How Chair King Patio Furniture Is Made

Chair King makes outdoor patio furniture an even greater part of outdoor enjoyment, offering traditional and transitional dining and seating sets for the great outdoors. Create a relaxing reading nook with seven piece dining sets featuring transitional wicker chairs and trestle tables or keep things casual with four piece seating sets – there is something to fit every lifestyle here!

Synthetic wicker

Your outdoor wicker furniture must be comfortable, durable and easy to keep clean – three criteria which synthetic wicker outshines natural wicker in. Natural wicker may look lovely but requires constant care in the sun for its condition to remain good; synthetic wicker is therefore the superior choice when selecting outdoor furniture for use outdoors. Chair King offers many traditional and contemporary synthetic wicker patio sets such as the La Jolla seven piece dining set (for $3499) featuring transitional oversized wicker dining chairs paired with trestle tables while for less formal settings there’s the Antibes four seater sofa set at $2999 – ideal!

Rattan, willow, reed bamboo and synthetic resin are among the various varieties of outdoor wicker that are available today, suitable for sunrooms and enclosed porches. Natural wicker is soft to the touch with an organic feel and works in many decor styles: contemporary, tropical coastal and rustic decor styles all benefit from natural wicker’s organic charm; however it quickly disintegrates in direct sunlight due to deterioration. Polythylene or PVC synthetic wickers offer more durable alternatives, suitable both inside or outdoors – ideal if deterioration occurs quickly!

When purchasing synthetic wicker furniture sets, make sure that you take note of the materials used to construct each piece. Some manufacturers employ recycled plastic in their products while others opt for eco-friendly natural rattan instead. Furthermore, quality synthetic wicker furniture should be waterproof and resistant to corrosion from harsh chemicals.

Consideration should also be given to the frame color when purchasing a wicker furniture set, particularly outdoor sets that come in various shades. Lighter hues work better in sunny areas while darker-hued pieces should be better suited for cooler temperatures.

If you’re not ready to invest in brand new wicker patio furniture sets yet, don’t forget about clearance sales at local outdoor furniture stores. Sometimes used sets in excellent condition can be found for an excellent deal; making this an excellent way of getting an exceptional value on pieces you already love.


Aluminum outdoor furniture is an excellent choice due to its durability and versatility. Lightweight but sturdy and rust-proof, aluminum can make a good addition in coastal environments or anywhere that requires long-term furniture that lasts beyond traditional wood pieces. Aluminum also pairs well with other pieces from different collections so you can mix-and-match pieces to achieve the ideal look for your space.

Chair King Backyard Store offers an expansive selection of aluminum patio furniture, such as tables, chairs, chaises and loveseats. Choose from an array of frame finishes and stylish fabrics to complete your outdoor living space and take your pick of matching outdoor cushions and pillows to complete the set.

Aluminum furniture can be created using either cast or extruded aluminum. Cast aluminum tends to be heavier and more solid than its extruded counterpart, making it more durable in general. Both options offer various finishes and silhouettes from minimalist to ornate options.

Aluminum furniture is also easy to care for, from its durable build to the effortless care it requires when cleaning and maintaining it. Resistant to dents and scratches, its powder-coat finish remains fade-proof for many years of beauty!

Brown Jordan and Telescope Casual, two popular manufacturers of aluminum outdoor furniture, produce stylish pieces to meet any design aesthetic. In addition, these manufacturers provide various seating styles such as cushion, sling and strap to meet individual customer requirements.

Before purchasing outdoor furniture, always check the warranty terms. Most aluminum furniture offers frame, finish and fabric warranties to give you peace of mind that your investment is protected. The longer the guarantee, the greater your confidence can be in its quality.


Plastic patio furniture is an extremely popular choice due to its lightness and durability. Additionally, plastic can easily be cleaned without breaking the bank; weather changes won’t wreak havoc either; moldable into different shapes and colors can even be achieved! Popular types include Bakelite, PVC and polypropylene among many others; when purchasing this type of chair it is wise to check its warranty first as some plastic chairs can crack in cold climates; to prevent this happening rinse the furniture frequently using mild detergent mixed with warm water to clean thoroughly rinse regularly after each cleaning cycle is complete.

Chair King Backyard Store specializes in casual and outdoor furniture sales, operating 21 locations in Texas while being affiliated with Fortunoff (which operates 29 stores throughout New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware) which has 29 stores. In addition, they also provide various online shopping options.

Curt Littlejohn serves Chair King Backyard Store as President & Chief Operating Officer from Houston, TX in the United States. His duties focus on customer service, inventory management and marketing – with an eye towards technology’s continued evolution he hopes to create an online shopping experience that’s enjoyable yet effective like shopping in physical stores – both goals being invested into by investing in an omnichannel strategy alongside its online storefront presence.


First step in producing chair king patio furniture is gathering raw materials. Next, manufacturers melt them down and pour into molds for shaping furniture pieces. When hardened, pieces are painted or stained to protect them from the elements; some use UV-stabilized wood to ensure its color doesn’t fade in sunlight. Quality will ultimately depend on both craftsmanship and material used during production of a piece.

Chair King Backyard Store’s Woodlands location may be one of its smaller showrooms, yet they make great use of its limited space to create an inviting shopping environment for their guests. As guests browse their wide selection of high-quality outdoor furniture at their own pace, an associate is never too busy to offer excellent customer service as championed by Chair King Backyard Store.

The company provides employees with a competitive pay structure and benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, while rewarding those who meet sales goals set by its management team. Alongside competitive salaries and benefits, the company provides an outstanding culture and pleasant work environment. Chair King Backyard Store has expanded their services to include online shopping as they recognize e-commerce as being an integral component of their overall business plan. Chair King Furniture Company has made significant inroads into online sales to compete with other furniture retailers and drive sales and profits higher. Their 21 Texas locations fall under their Chair King brand while 29 locations across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania belong to Fortunoff Furniture Stores.