How Heavy Patio Furniture Can Be Comfortable

Patio furniture comes in many materials and each has their own advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum, steel and wrought iron are common choices when selecting outdoor seating solutions for patio use.

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to transport, yet it may become unstable in harsh weather or due to strong winds, potentially needing extensive maintenance work and possibly being dislodged completely in storms.

Weather Resistant

Heavy outdoor furniture such as wrought iron and poly can stand up better against strong winds than their lightweight counterparts, and can remain upright without being swept away in stormy weather. Wrought iron and poly patio sets also are designed with durability in mind to withstand breaking, rusting or rotting when left out in rainy conditions – making them the ideal choice for beach homes or other locations that experience frequent storms with high winds.

Cast aluminum is another reliable material used to craft patio furniture of various styles and finishes, including easy cleaning with garden hose spraying for grime and dirt removal. Barkeeper’s Friend cleaner may be required for more thorough cleaning purposes to remove stubborn stains or scuff marks that accumulate over time.

Wrought iron patio furniture is an attractive and highly durable choice, ideal for rainy conditions or UV sunlight without fading over time. Although more costly than some alternatives, its quality craftsmanship often outweighs its additional expense for many homeowners. Maintenance may prove challenging as metal can rust if not powder coated regularly.

Polywood furniture makes an excellent alternative to wooden pieces as it won’t crack or warp in humid environments, is water resistant, can withstand severe weather conditions but may be affected by freezing temperatures – for this reason it should be brought indoors during the winter or covered to protect it from harsh elements and colder climate conditions.

All-weather wicker furniture is another dependable outdoor choice, made of weatherproof synthetic fibers woven to look like natural rattan. This type of furniture can easily withstand summer heat and humidity as well as the occasional rainfallstorm; waterproof covers may help protect these pieces from moisture that leads to mold growth, while making the piece much more hygienic for users.


Many homeowners choose metal patio furniture for their home or restaurant due to its durability, cost-efficiency and water resistance compared to wooden, wicker or rattan alternatives. Steel, aluminum and iron dining sets and pieces may become increasingly heavy over time making it harder for users to move them during storms or for other purposes; keeping them secure on deck or patio may also become challenging over time.

When purchasing metal patio furniture, be sure to look for pieces which are rust-resistant to help avoid becoming damaged over time. This includes steel, wrought or cast iron and galvanized or stainless steel pieces. Steel can withstand most weather conditions but needs repainted periodically in order to stay looking its best and resist corrosion from rain or dew. Wrought or cast iron fixtures tend to be heavier but more tolerant of extreme conditions – however they could rust if exposed to moisture over time.

Aluminum is lightweight yet versatile compared to wrought or cast iron; however, it doesn’t fly away during a windstorm like other lightweight metals would. You can craft aluminum into hollow/tubular or cast furniture designs for additional design options. Stainless steel makes an excellent compromise between these two metal types as it’s durable yet less pricey than either option (but more so than aluminum or cast iron).

Bungee cords can help secure patio chairs or tables during stormy conditions and strong winds, keeping lightweight umbrellas upright during strong gusts of wind. Available at most hardware stores and sometimes sold with other accessories (e.g. sun protection covers) these cords may help safeguard fabric furniture against blow-away.

Investment in patio chairs and tables equipped with adjustable height bases makes it simple to keep them from blowing away during a storm or while guests relax outdoors, which can be especially useful for restaurants using outdoor seating for their customers. Sand bags can also help protect patio umbrellas from being dislodged too easily.


Patio furniture must withstand all forms of weather – sun, rain, wind and constant use – without losing its durability or lasting power. The material used to construct its frame and the type of fabric chosen can affect how long lasting and long-lived its pieces are; high-quality outdoor pieces typically last at least 15 years when cared for properly.

Metal patio furniture can be made of steel, wrought iron, or aluminum and coated to protect its finish. Wrought iron is heavier but works well in coastal regions prone to hurricanes or regions with seasonal gusts; however, its humid climate performance does not fare as well and over time may rust. Aluminum is lighter yet still very sturdy and suitable for modern and traditional design styles alike; easy to maintain with great corrosion resistance capabilities that come powder-coated in various colors for powder coating purposes.

Wood patio furniture can provide durable outdoor furnishings that withstand the elements. Hardwoods such as teak and eucalyptus naturally resist moisture, making them great options for outdoor furnishings. Pine, cypress or cedar also look natural but won’t withstand moisture as effectively as teak does.

Metal furniture often attracts buyers because it appears less fragile than wood or wicker and tends to be cheaper. Furthermore, some forms of metal can even be designed to mimic these materials, giving consumers greater design options than ever before.

Wrought iron and aluminum both naturally resist corrosion; however, special products should still be used regularly to preserve their surfaces from further corrosion. In general, stainless steel is more resilient and won’t rust over time, making it the superior choice.

When looking for durable patio furniture, make sure that it comes from stores offering in-store or online sales events such as Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends – these events provide the opportunity to save big money on new pieces! Additionally, sign up with your preferred store so they’ll notify you as soon as they have any future sales and coupons!


When selecting patio furniture, comfort should always come first. Unfortunately, metal furniture can often be less than ideal in this regard and become hot to the touch in summer heat. Luckily, there are other heavy patio options that offer more comfort.

Wrought iron and steel furniture last for years with minimal upkeep needed; they don’t tend to get as hot either! If you prefer wood furniture, choose pieces with teak finishes or made from materials such as acacia for durability. Or consider opting for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) chairs which can withstand UV rays without cracking easily while remaining lightweight – HDPE chairs come in various colors so it should be easy to find something to match your decor style!

Aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron are popular materials for making heavy patio furniture. Lipanovich cautions that aluminum is particularly susceptible to being caught up in winds – this could become an issue when near oceans or with strong gusts of wind. If this concerns you, be sure to purchase weighted umbrella bases to secure table or chair legs and prevent flying away during storms.

Wicker chairs made of all-weather materials can also make great choices for family and friend gatherings, though they might not provide quite the same level of comfort as reclining sofas and sectionals. Some even include built-in footrests to further ensure guests can relax, while some offer swivel capability that adds even further convenience.

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