How to Choose Patio Furniture for Your Apartment Balcony

patio furniture for apartment balcony

When shopping for patio furniture to fit your apartment balcony, take note of a few key product features. Chairs should not impede on your view and tables should make the most of limited space.

With the right outdoor furniture, your UGA apartment can become an idyllic retreat this summer. Make an investment in high-quality pieces designed to withstand weather elements.


Ideally, patio furniture designed to endure wind, rain and other forms of inclement weather should be suitable for an exposed balcony environment. A durable material like aluminum framing makes for long-term beauty while adding style – for instance wicker patio chairs fitted with aluminum frames offer both strength and flexibility in protecting from the elements while fitting in seamlessly with any style or type of chair or table you might find in your apartment’s decor. For example wicker chairs come equipped with such framing which resist rotting and corrosion without breaking apart when exposed to elements – lightweight pieces like wicker chairs are lightweight yet strong against elements; yet can blend in easily with different chairs or tables in creating a consistent look across apartments decors allowing users to select exactly the furniture they need when furnishing an apartment balcony balcony is exposed to elements, as it.

If space constraints prevent you from accommodating a large outdoor sofa or table, consider using an outdoor bench as seating and adding some throw pillows and an outdoor rug to complete the space. An ottoman that serves both as storage and seating may also prove beneficial, while adding a wicker blanket box adds another option for extra seating when not being used.

Furniture selection can make or break your patio design, so ensure it suits the climate where you live. An outdoor wooden table may make an eye-catching statement piece but may eventually warp or rot due to wet climate conditions; on the other hand, metal balcony tables work in almost all environments with little maintenance needed to keep them looking brand new.

Balcony height patio chairs are an excellent addition to apartment balconies as they allow residents to fully take in the scenery while remaining comfortably relaxed. Many are constructed from all-weather materials like poly lumber or teak that won’t swell or rot, with warranties reaching as far back as lifetime! In addition, these chairs are easy to maintain – no staining or re-sealing required – making them an excellent choice.

For balconies that are fully exposed to the sun, table umbrellas are essential accessories to provide shade and avoid overheating. Also consider investing in covers for your balcony furniture that will protect cushions and surfaces from sun damage while keeping them fresh and dry throughout the year.


Comfort in balcony furniture is paramount if you plan on lounging or spending time with friends. Select chairs tall enough to see over the railing while still comfortable. Select upholstery material that can withstand harsh weather conditions without rotting or molding over time, such as polywood rattan or Sunbrella cushions that can easily be cleaned of dirt.

If you’re in search of additional seating on your apartment balcony, an outdoor sofa set could provide multiple people with plenty of comfortable seats at once. If space allows, try opting for one with fold-out designs so it can be stored away when not being used; or choose tables designed specifically to fit into narrow spaces with round or rectangular shapes that can be placed against walls when not needed.

Your small balcony can be the perfect setting to express yourself, so don’t be intimidated to experiment with different seating arrangements. For something chic and modern, Outer offers modern patio chairs featuring woven seat and back for maximum comfort – pair these chic chairs with their matching Braid outdoor rug and pouf for a stunning seating arrangement that meets both style and function needs.

For a classic feel, choose a bistro-style dining set on your balcony. This type of balcony furniture typically consists of a small table and two high-backed chairs arranged around it; making for the ideal spot for romantic candlelit dinners or coffee chats with loved ones. If space is an issue, Floyd offers bistro tables and stools featuring eye-catching ombre finishes for added style!

Create an inviting entertaining area on your balcony by adding decorative pillows, blankets, and accent pieces in vibrant colors and patterns. A matching outdoor rug will complete the look while an overhead fan provides additional cooling in the summer heat. Curtains or blinds may also help provide privacy if neighbors can see through nearby windows.


No matter if you want a quick refresh or an extensive overhaul, your apartment balcony offers limitless possibilities when it comes to decorating it. From neutral hues that allow decorative accents to shine through to bold hues that add instant personality, there’s sure to be something perfect! When selecting patio furniture designed specifically for outdoor use – indoor furniture might withstand weathering and UV exposure, but prolonged exposure could quickly ruin it!

If your balcony is limited in space, choose furniture that takes up minimal room. Chairs with backs and arms that provide ample support are great choices; two-seat rattan benches can also work. To add flair to your balcony space, consider decorative pillows and a hammock; maybe even incorporate a patterned rug, like this one by Caitlin Higgin on her balcony, to complement its color scheme.

Add a dining or coffee table if you prefer relaxing on your UGA apartment balcony over meals or drinks, though a folding patio table might be better suited to smaller balconies. These types of tables are easy to set up, fold away when not needed and even help to save space!

Shopping second-hand furniture can help save money when furnishing an apartment balcony, as it’s much less costly than purchasing new pieces. Gently used items can often be found for sale nearby and make for excellent bargains compared to purchasing brand new pieces.

Installation of a privacy screen to your balcony is a simple DIY project that can elevate its aesthetic while providing protection from wind, sun and prying eyes. The red privacy divider pictured here is quick, affordable and effective.

Your apartment balcony provides you with access to nature. It can help you relax after a busy day and become an extension of your living room if properly planned and furnished to create a welcoming outdoor retreat. The key is using appropriate furniture for your space for maximum comfort and enjoyment!


Your balcony furniture must be durable enough to withstand the climate where you reside, whether that means resisting mold and mildew or withstanding UV rays without becoming faded or brittle. A patio set made from materials resistant to these effects is an excellent choice; similarly, fabric should withstand UV radiation without becoming faded or fraying over time.

Other product features worth keeping in mind when purchasing furniture include its height (to help with visibility over railings if necessary) and color/texture. Furthermore, consider how the furniture will blend in with existing design elements in your kitchen and living room such as colors and decor schemes.

If you plan to leave furniture outdoors year-round, it is essential that consideration be given to maintenance. All-weather wicker or resin wicker furniture may withstand harsh climate environments while being easy to keep clean; other durable options for apartment balconies which are maintenance friendly include metal and plastic furniture.

Make sure your furniture is lightweight and easily folds or stacks for storage – this way you’ll be ready for outdoor fun when the time comes!

Finally, ensure your outdoor space has outdoor-friendly flooring such as synthetic wood deck or sturdy, washable rug that is suitable for outdoor use. This will keep it hygienic while making it more comfortable; additionally, loveseats or hammocks may be suspended on suitable posts and beams for late afternoon naps – just take care to secure them properly to avoid them flying off with strong winds!