Four Types of Patio Furniture Fabric Replacement

Even the most durable patio furniture will eventually start showing signs of wear and tear. Sunlight, acid rain, cleaning chemicals and suntan lotion can damage outdoor furniture fabric and discolor it over time.

Patio furniture sling replacement fabrics offer an economical way to refresh and modernize outdoor seating spaces. Many models feature UV resistance as well as mold and mildew protection to provide long-term use.


Phifertex(r) fabric is an outdoor fabric designed to withstand all elements. Water, flame and UV resistant with long life expectancies even with constant use, it also features Microban technology which prevents mold and mildew growth while offering antimicrobial properties to stain- and odor-causing mould and mildew growth as well as easy wipe clean capabilities in case of spills or mess.

Phifertex Wicker Weaves collection is made from vinyl coated polyester yarns woven together to resemble organic wicker or rattan while being far more durable than its natural counterparts. Perfect for sun or wind screens, tote bags, table runners or patio furniture seating applications such as sling chairs.

The Standard Solids Collection is an ideal option for basic applications such as tote bags, cots, field jump pits and horse masks. Available in an array of colors that won’t rip or fade after repeated use; made from vinyl-coated polyester yarns treated with Microban(r) antimicrobial protection to inhibit stain and odor-causing bacteria as well as mold and mildew growth; fade-, stain-abrasion resistant, easy to maintain and flame retardant are just some of its features!


Olefin fabrics have recently made waves as one of the more durable options on the market, and make an excellent choice for outdoor furniture reupholstery projects and other endeavors. Soft yet lightweight woven materials like Olefin boast weather resistance and stain release properties similar to natural fiber options while being available in multiple weaves, textures and colors for an eye-catching outdoor space. When shopping for quality outdoor furniture sets be on the lookout for Olefin frames, sling fabrics, cushions or cushions made of Olefin frames

Olefin fabrics are made with polypropylene and olefin fibers woven together into strong yet comfortable materials that can stand up to nature. Olefin resists mold, mildew, fading and stains as well as being easy to maintain: just mild soap and water will usually do the trick for most spills and messes! Furthermore, this machine-washable material makes for convenient living!

Olefin fabric offers several benefits over other fabrics, including not absorbing moisture that causes mold and mildew, making it the perfect material for outdoor seating and areas that tend to get wet and humid. Furthermore, its production uses less energy and water compared to other fabrics, thus contributing positively to environmental conservation efforts.

Olefin patio furniture fabric stands above both nylon and polyester options in terms of its durability and stain resistance, including weather conditions such as rain, snow and temperature fluctuations; its unique material holds up better against fading, discoloration and color degeneration than cotton materials; furthermore it’s also more resilient against kids or pets without tearing or pilling!

Olefin fabric offers many advantages that other outdoor-grade synthetics don’t, including being more cost-effective and producing minimal byproduct. Furthermore, its recycling allows it to remain eco-friendly. If you want to give old furniture new life without breaking the bank or producing waste, olefin upholstery fabrics offer an inexpensive yet sustainable solution compared to high-end alternatives such as Sunbrella; whether updating an entire patio set or just one chair at once it will last years with proper care and consideration.


Sunbrella acrylic fabric has long been considered an industry standard and boasts many advantages over time. Resistant to stains, mildew and UV light exposure, this innovative synthetic material makes for superior outdoor furniture seating options. Sunbrella comes in various colors, patterns and designs suitable to any decor imaginable – perfect for making any outdoor area complete!

Olefin fabric offers several advantages over polyester-based materials when it comes to cleaning; spot cleaning with mild detergent is often enough to eliminate even stubborn stains. Furthermore, this fabric features good fade-resistance due to solution dyeing with UV inhibitors used during manufacturing; however it doesn’t perform as well in terms of stain resistance due to being more heat sensitive and pilling due to fibers getting tangled together and then rubbing against each other on its surface; additionally it transmits static charges which may become annoying for anyone wearing clothing sensitive against these electrical charges.

Sunbrella provides another advantage in terms of comfort: it is cool to the touch and can stay that way in direct sunlight for extended periods. Furthermore, its breathable construction keeps patio air cooler on hot summer days while its low moisture absorption rate means cushions dry much more quickly than with other fabrics.


Canvas upholstery fabric provides outdoor furniture with an eye-catching, luxurious aesthetic. Boasting a solid color base and available in numerous patterns and colors to complement wood, wrought iron and brushed nickel finishes – Canvas also stands up well to mildew growth, chlorine salt exposure and UV rays; its yarns have been solution dyed which helps reduce water and chemical consumption – it is suitable for sling patio chairs, drapery panels and awnings.

Canvas upholstery material comes in an assortment of neutral hues such as White and Taupe, making it suitable for indoor/outdoor furniture due to its soft yet sturdy nature and quick drying times. Canvas is treated with UV inhibitors to prevent fading while its densified fiber interior ensures long-term use.

Awning fabrics add a striking visual element to new installations and replacement awnings alike, creating an inviting outdoor retreat and relaxing ambience. Furthermore, awning fabrics offer an economical means of covering large outdoor areas, and come in numerous styles and colors such as Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella boasts long-term UV protection as well as its beautiful aesthetic appeal – perfect for making any awning more attractive than before!