How to Harmonize Jaipur Living Rugs With Your Home Furnishings

Adding the perfect rug to your home decor is an effortless way of unifying it all. No matter your aesthetic – traditional or contemporary – Jaipur Living has something perfect.

Jaipur Living’s innovative end-to-end, artisan-to-customer business model connects rug artisans directly to customers at competitive pricing while simultaneously supporting and empowering artisan families. Learn more here.

Giant Focal Point Rugs

Subtly incorporating large and extra-large rugs into your interior design is a surefire way to elevate its overall aesthetic and ambience. From contemporary designs to timeless Persian masterpieces, these stunning floor coverings create an impactful and dramatic statement in any space they adorn, adding depth and visual interest that cannot be replicated through furniture placement, focal points or room proportions alone. In order to help you design stunning spaces around these exquisite statement pieces, this section presents expert tips and techniques designed to highlight their beauty and elegance.

Giant Focal Point Rugs

A vibrant rug can instantly transform your living room into an eye-catching space, drawing focus and drawing guests in. By selecting a rug to highlight your living room’s main furniture piece, you can create an eye-catching focal point and draw guests’ attention towards it. Or use the rug as the basis of decor by including pieces with complimentary colors and designs to tie everything together seamlessly.

For instance, if you want to add an air of drama and sophistication to your living room, pair your rug with an eye-catching accent wall or wallpaper featuring colors and patterns from your rug. Or go all-out and match both rugs perfectly against one feature wall for maximum drama!

Rugs can also help define separate functional zones in an open-concept layout, acting as beautiful separators between living area and dining space or creating cozy reading nooks in bedrooms. When selecting a rug for such an arrangement, be mindful of size and scale so as to not create an environment which feels too cramped or disorganized.

When shopping for a large rug, be sure to bring color and fabric swatches with you so you can find one that coordinates with your existing furnishings. Also bring photos of your space as this can help determine a rug that complements the overall aesthetic and feel of your home. By following these simple design techniques you can successfully incorporate your gorgeous new rug into an atmosphere oozing with style and sophistication!

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Indoor/outdoor rugs can add an extra splash of color or pattern to any living space – not only patios and decks. Indoor/outdoor rugs offer versatility that extends far beyond patios and decks, adding pops of pattern in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms or anywhere else they are placed. Crafted for durability yet elegantness in mind, these rugs work well in high traffic areas and stand up well to wear and tear from everyday use.

These rugs are designed to withstand spilled liquids that could stain or discolor them, making them the ideal solution for families with children or pets who tend to make messes in everyday life. Most of these rugs feature polyacrylic or polypropylene fibers which can easily be hosed off and cleaned when necessary – keeping your home in tiptop condition while still looking fantastic!

With such an extensive variety of patterns and colors to choose from, there’s sure to be the ideal rug for any room in your home. Geometric patterns, script details or animal prints – you’re sure to find a rug here that meets both your aesthetic tastes and needs!

The Living Basis collection showcases stunning, simple rugs. Their textured lines and soothing color variants make them the ideal addition to modern homes, while Living Cirque works well in more traditional settings thanks to oriental designs with royal scrolling. Meanwhile, the Coastal Shores collection stands out with symmetrical plaids in natural colors of blues, tans, and grays; perfect for contemporary spaces!


Throws can add style and versatility to any room’s decor. Drape it over the back of a chair or sofa to add depth and pops of color, or use it as bed cover to give it layers. There is something suitable for every style and material preference! You are sure to find your ideal throw!

No matter your style of room decor, Burke Decor has Jaipur Living throws to match. From small accents that bring other elements together in harmony to large textures that encase more delicate surfaces in your room, our Genesis collection blends woven textures with paint stroke-like patterns for a striking contemporary accent; while our Coastal Shores rug features the traditional beach house striped design – perfect for creating that soothing seaside feeling in the comfort of home!

The Cambridge Season rug is another textured option that will work beautifully in many environments. Crafted using thick yarns that form broken striations patterns, its vibrant hue draws the eye without overshadowing other accents in your room – perfect for mid-century modern spaces as well as more traditional settings with their appreciation of distressed pieces.

If you prefer something lighter than wool or cotton throws, Jaipur Living microfiber throws may be the ideal choice for your home. They’re easily washed in cold water using mild detergent and tumble dried on low to prevent shrinkage – perfect for summer, spring and autumn when just light coverage is necessary to keep you cozy indoors!

If you would like to place a custom order, please reach out directly. Keep in mind that custom orders will be tailored specifically to your specifications, with size and color variations possible; Jaipur Living will make every effort to deliver products which come close to meeting those goals.


Jaipur Living offers an impressive variety of pillows and throws that match or complement their rug styles, perfect for adding softness to chairs and sofas as well as serving as artwork for the backs of home furnishings. Their products offer various color options and designs sure to compliment any space!

Living Basis throw combines simplicity with texture lines and soothing color variants for an inviting piece that works in modern or contemporary design. Meanwhile, Living Cirque collection boasts vintage flair through ornate patterns for traditional spaces that add an elegant accent.

The Cambridge Season pillow provides an eye-catching visual texture to compliment ornate furniture in more formal environments. With its pattern of broken striations that recalls classic tweed, yet its larger scale can provide contrast against more delicate textures present.

Jaipur Living offers another attractive Jaipur Living accent pillow: the Naturals Tobago natural jute rug adds organic charm to any space. Hand woven from bleached jute fibers, its distinctive diagonal weave elevates casual homes while fitting beautifully into modern or contemporary design settings.

Burke Decor’s collection of Jaipur Living rugs covers every room in your house and will help you find just the right accent pieces to bring the room together. Choose one of their scrolling baroque designs for formal living rooms or an abstract art rug for studio spaces – knowing it was made with quality craftsmanship by skilled artisans in India.