How to Choose Heavy Duty Resin Patio Furniture

No matter whether you’re shopping for chairs or tables, when selecting heavy duty resin patio furniture there are various factors to keep in mind when making your selection. Some essential considerations include:

Resin wicker furniture looks beautiful and is simple to care for – simply rinse it off with the hose! Plus it stands up well against children and pets, which makes cleaning much simpler!


There are various materials used in the construction of patio furniture. Each material offers different benefits and drawbacks, and understanding these distinctions before you make a purchase will allow you to select the most suitable material for both your needs and budget.

There is an impressive variety of commercial quality resin patio chairs available today. Some models are stackable for heavy usage in environments like restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, bars and hotels; others feature comfortable backs with perforated holes to allow air circulation; others still come equipped with armrests for additional support and support. Constructed from durable weather-resistant material these chairs will withstand even the harshest environments with ease.

Synthetic resin, commonly referred to as poly wood or poly lumber is an affordable and versatile choice for outdoor furniture. Available in an array of colors, shapes and sizes; lightweight yet low maintenance costs; resistant to corrosive substances like oil and fuels as well as insects, fungi and salt spray exposure – not to mention easy cleaning without splintering or rotting over time!

Resin wicker furniture is constructed using UV-resistant synthetic fibers that resemble natural rattan and has become an increasingly popular choice due to its durability and comfort, with colorful patio cushions providing extra color accents. Plus, resin wicker is lighter than its aluminum or wrought iron counterparts so can easily be moved around for cleaning purposes and sunlight exposure.

Non-resinous woods such as teak and cedar are strong, attractive, and require little upkeep compared to resinous ones such as pine. While they can withstand rain, sun, wind, snowfall and other weather conditions well enough, non-resinous ones don’t tend to hold off insects infestation as effectively compared with resinous ones; hence the necessity of preservative treatments or painting before being used as outdoor furniture.

Bare metals such as steel and iron may rust over time when exposed to moisture, making them suitable for patio furniture that has more rustic or traditional appeal, although they’re less sturdy than other options and cost less money to maintain. Plus, you can clean these surfaces using hot soapy water!


Resin patio furniture is made of commercial grade polypropylene and commonly known as composite, polywood or poly lumber – materials known for being weatherproof, fade resistant and virtually maintenance free. As such it has become the top choice among hotels, multifamily properties and commercial outdoor furniture providers alike.

Restaurants and cafes alike will appreciate this commercial restaurant chair with its curved back and contoured seat for enhanced comfort. Constructed from durable resin with anodized aluminum legs for increased durability, its stackable nature allows it to come in various attractive colors while the X back design and mesh pattern complement any contemporary or traditional setting.

Resin table tops come in various sizes including 46″ round and 68″ x 40″. Some feature decorative table bases like Pietra with its stone finish or Teakwood with its woodgrain. Grosfillex manufacturers guarantee their tables for 1 year; designed to withstand harsh climate conditions while needing minimal assembly.

Ease of Maintenance

Resin wicker furnishings are extremely easy to care for, making them a fantastic choice for busy households. Regularly using a garden hose or damp cloth to wash, vacuuming or dusting periodically as needed to eliminate dust accumulation can keep wicker furnishings looking their best – particularly those used in high traffic areas such as patios or porches.

Wicker furniture, like most outdoor pieces, is built to withstand years of use while providing comfort and enjoyment to those who use it. Although their initial purchase cost might put a dent in one’s budget, its replacement costs typically dwarf traditional overstuffed or wooden furnishings and its durability means less maintenance time is needed over its lifespan.

Wicker furnishings are constructed using synthetic resins that are extremely resilient, with fibers that are impervious to sun damage, mold, mildew, chlorine and salt air exposure, as well as high resistance against rusting – making them an excellent choice for use around beaches, pools or restaurants.

Resinous wood can rot over time, while resin wicker can be repaired and replaced easily due to its fiber construction – rather than being glued together like most furniture is. Damaged areas can often be cut away and new pieces added over these spots while existing wicker may need softening as part of this process.

Sollte your wicker furniture show signs of mildew or rust, an easy solution is mixing water with powdered oxygen bleach to clean it without harming fibers. For stubborn spots, consider lightly sanding then replowing.

If you’re in the market for some wicker furniture, take into account all available frame sizes before determining which style best fits your space. When shopping for tables, take note of seating capacity, frame size, warranty terms and material options available; Grosfillex resin tables are popular options as they combine durability with flexibility, making them suitable for use both at home or restaurant patios.


An inviting backyard, deck, or balcony patio makes an excellent space to unwind on sunny weekend afternoons and entertain friends or simply find solitude. But the furniture must be durable enough to endure weather elements and heavy use over time; choosing quality resin patio chairs could help maximize your outdoor living space.

Synthetic resin is a modern material designed to withstand sunlight, rain, and the abuse from young children and pets with sharp teeth or claws. It stands up well to being subjected to sunlight, rain, children playing on it with sharp objects such as knives or claws and pets with sharp nails, making it far sturdier than organic fibers used in rattan garden furniture that eventually break down over time. Available in various styles with colors that hold up better against sun fading than natural materials like cotton.

Wooden patio furniture can also provide an option, often constructed of weather-resistant woods such as teak, cypress or eucalyptus. While such furniture requires regular upkeep with protective finishes to last for decades if treated appropriately – teak being an especially durable species that resists rot, insects and harsh weather conditions well.

Metal patio furniture can be quite durable if designed well and finished with rust-resistant coatings, such as aluminum or wrought iron that have been coated in antirust paint. Bare metal surfaces, however, such as aluminum, are susceptible to rusting – so look for pieces coated with an antirust paint layer for the best results.

Clearance sales offer some of the best resin patio furniture at discounted rates, making them a fantastic way to score an exceptional bargain. Here, you can find appealing tables, chairs and sofas at a fraction of their original cost – some may even be scratch- and dent-free pieces which could easily be restored back into pristine condition with just some effort from you.

If you need patio chairs that will stand up to heavy use, consider investing in one of these high quality resin wicker patio chairs. Crafted of commercial-grade resin for durability yet stylish looks – you’ll have chairs that still look as great after 10 years as the day you bought them!