How to Choose Outdoor Patio Furniture Near Me

outdoor patio furniture near me

Create the ideal outdoor living area by adding seating, tables and decor. We offer outdoor rugs, electronics and fire pits to complete the look and create the ideal spot for relaxing.

Selecting patio furniture can be daunting, but Bowman’s Stove & Patio makes the task easy with their selection of top-rated brands and durable, stylish furniture with long-term warranties. Our furniture will help make any outdoor experience enjoyable!


Teak outdoor furniture is beautiful and durable, requiring minimal upkeep beyond routine cleaning. Due to its natural oils, properly cut and dried teak timber can last more than 100 years without rotting or becoming disassembled from exposure to the elements. However, some people mistakenly think their teak needs extra protection, using so-called “teak oil.” Unfortunately this commercial product contains linseed or tung oil along with varnish thinners, thinners, thinner additives as well as other substances which claim they’ll protect it but only strip the natural oils away leaving more susceptible wood more susceptible than before – ultimately leading to more damage over time!

When shopping for teak furniture, look for brands certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that use Grade A teak as this will offer superior durability in weather conditions, lasting long with an appealing silvery gray patina over time. Also look for high-quality furniture with smooth surfaces that feel pleasant underfoot and that have been kiln dried so as to reduce cracking and warping issues.

Teak loveseats are an ideal way to create comfortable shared seating in your backyard. Add a patterned indoor/outdoor rug and hanging lights, and you have yourself the perfect spot for family and friend reunions! For frequent entertaining needs, consider upgrading to an outdoor sectional with more seating capacity for guests.

Teak furniture is resilient, but you can enhance its longevity further by selecting pieces with specific design features and using an adequate protective cover in the off-season. Furthermore, make sure that it features high-grade marine grade hardware and Sunbrella fabric that resist fading from repeated sun exposure. Bowman’s Stove & Patio in Ephrata offers one of the largest selections of quality, stylish, and functional teak patio and deck furniture near Lancaster and Reading – visit us to see our extensive inventory in Ephrata today!


Aluminum outdoor pieces offer customers an elegant solution when looking to adorn their space with contemporary patio furniture, not only being visually striking but also durable and low maintenance requirements.

Like steel, this material naturally resists mold and rust damage and stands up well against rain, snow and UV rays from the sun’s UV rays. Plus, its anti-rust qualities make it an excellent choice for coastal environments near saltwater bodies.

Aluminum furniture offers several advantages over steel in terms of portability: its lightness makes it easy to move around your outdoor space, enabling you to rearrange chairs and tables according to sun or shade conditions – not possible with steel which can be much heavier and cumbersome to transport around.

Aluminum furniture will solve this problem easily; one person can move and rearrange it on their own. However, not all aluminum is equal: make sure that you purchase quality outdoor furniture sealed with a sand powder coating seal that prevents oxidation to keep your pieces looking their best for years.

Simply give your aluminum furniture a thorough cleaning with a dry brush to remove dirt or debris, followed by gentle washing using cloth, sponge or brush with mild dish soap – then rinse the entire piece for good measure!

Aluminum furniture is not only easy to care for, but it can also add flair to any setting. Pair sleek metallic-colored aluminum table and chairs with natural materials such as rattan or wood for a balanced look; or choose an eye-catching brightly-colored outdoor furniture set and add some vibrant pops of color into your backyard space!

Aluminum outdoor furniture comes in various forms, from cast and wrought pieces, to those welded together with hand-finished frames for additional strength. When shopping for this type of furniture, make sure that you visit a retailer like Pierce Outdoors that only carries high-quality aluminum pieces that will stand the test of time. With Pierce Outdoors on your side, your aluminum outdoor furniture will provide years of enjoyment!

Synthetic Resin

Resins are chemical compounds formed through physical reactions. Resins have many uses, from producing plastics and paints to textiles and textile-like materials. Common resin types include acrylics, alkyds, vinyls, epoxies polyesters polyolefins phenolics Cellulose Acetate; they’re often applied as coatings to products like patio furniture or other household furnishings as coatings.

Outdoor furniture is an effective way to transform any outdoor space into an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. There are various materials and styles available to meet any style or budget; synthetic resins are particularly well-suited to this use as they’re durable yet long-term options, able to withstand sunlight, rain and salty climates without degrade over time – though regular maintenance will keep them looking their best!

All-Weather Wicker All-weather wicker furniture is constructed using UV-resistant synthetic fibers that resemble natural rattan, giving the look and durability of natural rattan furniture without the same maintenance requirements as its counterpart. Ideal for outdoor patio use, all-weather wicker requires little upkeep with easy cleanup using soap and water alone – an attractive choice that makes an impression in any setting!

Wicker furniture comes in many styles and it’s important to select one that complements your space. If you prefer modern decor, sleek and contemporary sets with geometric patterns may be best. On the other hand, traditional or coastal decor requires pieces with ornate details and curvier lines – both are great choices!

Additionally, outdoor patio furniture sets typically include accent pieces like coffee tables and side tables to complete their sets. These tables can serve several functions, from storing books and magazines to placing drinks. Furthermore, these pieces add color or texture to your space as well as adding functionality; benches, fire pits, and garden benches may even complete your set!

Plastic Resin

Plastic resin outdoor furniture sets offer an easy-care alternative to wooden pieces. Woven into wicker style pieces that complement any backyard, patio or deck setting is synthetic resin furniture made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), an element-resistant material which doesn’t rot, mold or splinter over time. HDPE resin can also be molded into various shapes to meet individual designs such as rounded corners or curves – with various additives like UV stabilizers, colorants couplers or lubricants being added if desired!

Resin is an eco-friendly material, as it uses recycled plastics rather than oil-based products for its composition. Additives are added during compounding to form its final form before extrusion, injection molding or blow molding takes place. Incorporation of natural materials like jute twine or rope may add strength and durability while waterproof sealant protects it against rainwater damage and sun rays.

Although purchasing plastic resin outdoor patio furniture sets can bring many advantages, it is crucial that you select a manufacturer with quality craftsmanship and weather-resistant materials. The top manufacturers will deliver you premium outdoor furniture which can add years of enjoyment in your home or business environment.

When purchasing plastic resin outdoor furniture sets, be mindful of their tensile strength – this measures how much weight a material can bear without breaking. In addition, consider its flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Plastic outdoor furniture comes in an assortment of colors to match any exterior decor scheme, so it is easy to find furniture to suit. While white has long been the go-to color choice, today there is also colored resin furniture that blends seamlessly. To maintain its appearance and keep it looking its best for longer, regular scrubbing with a brush to clear away dirt and debris before washing with a hose and leaving to dry in a safe area is recommended.