How to Decorate With Mexican Patio Furniture

Mexican patio furniture makes an elegant addition to any outdoor area, offering various styles and colors that can enhance its look. Popular pieces include equipal chairs and bistro sets designed specifically for verandas – as well as rustic, hacienda or Spanish colonial pieces with custom color options available.

Warm Tones

Mexican patio furniture design features warm hues that emphasize their earthiness – such as terra cotta, mustard and sienna – which help create an inviting outdoor dining or relaxing area for family and friends to gather around. Furthermore, natural woods such as pine and mesquite that are frequently used reflect this warm palette as part of the furniture’s overall design aesthetic.

Traditional Mexican style blends Spanish colonial styling with native Mayan culture. Rich ornamentation and iron scrollwork from Spain embellish simple straight-lined cabinets and tables more reflective of Mayan designs, while many wood pieces feature warm honey-colored paint finishes, or are brightly painted in lively red, orange or blue to reflect Mexican culture’s emphasis on vibrant life celebration.

Lighter colored furniture reflects sunlight beautifully, making it the ideal choice for patio furniture in the Mexican style. Furthermore, its lighter tones can be accented with colorful pillows or cushions featuring cacti designs or bold primary hues to bring another splash of color into any outdoor living area.

Soft lighting touches such as candles or shaded lamps can enhance the warm tones of Mexican patio furniture and make it feel more welcoming. For added drama, consider creating your own slatted structure above it to provide privacy and partial shade as sun begins to set – creating an intimate setting perfect for dinner and relaxation with family, guests or setting the scene for romantic evenings with loved ones!

Colorful Accents

Mexico was home to many cultures and people from various walks of life that brought richly colorful accents into its decor. Talavera ceramics made from clay glazed in deep reds and oranges add bright pops of color to Mexican furniture such as patio chairs. Other popular Mexican accents include handwoven blankets or serapes, pillows with floral or striped designs on them and tin or bronze decorative edges on furniture pieces.

Colorful Mexican furniture makes an eye-catching centerpiece in an outdoor living area. Pine patio dining sets with benches and chairs featuring an attractive crisscross pattern on their woven seats are favored by many homeowners, while sturdy Mexican equipale pieces crafted from cedar strips and tanned pigskin are popular choices too. Furthermore, pine bars and stools can help foster an atmosphere of hospitality reminiscent of “my house is your house”.

Mexican furniture design often incorporates warm honey tones, yet isn’t afraid of vibrant colors either. A mixture of turquoise, yellow and blue hues are seen often on building facades, local art works and traditional striped blankets called serapes – you could add these bolder hues to a painted piece of Mexican furniture to make an eye-catching feature in your patio space!

Other vibrant Mexican decorations include low maintenance plants like succulents and cacti that thrive in Mexico’s dry climate, adding an element of nature into any room inspired by Mexican decor. Other natural materials used include jute and sisal rugs which combine nature and civilization within Mexican homes.

decorative accents such as tin or copper wall hangings and Mexican folk art add warmth, color and an air of cultural celebration to any space. Celebrating and honoring deceased friends and family members by including decorations honoring this celebration in your decorating scheme is another way of experiencing its vibrant culture within your own home.

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta is one of the most versatile patio design elements. It works well with many colors ranging from warm shades of orange and yellow to cooler hues like blues and greens; additionally it complements well wrought iron accents like chairs and stools for an additional stylish touch.

Imagine an inviting patio shaded by a vine-draped pergola, featuring earth-toned Saltillo tiles with warm mosaic patterns underfoot and dark teak furniture for contrast, as well as rustic finish wrought iron table and hanging lanterns or string lights to give it a gentle glow and Cantera stone fountain adding soothing sound and dimension to the room. Terra-cotta pots or flower containers complete this relaxing scene!

No matter if it’s used for pool coping or decoration, terra cotta offers timeless appeal and weather resistance. The porous material can withstand both heavy rains and an intense summer sun without chipping, cracking or fading; and is easy to keep clean; simply scrub its surface using vinegar water mixed together and a bristled brush!

Terra cotta is ideal for gardens with vibrant colors and lush vegetation, such as dahlias or tall agaves, boasting varied foliage. It works beautifully alongside many plant species ranging from tall agaves to delicate dahlias. Furthermore, its warm hues complement colorful outdoor decor items like Mexican figurines or ceramic bull heads perfectly if you wish to achieve a more uniform aesthetic in the space. If desired, choose one color palette throughout for greater continuity within your garden space.


Mexican furniture features intricate ironwork that fuses formal Spanish colonial influences with Mayan native designs. Ornate wrought iron scrollwork often decorates simply constructed pine cabinets and tables, providing rustic warm honey tones of wood alongside vibrant colors typical of Mexican culture.

Metalcraft is also widely utilized in rustic, hacienda-style Mexican patio furniture. Rustic iron trelliswork adds a southwestern charm to rustic Mexican dining tables or park benches; metalwork also creates drama when used in fountains, planters or mexican-style outdoor fireplaces.

Mexico furniture often features finishes of brass and bronze. Aluminum is also popular as an economical yet weatherproof material that works well for hacienda-style pieces of Mexican furniture in various styles and sizes; adding chrome legs can transform an otherwise classic chair into something much more contemporary.

Mexican patio furniture reflects its rich cultural history and traditions. This eclectic style incorporates Latin American, Mayan, Chinese influences into an attractive style for any home decor – rustic honey-toned kiln-dried pine cabinet or an opulent carved wooden Acapulco chair; mexican pieces add warmth and welcomeness into any setting! At 1stDibs you can find a selection of quality mexican furnishings.


Mexican leather furniture adds rustic sophistication to the home. Whether it’s an elegant leather reclining chair or pair of barrel chairs, mexican leather furniture combines Franciscan austerity and Spanish colonial detailing for a distinctive eclectic aesthetic.

Leather furniture crafted by artisans has the ability to be both durable and comfortable, which makes this piece worth investing in over time as it will continue to stand up over time without the need for replacement parts. Although such pieces may be costly initially, their investment will pay dividends with its longevity over time.

This top quality equipale is handcrafted and manufactured using traditional Mexican techniques. Perfect for indoor or COVERED outdoor use!

Equipales are an iconic style of Mexican furniture characterized by the combination of leather, wood and maguey fiber into one chair. Once used exclusively by elite families in Mexico, today it has become part of its cultural identity.

This equipale chair is a timeless classic. Featuring a straight back, tapered legs, and classic button detail. Plus, with its higher seat height and hand-tooled leather that exudes Southwestern subtle flavor. Pigskin adds unique character and imperfections only add depth of character!