How to Choose the Best Patio Furniture

best patio furniture

Quality patio furniture sets can transform your outdoor living area. However, with so many choices on the market available to you it is crucial that you select a set that will stand the test of time.

Search for materials that are moisture-resistant, fade-proof, and can withstand heavy winds. Woods such as pine or cedar may be preferable over hardwoods like shorea or teak depending on your climate.

Weather-Resistant Materials

Patio furniture must be constructed of long-wearing materials in order to withstand constant exposure to the elements. Wood, metal and plastic are great choices as long-term outdoor materials that offer durability without suffering premature degradation.

Wood is an enduring material choice for outdoor lounge chairs and tables, naturally resistant to insects, rot and weather damage; therefore, regular cleaning is all that’s required. Cedar patio furniture also makes a good option as it has stronger density but not as heavy or costly. Both wood types make stunning pieces that can easily match any decor within a home’s decor by being stained or painted to enhance its beauty.

Poly, or HDPE plastic, is another durable choice for patio furniture. Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, UV rays and other environmental hazards, HDPE comes in various colors with UV pigment systems installed to help minimize fading. If environmental impact concerns arise when considering HDPE purchases, look for products made with recycled content.

Metal patio furniture can also be an economical and long-term choice. Look for options that are both rust and corrosion-resistant; galvanized steel is often more resilient to rust than regular steel, as the latter rusts quickly.

Wrought iron offers another sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing choice when it comes to exterior construction projects, being more decorative than aluminum and ideal for salty environments; however, without treatment powder coating may cause it to rust quickly.

All-weather wicker furniture is another durable choice for outdoor lounge and dining furniture, made of UV-resistant synthetic fibers woven together into resin weaves that resemble natural rattan. Popular among those seeking a more natural feel to their patio space, all-weather wicker offers multiple color choices that coordinate seamlessly with other pieces.

Accent furniture such as side tables and coffee tables add functionality and flair to your patio, with side tables being especially helpful. There’s an assortment of designs and materials for this kind of furniture ranging from wrought iron, concrete and wood; with some pieces even featuring marble tops for an added elegant touch or rustic finishes and natural textures that perfectly compliment their environment.


Cushions add the final touches to outdoor furniture. Not only can they bring comfort, support and color into your space, but they’re also essential in protecting against weather damage to chairs or sofa sets. Look for fabric cushions that resist water, mildew and sun fade; and keep in mind these steps to keep new cushions looking their best: spot cleaning using warm soapy water with a sponge first, followed by stain-removing products designed specifically for exterior fabrics if this doesn’t do the trick.

Sunbrella outdoor furniture cushions provide the ideal atmosphere for quiet relaxation or quality time spent alone, whether reading a book or spending quality time alone. Their fibers have been specifically engineered to stand up against raindrops and intense sunshine while looking great season after season.

If you want your new cushions to last, choose seat cushions made of high-performance fabrics like cotton canvas, solution-dyed acrylic or pet and kid-friendly polypropylene. All three materials can withstand water as well as stain from tomato sauce, wine and coffee spills with ease, making them the ideal choice for outdoor seating environments. These lightweight yet easy-care fabrics also make an excellent addition to outdoor settings!

Consider also what type of edge your cushion features. Box-edge cushions feature flat surfaces resembling shallow boxes; these work well for chair seats and bench seating, but may be less comfy than knife-edge cushions with their rounded corners, which can often be found on lounge cushions and throw pillows.

Foam filling is durable and helps cushions retain their shape over time, making it suitable for everyday chairs, sofas and any items children or pets might jump onto or off of. Polyfiber filling offers a plusher pillow-like experience while still being resistant to water and mildew damage; many patio furniture sets boast cushions made of this material; it can even be found individually as seat pads or backrest cushions.

Seating Options

Selecting suitable patio seating is essential to enjoying outdoor entertainment with friends and family, from backyard barbecues to concerts in your garden. Consider who will use it at specific times during the day/year/how often, along with available space as some seating solutions may take up more.

Dining sets can make an excellent addition to any patio for meals and relaxation, offering weatherproof seating solutions such as autumn nights or hot summer days without damage to other types. From natural teak or acacia options, find one that complements both your style preferences and climate conditions.

There’s sure to be a dining chair style to suit every taste and budget, from classic wooden pieces to stylish wicker designs. For an added touch of luxury on your patio, splurging on a teak chaise lounge may add the finishing touch; known for its durability and beauty, teak chaise lounges provide the ideal spot for lounging around poolside or on a patio deck during sunny weather days.

Consider investing in this five-piece wicker patio set as an economical solution. It comes complete with a table, four chairs and two ottomans for plenty of relaxation space with friends or enjoying quiet afternoons at home. Plus, its durable wicker and aluminum construction will stand up well all year long despite inclement weather conditions!

If you need an adaptable seating solution that can move with you around the yard, a modular sectional may be your answer. This type of outdoor furniture typically consists of a large sofa and chair set, with the option to add more pieces as your needs change over time. Choose between neutral hues or bold patterns that suit your personal taste when choosing color schemes for this furniture piece.

Check sales throughout spring and summer to find a patio furniture set at an incredible discount price. If there’s a piece that catches your eye, keep tabs on stock levels at nearby stores or online to see if a discount offer comes up before season ends.

Curb Appeal

As with interior furniture, patio pieces can help set the scene and make any outdoor space inviting, as well as increasing curb appeal. A few decorative pieces like planter boxes or tables, as well as bold colors for cushions or upholstery will go far towards making your porch stand out from its neighbors.

If you’re shopping for new patio furniture, take note that certain sales periods could offer significant savings. Fall and winter sales often include deep discounts as retailers make way for warmer temperatures ahead. Plus, many stores host clearance events around Memorial Day and Labor Day!

Some homeowners opt for trendy patio pieces, while others prefer timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. These timeless pieces provide an easy and cost-effective way to update outdoor living areas and add instant curb appeal to homes.

Exteta’s luxury outdoor furniture designs have earned them praise, thanks to their ability to bridge indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. Their seating and tables feature materials suitable for both interior and exterior usage and can easily be moved from room to room as desired.

Before purchasing patio sofas, loveseats or chairs, think carefully about their frequency of use and whether or not you intend to only use it during the summer months. If entertaining guests in your backyard is on your agenda, opt for comfortable lounge chairs that can be moved around easily so as to suit different locations around your pool or deck area.

As an easy and budget-friendly way of updating your porch, try staining or painting its wood a different color. If your porch features wood-stained decking, consider purchasing all-weather chair cushions in bold hues for additional pops of color. Alternatively, if your concrete porch needs revitalizing with fresh paint colors that bring life and excitement back into the space.