Heavy Duty Patio Furniture

heavy duty patio furniture

Heavy duty patio furniture is built to stand the test of time, creating timeless outdoor living spaces in landscapes across generations. Materials like teak and eucalyptus have dense grains that repel weathering, while wrought iron stands up well against gusts of wind while concrete adds stability.

Though heavier sets require more maintenance than lighter ones, their classic aesthetic makes the extra work worth your while.


Teak furniture can make an excellent long-term investment. Crafted from tropical hardwood, its natural oils make it water and rot-resistant while repelling insects and deterring mold growth – not to mention, its minimal upkeep requirements when compared with other forms of outdoor furniture.

Over time, wood slowly transforms to a soft silvery gray hue due to UV rays from sunlight, raindrops, humidity and other environmental elements. Although the process of oxidization may affect strength and structural integrity of the wood over time, its gradual progression does not compromise it in any way.

Teak is an extremely versatile material, used for everything from outdoor dining tables and lounge chairs, to patio sets with formal or organic styling, to complementing accessories like side tables or round-back armchairs. There are an assortment of styles and shapes to fit your taste; our teak patio sets include formal designs as well as organic ones – you may find one that meets yours! You’re sure to find one perfect! Our patio sets can feature formal or organic features. Whatever style or aesthetic suits you best.

If you prefer more contemporary styles, acacia wood may be an ideal material. This tropical hardwood is lightweight yet strong – an ideal combination for outdoor sectionals, sofas and dining tables. Acacia resists extreme temperatures as well as rain and wind without cracking; however it may fade over time; to keep its appearance looking its best it should be kept out of direct sunlight when not being used and covered when not required.

Reclaimed teak furniture offers an eco-friendly alternative. Crafted from remnants from old harvested trees that have been abandoned due to shipbuilding or no longer meeting modern quality standards, reclaimed teak is an environmentally friendly way to reuse existing resources instead of harvesting new resources.

IPE wood (also known as Brazilian walnut or ironwood) offers an eco-friendly alternative to real teak furniture, providing natural protection from rot, decay and insects while remaining dense and visually appealing aesthetically. Though more costly than teak alternatives.


Ipe wood adds an exotic, elegant aesthetic to your patio, but its beauty goes beyond aesthetics alone. Not only is Ipe strong and resistant to water damage and insects, it makes an excellent dining table or lounge chair material. Plus it resists decay, insect infestation and natural wear and tear better than teak wood! Perfect for high traffic outdoor areas which must remain durable over time!

IPE wood is an environmentally sustainable material harvested from tropical forests using methods that protect habitat. It comes with its original rich chocolate brown hue that adds elegance to patio settings; over time however it may develop an ageless silvery gray patina which many homeowners may prefer over its original reddish-brown finish.

To maintain the beauty of IPE furniture, it’s essential that it is regularly cleaned using mild soap, warm water and soft brushing with mild detergent. Harsh chemicals may damage or strip away protective oils in the wood itself. Once the furniture has dried completely, use penetrating wood sealer as protection from moisture and UV rays.

Choose a high-grade sealant to extend the life of your IPE wood furniture for many years to come. There are various kinds of sealants on the market, but the ideal sealants will contain natural oils and ingredients to protect it against the elements while remaining eco-friendly.

Powder coating is another popular finishing choice for metal furniture, providing a low-maintenance solution that’s both durable and aesthetic. Powder is applied via electrostatic spraying process before melting to fuse to the grounded metal surface for a durable surface that complements any decor. Available in a range of colors and finishes to meet any need!

Synthetic Resin

If you’re searching for durable yet stylish outdoor seating or tables to add to your backyard space, synthetic resin patio furniture sets may be just what you need. Crafted with heavy-duty aluminum frames and covered in water- and UV-proof synthetic resin fibers that resist sun and rain exposure. They make an excellent alternative to traditional wrought iron pieces and come in an assortment of styles and colors.

Wrought iron was once widely used in outdoor furniture, but due to its tendency for corrosion and weight, its presence has decreased considerably over the years. Although still present in some modern outdoor sets, synthetic resin or powder coated aluminum materials often provide lower costs while offering greater durability than their wrought iron counterparts.

Synthetic resin is a viscous liquid substance that reacts with heat or another substance to form long molecular chains through polymerization, the process that gives resin its adhesive properties. There are various kinds of synthetic resin, each having their own specific uses and characteristics. Polyester and epoxy resins are among the most popular. Polyester resin is often used for craft projects due to being very inexpensive but less durable than epoxy. Conversely, epoxy is typically more costly but long-term durable and emits minimal odor when in contact with sunlight.

When purchasing synthetic resin furniture for your home, make sure that it is of high-quality. Lesser resins may become brittle under pressure and fade over time, leading to problems like this one. To avoid such issues, shop around for high quality synthetic resin furniture with proper inspection to detect any signs of defects before purchasing any furniture made from it.

Faux wicker furniture is not only affordable and beautiful; it is also easy to maintain. While not as flexible as natural rattan, faux wicker can still create any style of outdoor furniture you desire. Additionally, cleaning is easier than other forms of patio furniture and it will remain protected against sun fading for many years to come.


Aluminum furniture is an excellent choice for heavy-duty patio use as it is less likely to warp and crack under outdoor conditions, making your outdoor living area look beautiful for longer while staying stylish and modern. Aluminum’s durability stands up well against rain, wind and snow; unlike some metals that rust easily such as wrought iron and steel which don’t feature special rust-proofing coatings that protect it against weather damage.

Aluminum furniture comes in many styles and sizes, from dining sets to lounge furniture. There is sure to be an aluminum patio set suitable for every lifestyle or aesthetic preference – from entertaining guests at outdoor dining events, to lounging alone at home while reading or watching television, there is sure to be one out there that fits. If you love entertaining guests at outdoor gatherings, a table set with matching chairs could provide ample seating – however if you enjoy relaxing alone at home in the evening reading a book you might prefer an aluminum swivel rocker instead.

Aluminium patio furniture requires less upkeep than other materials, requiring only occasional washing with mild soap and water to stay looking its best. This makes aluminum furniture an excellent option for busy homeowners who need their outdoor spaces to function without draining too much energy or resources from them.

Shoppers can choose from an assortment of styles and colors when shopping for aluminum furniture. Ranging from modern and contemporary designs to more rustic woodsy traditional styles, there’s sure to be something suitable for every outdoor decor style imaginable. Additionally, cast or extruded aluminum furniture are both options; cast is composed of hollow aluminum making it more stable but extruded aluminum can be lighter for easier moving around your outdoor space if rearranging frequently happens.

No matter the style or color of your aluminum patio furniture, you can add cozy cushions that complement it for an inviting seating area for you and your loved ones. There’s an impressive variety of cushion fabrics available as well to find one that best matches your home.