Furnishing a Restaurant Patio

restaurant patio furniture

Furnishing a restaurant patio is an important decision for any restaurateur, as patio furniture should match both its style and theme while providing comfort for patrons.

Commercial outdoor furniture is designed to withstand weather conditions and repeated use. But not all patio furniture is created equal.


Your restaurant’s climate may influence how effectively outdoor furniture works. Restaurant patio furniture is usually constructed using materials designed to resist staining and mold growth; however, even premium tables, chairs and barstools may become damaged in extreme weather conditions. As an alternative, some restaurant owners invest in more durable metal pieces, like aluminium or wrought iron which do not rust, yet still provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance in their establishments.

Alternative restaurants may prefer more lightweight restaurant patio furniture sets that can easily be stored away during cooler weather. Aluminum and synthetic teak furniture is highly durable and resistant to abrasions, making it suitable for areas with high rainfall or frequent storms. Furthermore, many pieces feature seat cushions to alleviate pressure points on guests’ backs so they can enjoy their time outdoors for longer than they might otherwise do.

Considerations when purchasing commercial outdoor furniture should include how it will be cleaned. Most restaurant patio tables and chairs can be easily wiped down with a cloth or wet rag, while certain materials require special cleaners to maintain their appearance. It would be wise for restaurant owners to consult either with a cleaning service or their furniture manufacturer regarding how best to care for their outdoor furniture.

Some restaurants also use their outdoor space to showcase a specific style or design theme. When this occurs, a matching patio dining set can further accentuate this experience and ensure guests have a smooth visit experience.

Restaurant patio furniture options are extensive and varied, offering something suitable for every budget and climate. To ensure their desired piece is in stock when they need it, restaurant owners should plan ahead and purchase early. Some items may take longer to arrive from some companies than expected, however most will have options suitable for any location, climate or theme.


Restaurants tend to design their interior dining spaces around a particular color scheme or theme, which should also carry over into their patio dining areas for an integrated dining experience for their customers. One way this can be achieved is by including this theme into their patio furniture.

Restaurant owners looking to showcase rustic styles may prefer wooden outdoor chairs and tables; those looking for modern ambience might choose metal patio furniture instead. No matter your theme choice, it is essential that all pieces work cohesively together.

Restaurant patio furniture options are vast, making it simple to find furniture suitable to the climate, theme and space requirements of their patios. Before making their purchases, business owners should take note of any lead time delays so they can plan accordingly and receive their new patio pieces on schedule.

Lightweight commercial outdoor furniture is an excellent choice for restaurants offering casual dining experiences. Aluminum is an especially great material to choose as it is light and stackable; plus, powder-coating colors add the finishing touch for any decor theme. Plus, its rust resistance ensures it stands up well to elements, with minimal maintenance requirements required over time. On the other hand, plastic or resin offers more durable alternatives that still have that luxurious wrought iron look while withstanding environmental conditions longer than ever.


Contrary to residential furniture, commercial patio furniture is designed to withstand daily wear and tear from heavy use. Most restaurant outdoor seating consists of high-grade materials like teak wood, metal or high-grade plastics; using appropriate cleaning products is key in order to keep it looking its best – some pieces may only require simple water hose or pressure washer cleaning while other may need more involved treatment such as sanding and repainting for maintenance purposes.

As well as keeping restaurant outdoor tables and chairs clean, it’s also crucial that they’re stored appropriately when not being used. When possible, choose stackable or foldable patio furniture so as to save space – this option can especially come in handy for restaurants hosting crowded events or needing to move tables out of the way to make way for dance floors and other activities. There is even some furniture which can be chained together at nighttime to prevent theft.

Storage should only be considered when selecting restaurant patio furniture for your business. When making this choice, restaurant owners should also consider how their patio serves its function, climate, theme and accessories that match these attributes – depending on their type of restaurant they may also match their dining room decor so as to maintain continuity in design aesthetic.

Restaurant patio furniture comes in various shapes and styles to meet any decor or theme, with options that span natural teak wood, aluminum, resin and faux rattan as popular materials and hues. While some pieces may only be suitable for covered patio use, others can withstand full sunlight exposure outdoors.

Umbrellas and seating cushions are two other important restaurant patio furniture features, providing shade from the sun while providing seating adjustments as weather shifts. Seating cushions provide extra comfort for dining chairs, lounge seating and sofas – and adding them to existing patio furniture can elevate its overall aesthetics.


Outdoor restaurant furniture should provide the same comfort as your indoor dining room seats, and commercial patio chairs and tables come in various styles, designs, materials and styles to match the theme and decor of your establishment. Choose from chic Parisian bistro to rustic country and exotic faux rattan styles – or select fabrics in different designs to complement your brand. Many sets include tables that provide seating for large groups as well as umbrella-ready table tops that accommodate umbrellas – there is sure to be something suitable.

Materials used to construct commercial outdoor furniture play an integral part in its durability, appearance and price. Metals such as aluminum, stainless steel and wrought iron possess various qualities that make them suitable for use outdoors; lightweight chairs and tables made with these metals include being corrosion resistant while being lightweight enough for patio use; however they may require more maintenance than other forms. Some models may even come equipped with waterproof cushions and seat covers that keep them looking clean and crisp!

Plastic restaurant chairs and bar stools are both cost-effective and comfortable, providing commercial patio seating that withstands weather. Antistatic additives help guard against rusting, dust and electrification – while arm rests can add further convenience for dining out or lounging indoors.

Commercial patio furniture can be enhanced by adding other amenities, like outdoor heaters to keep guests toasty on cold evenings. Some tables are built specifically to hold umbrellas while others include bases that accommodate freestanding commercial umbrellas. For outdoor spaces that will serve more than dining needs, adding lounge or bar stool areas with cocktail service might also prove advantageous.

An effective patio can increase customer capacity while offering them an upscale, comfortable space to experience your food and beverage offerings. Central offers all of the commercial outdoor furniture needed to outfit a restaurant’s patio space – from intimate intimate patios to expansive expansive ones – that meets both your budget and needs.