How to Make the Most of Your Backyard Or Patio

patio furniture table and chairs

Choose furniture in vibrant hues that stand out in sunlight. Wood tables and chairs in azure blue complement backyard planting ideas while stone dining furniture pairs nicely with more classic landscape designs.

For smaller patio layouts, stackable chairs may save space while making furniture movement simpler. Or opt for a counter height table with minimal base design to keep seating areas open and spacious.

Outdoor Dining Sets

Outdoor dining sets allow you to make the most of your backyard space. Browse a range of table sizes, chair configurations and accessories in order to find a set that best complements the size, layout and atmosphere of your deck or patio area. With classic wood patio dining sets as well as contemporary polyresin designs available for purchase, you are sure to find furniture suitable for outdoor entertainment areas of all kinds.

We take great pleasure in offering outdoor dining sets to fit every entertaining goal or backyard layout. If you’re hosting big dinner parties, choose an eight-seater table as part of our patio furniture dining sets for maximum seating capacity. Or go with rectangular or round tables suited for open backyard spaces for smaller space dining parties.

Smaller patio dining sets like the Caterina 6 Piece Teak Dining Set and Maine 6 Piece Mahogany Patio Dining Set are ideal for intimate get-togethers with friends and family. Additionally, bistro patio dining sets create an authentic French cafe ambience in your backyard. And for outdoor cocktail and appetizer service, consider adding an outdoor bar set with matching barstools.

All of our outdoor dining sets are constructed using durable materials to withstand the elements and last through years of weathering. Choose metal patio dining tables for a sleek modern aesthetic, or opt for natural wood tables to bring warmth into your backyard. We offer an assortment of materials and finishes to meet every style imaginable – including glass outdoor dining tables which open up space through their transparent design.

Our patio dining sets are easy to assemble and designed for easy maintenance. If your outdoor dining table comes equipped with cushioned seats and backs, simply remove and wash when they become dirty. In addition, we offer protective covers designed to shield patio furniture from rain, snow or sleet.

Once your outdoor patio dining set is in place, we have an assortment of essentials available to complete its setup and make mealtime stress-free and enjoyable for everyone. Melamine dinnerware makes cleanup effortless while unscented candles and drinkware create an inviting ambiance when dining outdoors. In addition, patio table accessories like umbrellas provide shade while acting as decorative features – our extensive collection provides the finishing touch!

Outdoor Sofas & Sectionals

Are You Searching for an Outdoor Sofa to Create the Ultimate Poolside Retreat? A quality outdoor sofa is essential. From modern organic styles that match a breezy tropical vibe, to minimalist sets incorporating black or white designs. No matter which style suits you best, these high-quality pieces offer you comfort with weather-resistant frames and luxurious upholstery materials that ensure lasting relaxation.

Selecting between a patio sectional and standard sofa might seem straightforward, but there are multiple factors that play into this decision. Consider first who needs seating: standard outdoor couches typically hold three to four people while sectionals can seat five or more comfortably. Next decide if lounge chairs with arms will add to or alter your seating arrangement significantly.

When decorating tight spaces, consider purchasing a modular outdoor sectional sofa which can be configured according to your needs. This is an ideal choice for sunrooms or modest covered porches where fitting as many seats into limited space is key; larger four- and six-piece options with chaises may work better when it comes to decorating spacious decks and terraces.

Add an extra bit of comfort and style to your backyard living area with a stylish curved outdoor sectional sofa. This unique shape can help define seating nooks that add drama to the area, and when combined with an outdoor coffee table or fire pit can become the center of lively conversations among family and friends alike.

if you need assistance choosing outdoor furniture, our knowledgeable team is on hand to help. We can guide you through all of your available options to find something perfect for both home or business use. Reach out now to schedule your complimentary consultation from one of our outdoor furniture specialists!

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

Outdoor lounge chairs provide the ideal spot for taking in the sunshine while you sip cocktails by the pool or relaxing on your balcony, offering comforting spots to rest back and enjoy. There is an assortment of designs, materials and sizes available so that each chair fits seamlessly into its intended space and your own unique aesthetic.

Choose sleek silhouettes crafted from materials like teak or resin wicker for an elegant appearance, or opt for beach style with a woven chair with rattan for a breezy beach feel. Plush cushions are an integral component of outdoor chairs designed for relaxing, and at Neighbor we use high-quality cushioning such as Sunbrella fabric to ensure maximum comfort during each sitting experience.

Outdoor recliner chairs provide the ultimate in comfort. Their slanted seats gently encourage recline while their slim arms relieve pressure from your shoulders – ideal for reading, napping or simply taking in your outdoor living space’s sights and sounds. Some models even include convenient features like cupholders or built-in footrests to increase comfort levels further.

When looking to entertain in style and comfort outdoors, rocking chairs like this stylish Trex design may be just what’s needed to elevate any outdoor lounge chairs collection. Its wide slats give an Adirondack aesthetic while the powder-coated aluminum frame provides lightweight durability; plush cushions feature Sunbrella fabrics in different chic hues to complete this stylish package.

Once the warm weather arrives, you may find yourself spending more time outdoors enjoying its soothing warmth on your skin. Make the most out of every opportunity to spend time outside by investing in patio furniture table and chairs to create an ideal spot in your backyard for gathering family and friends; from casual meals with the children to community events around a fire pit – your new outdoor chairs will prove their versatility over and over again!

Fire Pits

Fire pits offer the perfect way to add warmth, atmosphere, and ambiance to outdoor dining or living spaces. Their flickering flames can serve as the focal point for romantic conversations or social gatherings – turning any backyard or patio into an inviting, functional area perfect for entertainment and relaxation.

Fire pits come in various designs and materials to meet your space, style, and lifestyle needs. Some models are portable for easy portability while others can stay put as permanent features in your garden.

Propane fire pits provide an effective and space-saving option for homeowners looking to enjoy the benefits of fire, yet lack enough room to build one from wood. Gel-fueled models also give design freedom without needing flues or chimneys.

Add a freestanding fire pit to your patio furniture for an easy way to create an eye-catching, relaxing, and comfortable space. Choose from various shapes and sizes to match the aesthetic of your outdoor area, pair it with chairs or lounges, and consider investing in matching outdoor cushions to complete the look.

An outdoor fireplace can be the ideal addition to any backyard, garden, or deck. Not only can it create an intimate setting for romantic conversations and increase socialization among your guests, but also act as the centerpiece of any outdoor living area.

Care must be taken when using your fire pit responsibly and being aware of its associated safety risks. Keep children, pets and any other potential flame sources well away from its flames; never leave children unsupervised near it; also ensure it’s far enough from homes or anything that might cause fires to start spontaneously.

A properly constructed and maintained fire pit can last for years with proper care and attention to its maintenance, becoming an intriguing talking piece while adding value to your home if and when it comes time to sell it in the future. According to the National Association of Realtors, fire pits are among the top features sought by potential buyers – not to mention creating an enjoyable backyard environment all year-round!