How to Choose the Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

best outdoor patio furniture

Be it for hosting a backyard dinner party or taking advantage of sunset naps in your outdoor space, finding suitable patio furniture will allow you to make the most of it all year. Choose hardwearing materials which can withstand winter storms and freezing temperatures for optimal outdoor experiences.

Teak wood is an ideal material, as its natural oils help protect it against water damage and rot. Other durable options include wrought iron, aluminum and all-weather wicker.


Teak furniture is an elegant and resilient option for outdoor spaces, boasting natural good looks that pair beautifully with virtually every decor style. Unlike other wood types, teak’s naturally resilient nature protects it against humidity exposure over time and decay. Furthermore, its distinctive pattern stands out among other materials; straight striations of its grain create a look that attracts almost everyone; teak doesn’t rust like other woods when exposed to metal fittings or components either!

Teak wood patio furniture may be more costly than eucalyptus wood, but its longevity makes it an investment that pays dividends over the long run. On average, it lasts 50-70 years while eucalyptus can last 25. For this reason alone, teak should always be considered when purchasing outdoor patio furniture sets.

Teak patio furniture will never become out of fashion. A timeless material like teak is always fashionable, making it the ideal choice for creating stylish yet comfortable outdoor living spaces that blend into the surrounding environment. Additionally, teak works wonderfully when mixed with other modern outdoor materials like stone, concrete and metallics as well as natural textures like rattan and wicker; creating bold pops of color or contemporary styles can add exquisite contrasts.

Teak wood can either be kept its original honey brown hue, or left to naturally weather into its silvery grey patina over time. No matter its state or treatment with special sealants, teak will add timeless elegance and timeless beauty to any outdoor space – plus its low maintenance requirements make it a great environmental-friendly option!


Aluminum furniture is one of the most sought-after metal options for outdoor seating, due to its lightweight yet highly durable properties. Ideal for homeowners seeking to create a relaxing gathering place for friends and family to come together, aluminum comes in various styles to match any home decor theme ranging from traditional to modern decor themes and is easy to keep clean making it a great choice for busy households.

Aluminum patio furniture stands out from other forms of metal furnishings by its ability not to retain heat, so that even in scorching heat conditions it remains comfortable. Furthermore, its corrosion-resistance makes it less likely to rust than other metals; aluminum is also highly affordable – an ideal choice for homeowners on tight budgets.

Aluminum outdoor furniture comes in both cast and tubular varieties. Cast aluminum furniture is constructed of solid aluminum while tubular aluminum patio furniture uses hollow tubes made of aluminum to form hollow frames. Both options make great choices for any patio; if durability and longevity are important to you, cast aluminum furniture would make a better selection – being much more resilient than tubular aluminum while lasting much longer than other metals such as wrought iron.

If you want aluminum patio furniture that will stand up to the elements, look for pieces with powder-coat finishes. This will protect against corrosion while simultaneously increasing beauty; moreover, high-quality powder-coat finishes can even resist scratches and scuff marks for years of looking like new!

As well as choosing aluminum patio furniture that best matches your outdoor space and home style, take note of its size. If your outdoor area is limited in space, a smaller set will help maximize its use while for those with ample room, larger sets can create an expansive atmosphere while fitting right in with other decor elements in your garden.

Stainless Steel

When it comes to metal patio furniture, homeowners have several choices including aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron – each offering its own set of advantages and drawbacks.

Marianne Lipanovich writes for Houzz that aluminum furniture is durable enough to withstand most of what Mother Nature can throw its way, yet requires little upkeep or maintenance. Plus, its lightness allows homeowners to easily relocate it around their backyards in order to accommodate guests or reorganize. Plus, aluminum costs less than its metal counterparts while remaining strong enough against wind-driven forces without blowing away.

Aluminum’s noncorrodible nature also makes it ideal for outdoor furniture manufacturing, with manufacturers providing powder coated outdoor pieces in order to prolong its durability while adding color options that complement most home exteriors.

As for stainless steel furniture, it can be an excellent option for homeowners living in humid climates as it’s resistant to rusting. However, some consumers may find the initial high costs prohibitive if they prefer something more budget friendly.

One drawback of stainless steel furniture is its potential slipperiness, which may make guests less comfortable when sitting for prolonged periods. Furthermore, due to its susceptibility to staining and subsequent needing regular wiping down for maintaining its shiny appearance.

Stainless steel’s strength doesn’t just lie in its resistance to rust; it is also extremely durable and doesn’t dent easily, nor absorb and transmit heat as intensely like wrought iron, thereby making your guests more comfortable during both hot and cold weather.

If you are shopping for metal patio furniture, it is essential that you ask questions regarding its construction quality assurance and cost vs maintenance-free considerations. In addition to asking about material used and finishing options available so that your purchase meets all of your lifestyle needs.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron patio furniture has long been considered an elegant choice for outdoor seating, and many people appreciate its durability and timeless style. Additionally, wrought iron furniture works in all climates well and pairs nicely with teak as well. Unfortunately, however, wrought iron garden furniture can be costly; to save money it can be found second-hand stores or through online retailers, or you could look out for pieces which have been refurbished – as this can often be more cost effective.

One way to save money when purchasing wrought iron furniture is by taking advantage of sales. Many garden stores and home improvement retailers provide special offers during sales periods, making this an excellent time to purchase this type of furniture. When searching for patio sets with this material it is also essential that they have been powder-coated or repainted so as to protect from elements and prevent rusting.

For easy and hassle-free purchasing of wrought iron patio furniture, the ideal retailer would be one with an excellent return policy such as Wayfair or Overstock – both offer wide selections of garden furniture including wrought iron chairs and tables which makes finding something suitable easy and affordable for any garden design and budget. AllModern features mid-century designs inspired by Bauhaus as well as other mid-century makers, while Overstock features both designer brand name furniture at discounted prices for low costs overall.

Finding the appropriate outdoor patio furniture requires taking into account your climate, style preferences and maintenance level. If you live in a warm and dry area, teak, aluminum, or stainless steel might be suitable options, while in cooler or wetter areas wrought iron or wicker will likely prove more appropriate. Ultimately, opt for furniture which can easily be reconfigured or stored when not being used.