Florida Patio Furniture Materials That Stand Up to the Elements

florida patio furniture

Florida’s intense sunlight and salty air require patio furniture that can stand up to the elements. Light color palettes that won’t fade quickly should be chosen, and textileene fabric should also be durable enough for outdoor furniture fabrics.

Consider investing in a high-quality dining table from Article, such as this one from their Manna Sonoma collection for an elegant look that can withstand Florida weather conditions.


Teak patio furniture is an exquisite, durable, and long-term addition to any outdoor living space. Teak wood boasts natural resistance against weathering, rotting and pest infestation, meaning minimal upkeep is required over its lifespan of several decades. Furthermore, natural oils and rubber locked into its tight grain provide additional strength and resilience allowing it to withstand the harsh environments which would degrade other types of outdoor furniture materials quickly.

Teak furniture’s straight wood grain makes it visually pleasing, standing out from other forms of wooden furniture with their whorled or waved patterns. As such, teak has long been popular with those seeking elegant yet timeless rustic style in their backyard – indeed objects made of teak have even been discovered in caves that date back over 2000 years – an impressive longevity for outdoor furniture materials!

If you’re in search of outdoor dining or sitting space furniture to elevate the experience, a teak sectional is an ideal addition. These pieces of florida patio furniture fit seamlessly with any aesthetic from traditional to modern and contemporary – you could even pair one up with some rattan chairs for a more casual, natural style!

When shopping for teak patio furniture, pay particular attention to the quality of wood used. Higher grades such as Grade A offer superior durability and beauty; lower grades such as B or C might offer cheaper pricing but may be less resistant to weathering and insect damage.

When purchasing teak wood, make sure the label indicates “certified,” or “virgin.” Uncertified wood may contain lower grade woods to meet price, and thus quickly deteriorates over time. Also look out for any teak treated with chemicals or stained to keep its golden-brown or silvery gray tone from fading in sunlight – the best quality teak should stay golden-brown or silvery gray over time with only occasional cleaning using water and brush needed for maintenance.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum furniture may be an elegant alternative to wrought iron for any outdoor aesthetic, from brick patios to screened porches. Available in an array of finishes, colors, and patterns – so you’re sure to find your perfect backyard oasis oasis – cast aluminum is also corrosion proof which makes it the perfect material in humid climates where rain, salt water and marine fog may wreak havoc on other forms of outdoor furniture.

While both wrought iron and aluminum can withstand harsh weather, cast aluminum is the more robust choice as its solid state construction provides greater resilience than furniture with tubular frames, which is hollow.

Cast aluminum tends to be heavier than other materials, enabling it to better withstand weather elements and strong winds. As such, cast aluminum furniture makes an excellent choice for those who frequently move their pieces around their yards to accommodate guests or redesign landscaping plans.

Cast aluminum furniture is highly resistant to dents and scratches due to the manufacturing process that produces this type of furniture; in particular, its powder coating process which bakes onto hard, scratch-resistant paint for use as part of this type of furniture. Furthermore, its color won’t peel away with sun exposure or wind.

Cast aluminum furniture is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor furnishings, due to its ability to look both elegant and timeless in spite of ever-evolving fashion trends. Plus, its versatility means it pairs easily with other materials like wicker, teak and wood; making it an excellent option for those seeking versatility in their outdoor furnishings. If you want to add an air of sophistication to your backyard garden space, why not add a cast aluminum dining set or bistro table to add an air of sophistication? You could pair these pieces with cushions and fabrics to add color while giving your backyard space an air of elegance?

Resin Wicker

Sometimes you just need some space just for two, and the Falmouth 3 Piece Rattan Seating Group provides just that. Boasting creamy vanilla all-weather polyethylene resin wicker covered with durable aluminum frames for added support, you’ll enjoy stylish yet cozy relaxation on any patio or balcony with this set.

Resin wicker furniture is synthetically produced, making it more resilient than organic pieces. The frame often comprises metals such as aluminum or steel to provide strength and stability to pieces that cannot be found with natural wicker furniture. Furthermore, this form of weather-proof wicker stands up well under harsh weather conditions like rain and extreme temperature swings.

Wicker furniture is typically constructed by weaving different weaving techniques onto its frame, including over-under and basket weaving, to produce an aesthetically pleasing and long-term surface. A protective coating is applied over time to help prevent UV damage to ensure it holds up in Florida where intense sunlight can cause outdoor furniture to fade or fray over time. This protects its visual appearance as well as prolong its longevity over time.

Resin wicker furniture is also easy to care for, offering many advantages over organic varieties in humid environments like Southwest Florida. Cleaning it requires only water from your garden hose compared to using harsh or caustic solutions on organic pieces which could easily mold and mildew over time. This gives resin wicker an advantage when considering upkeep costs in Southwest Florida!

Resin wicker furniture offers durability and longevity at an economical price, making it the perfect option for homeowners on a tight budget who still desire high-quality outdoor seating for their backyards. Many resin wicker sets also come with storage accessories so it can remain safe from dust or other debris which could potentially cause it to degrade over time. Some companies even advise covering it to further protect it.

Composite Wood

Florida patio furniture should withstand both direct sunlight and coastal humidity, with teak, cast aluminum and composite wood being some of the top choices for durability and lightweight design. They’re easy to move around and clean – plus come in various styles that complement any home.

Composite wood is an engineered mix of organic wood fibers and inorganic materials such as plastics. Most commonly found as decking material or low maintenance exterior home trim, composites can also be found as furniture pieces. With various additives available to enhance weather resistance or durability.

UV stabilizers, dyes and lubricants are added to a composite mix before it’s formed into boards or other shapes for construction projects. Unlike organic wood harvested from trees, composite wood requires no further tree cutting – rather, most of it comes from recycled sources like wood scraps that have been repurposed instead of being thrown away.

Recycled plastic comes in many different shapes and sizes, giving you plenty of options when selecting a patio set for your Florida home. Woven over metal frames, you have your pick between sectional pieces or chairs – some sets even feature a central glass-topped coffee table for additional comfort and function!

Poly resin may provide an economical and eco-friendly alternative to wood furniture, but it should still be remembered that solid hardwood remains more resilient in Florida’s harsh conditions than poly resin can ever be. Teak on the other hand has proven itself durable by withstanding moisture exposure without suffering rot or mildew formation.

Poly furniture may be costly and heavy enough that two people might be needed to transport a chaise lounge across your yard, yet its durability means it won’t need replacing as often as other patio furniture types. Plus, its high-quality cushions are weather-resistant and fade-proof so no worries about losing color from Florida sun exposure!