How Different Types of Patio Furniture Cushions Work Together

patio furniture cushions

Patio furniture cushions can make an aesthetically pleasing addition to any outdoor space, but it’s essential that you understand how different types of cushions interact together – they should be comfortable yet durable, with enough resistance against weather elements for proper performance.

Some outdoor cushion covers may not withstand heat and moisture, leading to premature degradation over time. You can avoid this issue by choosing solution-dyed acrylic fabric.

Reticulated foam

Reticulated foam makes an excellent outdoor seat cushion choice in environments prone to moisture and humidity. Its open-cell structure allows water to pass more easily through it, decreasing the likelihood that rainfall or accidental liquid spillages will soak through to your cushion and cause saturation. Furthermore, reticulated foam dries much more quickly than traditional upholstery foam, meaning you can begin using your cushions almost immediately after they become wet or even saturated.

Reticulated foam offers one major advantage – superior breathability. Traditional indoor foam is notorious for trapping dirt and dust particles in its cell structure, but with this breathable material they pass right through to be cleared away by air circulation. You can clean your cushion easily by simply taking steps such as taking off its cover, spraying it down with water from a hose nozzle, and leaving it to air dry in an open and well ventilated space.

This specialist foam can be used for various applications, from marine seat pads and poolside furniture to general outdoor seating. The large open pores provide maximum water drainage and air circulation to speed the drying process – enabling cushions to be put back into use almost instantly after being exposed to rain, salt spray, melting snow, morning dew or other forms of humidity or moisture.

Reticulated foam cushions are treated with an antimicrobial agent to combat mold and mildew growth, keeping your cushions fresh and comfortable through many summers to come. Reticulated foam is an ideal option for anyone looking for durable yet low maintenance cushions.

Polyester fiberfill

Your furniture cushion filling choice will have an enormous impact on their comfort and durability. If you reside in an area that experiences frequent rain and snow, select a foam core designed to withstand these elements, such as reticulated foam which features open pores that allow water and air to circulate through. This helps your cushion dry quickly while remaining mold and mildew free.

Polyester fiberfill is another popular choice, as it offers superior cushioning without allergens or mildew concerns. Polyester fiberfill can be found at fabric stores and works beautifully as fill for pet beds and pillows – most commonly being stuffed into pre-sewn pillow protector fabric covers to avoid build-up of moisture in one spot. Flipping should occur regularly to maintain optimal humidity levels within your cushion’s outer covering and maintain comfortable useability.

Some manufacturers add welting to their pillows, which is a strip of material that runs around the edge of each cushion and gives a more finished appearance. You could also consider adding decorative piping which will make your cushion appear fuller.

If you prefer a cushion with a more casual, relaxed aesthetic, consider investing in a tufted cushion. They are easier to produce than foam cushions and boast more visually appealing shapes that fold along natural creases when not in use – perfect for storage in deck boxes or garages!


If your older patio chairs require new cushions, investing in high-quality replacements could extend their lifespan while creating an eye-catching garden area. Choose from different fabrics and foam thicknesses to meet your preferences.

Cushion fabrics should be weather resistant and capable of withstanding frequent use, and selecting cushions to suit the dimensions of your chair are also vitally important. When selecting cushions to fit perfectly into your chair’s dimensions – be sure to measure its width and depth first – polyester fiberfill or reticulated foam are both excellent fill types with weather-resistance that may also provide fill.

Reticulated foam is the ideal material for outdoor cushions as it’s water-resistant and drains well, providing superior support and durability. Though more costly than alternatives such as polyester fiberfill, reticulated foam offers greater support, durability and resilience over time compared to polyester fill. Plus, with several densities ranging from medium firmness you’re sure to find one suitable to meet your individual needs!

Dacron is another option for outdoor furniture cushions that provides additional cushioning, serving to enhance their wear and softness. It can be added between the batting of a cushion, or wrapped around its outside to improve comfort and wearability. Dacron can make for great back cushions as it comes in various colors.

Cushion styles such as tufts and buttons provide you with plenty of customization options, enabling you to create a cohesive look in your patio space. For an elegant appearance, try neutral or muted colors – these may even match up well with shades in your garden for an extra splash of color!


Outdoor furniture cushions must be comfortable and durable, offering good color and design options that complement your personal taste. Furthermore, they should be easy to maintain and clean – you could consider investing in cushion covers as an additional layer of protection and make them appear newer – or invest in tie downs to prevent them from blowing away in the wind.

Fabric used for outdoor furniture cushions should be water-resistant to prevent mold and mildew growth, while also being fade-resistant in order to last as long as possible in sunlight exposure. Selecting fade-resistant colors will ensure your outdoor pillows remain looking their best over time.

If you want your cushions to last as long as possible, consider getting them made of solution-dyed acrylic fabric. These fabrics have been dyed specifically to resist moisture and mildew while remaining soft and beautiful – plus there’s a wide selection of soothing neutral hues or vibrant primary hues available!

Some of the best patio furniture cushion fabrics feature patterns on both sides, giving you the option of flipping it when it gets dirty and saving both money and creating an unified look on your patio. When buying cushions, look out for any tags or zippers that show when flipping the pillow; otherwise they must be stored indoors.

Foam filling that’s resistant to moisture and heat is also available, filled with EPS beads for increased stability and long-term use. Furthermore, this option is lightweight and cost-effective.


Sunbrella fabric for patio furniture cushions adds style while protecting them from harsh weather conditions. This fade-resistant, mold and mildew-proof, stain-resistant material comes with a one-year warranty against rips and tears and comes in various colors and styles that match any outdoor decor scheme.

Sunbrella cushion fabrics need to be regularly maintained and kept clean to preserve their quality, so it is recommended that they are brushed or vacuumed regularly in order to remove dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric. When stain or spills occur, act swiftly by using gentle cleaners such as bleach. However, for stubborn stains using isopropyl alcohol or 100% acetone may also work effectively in getting rid of stains on Sunbrella fabrics.

Before storing cushions for winter, it is also crucial that they are dry. Storing wet cushions creates the ideal environment for fungal growth and upholstery damage; to prevent this, ensure all fabrics are completely dry before placing in plastic storage bags or spray them with deodorizer before storing.

Apply 303 High Tech Fabric Guard to the surface of fabric to protect it from moisture. This treatment improves water repellency, stain and mildew resistance and can even be reapplied after each cleaning to get optimal results. Please read through and follow manufacturer’s instructions when applying this product to get optimal results.