Heavy Duty Patio Furniture For High Traffic Public Areas

heavy duty patio furniture

Our furniture is purposely created for high traffic public areas. Made in America and modular in design, this heavy-duty product can safely be utilized in restaurants, nightclubs, lounges and casinos.

Choose from an extensive variety of colors and styles to perfectly complement the outdoor furniture in your patio, such as wide seats that accommodate more people while following the natural curve of human spines.


No matter the purpose of your outdoor patio furniture – relaxation, entertaining guests or anything else – its durability should always be of top concern. Durable materials used for this furniture must withstand weather without fading, warping or rotting and should also resist mildew, mold and stains effectively – these pieces could include wood, wrought iron or metals like steel and aluminum.

Wrought iron patio furniture is an attractive, heavy and sturdy choice that stands up well to harsh weather conditions. However, it may become rusty without proper treatment such as applying rust-resistant coating or painting to prevent corrosion and corrosion damage. Unfortunately, regular upkeep and care will likely be needed for it to look its best for years.

Aluminum patio furniture offers customers more affordable furniture solutions and comes in various styles. Lightweight and rustproof, aluminum is an excellent way to enjoy outdoor spaces like backyards or patios without breaking the bank on furniture purchases. Unfortunately, aluminum may be vulnerable in areas with gusty winds; without adequate protection it could easily deteriorate quickly if exposed.

Steel furniture can make an excellent choice for durable patio seating, as it is extremely strong and dense. Steel can be easily formed into many different designs or styles using hollow/tubular or cast forms of the metal, and should be regularly cleaned to prevent it from rusting or pitting. However, one potential drawback with steel patio furniture is its susceptibility to extreme temperature swings when exposed to direct sunlight – however this needs to be balanced out with regular maintenance so as to maintain its optimal condition.

PVC and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) patio furniture options offer another eco-friendly solution, made of recycled material that does not contribute to deforestation. Furthermore, PVC and HDPE materials are water- and abrasion-resistant so as to resist moisture-induced effects or scuff marks from use; cleaning them easily using either a hose or damp cloth is no problem either! Furthermore, stain resistance makes changing up colors easy, should cushions need replacing or paint on chairs changed without hassle or modifications needed – stain-resistant furniture means no issues when changing colors on cushions or chairs or changing paint or cushions or paint jobs without issues!


Taller people can appreciate the comfort features built into heavy duty patio furniture, including adjustable backrests and armrests, reclining seats, extended legs, and other adjustable elements that offer customized fits for every family member or guest. Deep seating outdoor patio furniture allows your family members to stretch out their legs comfortably by placing knees below hip level compared to standard dining chairs.

Ergonomically designed with wide backrests and cozy armrests, this 4-piece brown PE rattan conversation set ensures an enjoyable sitting experience. Soft padded cushions add extra coziness; its steel frame and weather-resistant brown PE rattan will hold up under changing climate conditions; making this set perfect for small patios or backyards alike.


Dependent upon the aesthetic of your outdoor space and desired furniture style, there are various options to consider when selecting patio furniture styles and colors to enhance it. With many colors and finishes to select from and a range of maintenance needs like wooden table and chair maintenance necessary during winter months alone; wooden sets will add timeless beauty.

Big and tall patio furniture provides more comfort for people of all sizes and is typically easier to maintain than standard-sized pieces. This style typically features wider seats, longer arms and higher backrests for supporting different body types, often constructed out of weather-resistant materials like teak, eucalyptus or heavy duty aluminum that can withstand all forms of weathering.

Adjustable patio furniture can also meet the needs of your family, such as dining chairs with reclining backrests and extendable legs for comfortable relaxation without constantly having to move. Other features to keep in mind include armrests that adjust comfortably as well as swivel bases for easy mobility.

Heavy duty patio furniture is typically constructed using metal, plastic and wood as building materials. Each material offers its own set of advantages and drawbacks; lightweight metal options like wrought iron can rust less while sturdy aluminum designs provide durability under regular usage. Metal can also be expensive but is reliable enough for regular use despite any price considerations.

All-weather wicker is an increasingly popular material for heavy duty patio furniture due to its resistance to direct sunlight and ease of maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, fade-resistant dyes allow it to fit seamlessly with any color scheme; plastic is another affordable yet strong and durable choice, but tends to fade more quickly in direct sunlight.

If your budget is limited, recycled plastic patio furniture may also make for an economical yet eco-friendly solution for small patios that you wish to turn into relaxing retreats for friends and family. Its lightweight nature makes this material suitable for creating the ultimate relaxing atmosphere on any outdoor area.


As with any investment, patio furniture needs to last as long as possible – and proper maintenance will help it do just that. A few minor adjustments could make an incredible difference in both its lifespan and appearance over time.

Sunbrella fabric can help extend the lifespan of patio furniture by offering durable protection from rain, snow and sun exposure while being fade resistant and antimicrobial.

Storing patio furniture correctly is another essential step, and should preferably be covered when not being used. This will prevent dirt and other debris from collecting on it and slowly breaking down over time; furthermore, protecting against harsh weather conditions.

As well as properly storing your furniture, it is also essential to regularly clean it. Doing so will remove dirt and debris before they have the chance to settle into fabric or wood surfaces of your furniture. Depending on its material, cushions may need to be removed for washing separately from its frame; when cleaning on sunny days and taking into account any care instructions for each type of piece.

Wood furniture needs a protective sealant applied in order to withstand adverse weather conditions and stop moisture seeping into its wood in winter and cracking or breaking it. A cover may also help shield it from environmental factors year-round.

Metal furniture should be brought indoors during the winter to prevent it from rusting. No matter if it is made from galvanized metal or not, over time any piece exposed to moisture may experience some degree of rusting – particularly strong and durable materials such as Wrought Iron should be stored inside when not being used to avoid corrosion and prevent further rusting issues.

When storing outdoor furniture for winter storage, make sure it remains upright. Otherwise, condensation water could build up and damage its frame if stored lying down; outdoor pieces have drain holes integrated into their frames to reduce this risk.