Heat Your Patio Year Round With This List of Chic Heated Patio Furniture

heated patio furniture

If you want to enjoy your patio throughout the year, selecting furniture suited to both aesthetics and climate conditions is key to making sure it functions at its full potential. From an organic seating design that doubles up as a heater to tables that efficiently warm diners up, here is a selection of chic heated patio furniture offering several solutions.


Material selection for outdoor furniture is an integral component to its durability and price point. Furniture frames may be constructed from metal, plastic, or wood frames and come in an array of styles to complement your backyard or patio decor. Furthermore, this selection affects how easily a frame can be cleaned or maintained as well as wear and tear resistance and durability.

If you plan on regularly using your furniture, choosing an acrylic fabric may be best. This material is strong and resistant to mildew, mold, fading from sunlight exposure, water repellent properties as well as being water resistant and breathable, keeping temperatures lower in warmer climates.

Wicker-style furniture crafted from synthetic materials that is lightweight and easy to care for is another excellent option for backyard or patio decor. Not only is this type of furniture easy to care for but its materials also resist corrosion, offering durability against rust. Furthermore, there’s often a wide selection of colors and textures available that complement any backyard or patio design theme.

Natural wood furniture is another classic choice that can withstand most weather conditions, although it will need to be treated or stained regularly. Teak is often chosen due to its natural oil content which protects against insects while minimising rotting and resisting damage caused by rain, snow or sunshine – with proper care, it could last decades!

Metal furniture frames are sturdy yet aesthetically pleasing additions to your patio design, adding a sleek aesthetic. There are three main metal types used in outdoor furniture: steel, wrought iron and aluminum. Wrought iron is heavy yet solid while steel can be bent into various shapes; finally aluminum’s lightweight yet rust-proof properties make it suitable for powder coating in any color to match your patio’s decor.

Bare metals can rust easily in the presence of moisture and salt, so before using them outdoors they should be coated with rust-proofing material to protect them. Some metals can also become very hot to the touch, making them unsuitable for long periods of sitting on chairs or sofas made of them. Plastic is often preferred over metal because it’s easy to maintain, dries quickly, and won’t disintegrate even in harsh temperatures.


Comfort should always be at the core of hospitality spaces, and one way to achieve this goal is through creating an uplifting and relaxing environment for guests to unwind in is with comfortable outdoor furniture – including heated patio chairs with high-quality fabrics that provide both warmth and aesthetic value to your hospitality space.

Heated patio lounges and chairs are made with resilient materials such as synthetic teak to withstand the challenging elements of outdoor living. These materials absorb harmful UV rays that could otherwise damage wooden pieces of furniture while also resisting moisture which would speed up decay of furniture pieces over time.

To provide maximum comfort, Dodeka chairs and lounges feature premium quality fabrics such as Sunbrella upholstery that does not hold water, as well as outdoor reticulated foam that resists mould and mildew growth.

These heated chairs feature an impressive built-in power bar equipped with both USB-A and USB-C charging ports, making these seats highly convenient when not in use. In addition, there are occupancy activation sensors and daylight sensors installed that help save energy – plus remote control capability!


Durability of patio furniture depends heavily upon its composition and usage patterns. Some materials can be easily maintained while others require more care to keep looking their best over time. Furthermore, weather and environmental conditions also have an effect on its lifecycle.

Metal furniture like aluminum and wrought iron can quickly rust when exposed to moisture, so in order to preserve its condition for longer it should be protected with a water-repellant coating and stored indoors during rainy or stormy weather. Doing this will keep it looking its best!

Many outdoor living areas feature metal furniture for patio dining sets, chairs, and other pieces in their living area, such as aluminum, stainless steel or wrought iron. Selecting the appropriate material depends on various factors including resistance to harsh weather conditions and how comfortable it feels in scorching summer temperatures.

Aluminum and wrought iron furniture is a top choice for outdoor seating areas due to their durable yet cost-effective properties. Wicker and rattan pieces tend to absorb heat more readily than aluminum pieces do, and both types can be painted in various hues for personalization in outdoor settings. Wrought and cast aluminum furniture also come in an array of colors so that your perfect match for your space can be easily found!

Depending on the climate of your location, depending on weather conditions it may be beneficial to cover patio furniture at night in order to protect it from excessive heat during the day and cold nights that cause wood furniture to expand and contract, possibly cracking or warping over time.

Steel furniture is very long-term durable and affordable; however, its weight may make it less suitable in high wind areas where gusts could easily pick it up and move it about, potentially damaging your home or yard. Furthermore, its more costly than aluminum so some homeowners might find it less feasible. Furthermore, steel reacts with its environment by absorbing heat or cold which may make the furniture warm or cold to touch and can even become uncomfortable for some users.


When choosing patio furniture, aesthetic is just as essential as practicality. Thankfully, there is an assortment of styles to suit any taste – for instance a metal or wooden patio table equipped with an electric heated top can create a striking focal point while adding warmth to any outdoor space.

Wrought iron patio furniture is an increasingly popular choice due to its durable yet classic aesthetic, malleability, and resistance to warping or fading at high temperatures. Additionally, maintenance requirements are minimal so your outdoor wrought iron furniture will always look its best!

If your wrought iron patio furniture absorbs too much heat, investing in high-quality cushions is one way to protect yourself and your guests from this. Cushions will act as insulation that reduces how much of it the furniture soaks up; additionally, light colors reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it directly.

Your patio furniture deserves to be protected from harsh weather conditions and excess heat accumulation; one effective way of doing this is removing it from direct sunlight whenever possible and installing an awning to provide further shade from harmful rays from the sun.

Owning a patio offers one of the many joys of ownership: enjoying it all year-round! While warmer months are perfect for spending time outside, cooler temperatures allow you to still host friends and spend quality time with family on your backyard retreat. By adding an outdoor firepit or heater to your patio you’ll ensure maximum enjoyment throughout fall and winter!

Williams Sonoma Home provides luxury patio furniture that will transform your outdoor living area into an extension of your home. Their collection of sofas and chairs, all-weather rugs, natural wicker, teak wood (which starts out as rich golden color but eventually develops an aged finish over time) as well as natural materials like bamboo can help complete the design.