniture and start enjoying your outdoor space!