How to Choose and Store Quality Patio Furniture

High quality outdoor furniture will withstand the test of time on any deck or patio, from large wood decks to smaller enclosed patios. Durability and weather resistance should be the main factors considered when purchasing outdoor sets.

EGO Paris brings innovation and elegance together for their sophisticated patio furniture lines, such as their configurable seating and coffee tables, which offer relaxation or entertaining possibilities.


When purchasing outdoor furniture for your home, durability should always be top of mind. High-quality patio furniture is designed to withstand the elements and last many years before eventually needing replacing; its lifespan depends on factors like climate and maintenance regimen as well as proper covers.

Durability should always be top of mind when purchasing outdoor furniture for hot and humid climates, particularly bare metals such as iron which may rust. Aluminum patio furniture is another popular option because of its strength, corrosion-resistance properties and can even be powder coated to add an additional layer of protection against corrosion.

High-quality woven wicker is another lightweight but long-term durable option available today, created using Lloyd Flanders’ patented weaving process to produce heirloom-quality pieces with naturalistic appearances and functional qualities that complement classic home decor styles perfectly. Plus, there are an assortment of colors available so that every backyard design is covered!

Recycled plastic patio furniture materials offer durability and low-maintenance in a range of applications. Recycled plastic is often combined with natural fibers to produce more appealing finishes and increase its strength; many manufacturers of recycled plastic furniture also add UV stabilizers, colorants and lubricants for increased longevity and durability.

Luxury outdoor furniture is an expanding industry, and many manufacturers specialize in producing luxurious casual furnishings for upscale homes and resorts. Janus et Cie stands out as an exceptional example with their use of natural and eco-friendly woods as well as synthetic and rattan weaves in its collection – which has helped the brand establish itself globally.


If you plan on spending long hours relaxing on your patio, selecting furniture that is both stylish and comfortable is crucial. Relax without experiencing aches or pains with quality outdoor chairs and sofas featuring cushions designed for optimal support and comfort. Many quality sets feature performance fabrics which resist fading, staining, and moisture damage for long lasting use.

Consider how often and in what conditions you will use your patio furniture before making your selection. Make sure it provides comfortable seating for you and guests as well as can withstand climate-specific challenges.

Some manufacturers even provide warranties with their furniture to ensure your satisfaction with it and protect your investment. When investing in quality patio furniture, you can rest easy knowing it will last years and stand up against any climate.

Most people enjoy hosting parties and spending time with family and friends on their patio. But if the chairs or sofa you use don’t offer enough comfort for long hours of socializing and entertainment, it may become challenging. A carefully chosen set of patio furniture will allow you to unwind after an exhausting workday or simply spend your weekends relaxing with loved ones.

Luxury patio furniture provides the height of comfort and relaxation. Some pieces are even designed to conform snugly to the shape of your body for an ergonomic, cozy fit; and these pieces may come equipped with built-in massage functions – great for relieving back or neck pain!

Luxury patio furniture should be designed to withstand harsh outdoor elements, including heat, sunlight and moisture. Some pieces are constructed of treated wood or metal which is intended to withstand these forces, while some features waterproof fabrics that repel moisture while preventing staining.

If you’re searching for high-quality, durable pieces to complement your backyard, the Siebensee Celtic collection could be just what you’re after. Boasting luxurious marine flair with an aerodynamic swayback design and polished teak frames, it provides extra comfortable seating that adds an inviting marine aesthetic.


Style and design are equally essential when it comes to quality patio furniture, so many high-end outdoor brands provide a range of styles to meet the needs of any space. Wrought iron patio furniture features intricate architectural designs with curvilinear lines for an evergreen classic aesthetic; metal furniture also withstands harsh weather conditions for years, pairing perfectly with materials such as all-weather wicker or wood for an attractive finish.

Teak wood has long been revered for its luxury outdoor furniture manufacturing capabilities. Businesses such as Barlow Tyrie are leaders in harvesting this eco-friendly hardwood from environmentally responsible forests and using cutting-edge manufacturing processes to craft luxurious outdoor lounge chairs, dining tables and other pieces using it – such as their Saler Teak line featuring precision-cut slats with its distinctive chestnut woodgrain finish finish.

If you prefer sleek minimalist design, consider collections from Danish furniture makers EGO Paris or Skagerak. Their focus is modularity and conviviality to craft comfortable yet functional outdoor pieces that will last decades. Their designs feature dynamic coffee tables equipped with raiseable trays for laptop use as well as configurable seating that adapts perfectly to your space.

Kingsley Bate and Exteta, two premium brands that specialize in outdoor furniture design, prioritize craftsmanship and sustainability when crafting their sunroom lounge chair sets, traditional lawn and porch benches, quaint bistro tables, sunroom lounge chair sets and other sunroom furniture items that can be found both commercial establishments as well as luxurious residential locations globally.

Neighbor, established in 2020 by three friends, is dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly construction of their outdoor furniture, such as sectionals, adirondack chairs and more made with recycled materials, which reduce waste while still providing strength and durability needed for everyday use. They strive to make this world a better place through craftsmanship, environmental responsibility and customer service, all backed up with a 10-year warranty which shows their dedication and durability of outdoor furnishings.


When investing in quality patio furniture, you want it to last as long as possible. Therefore, it is vital that it is stored correctly when not being used – this ensures your chairs, tables and cushions stay in excellent condition over time. Self storage offers another viable option for people without enough room at home who wish to protect and out of sight their investments.

If you plan on storing furniture in the garage or shed this winter season, make sure it has been thoroughly prepared by washing cushions, scrubbing off dirt or grime, and cleaning any spills immediately. Also ensure it has adequate protection from elements; for bare metal pieces apply rust-proofing material; wood items need a water resistant coating applied as well.

Consider investing in a patio storage cabinet or bench to keep your furniture and accessories neatly organized. Some cabinets feature locking doors to keep belongings out of sight while others contain cubbies and shelves which make ideal spots to stash garden tools, bags of potting soil, extra planters and pool toys – choose one that coordinates perfectly with the look of your patio furniture for optimal organization!

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