Five Luxury Patio Furniture Brands

Luxury outdoor furniture can add a stunning finishing touch to the exterior of your home. Unlike low-end patio sets, high-end collections are built to stand the test of time with minimal maintenance requirements – you should only apply waterproofing treatments as necessary and store your luxury patio set safely during harsh weather conditions.

Barlow Tyrie

Barlow Tyrie has been crafting exquisite teak garden furniture since 1920. Employing refined traditional construction techniques and designing furniture that incorporates pleasing aesthetic elements with ergonomic performance for dining or lounging comfort, Barlow Tyrie stands as one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of luxury garden furniture. Their designs combine beautiful design elements with ergonomic performance for furniture that stands the test of time and is both beautiful and comfortable to behold.

Furniture from this company features premium plantation-grown teak (Tectona grandis). Sourced from Indonesia where responsible forestry practices are practiced. Their products come with a 10-year guarantee as proof of their confidence in both design and materials used.

Barlow Tyrie furniture is like investing in first class tickets for your outdoor living area – once you experience their quality you won’t want to look back!


Gandiablasco’s luxury outdoor furniture features clean lines and exquisite materials to achieve refined alfresco elegance. Their Solanas and Saler teak collections, as well as Na Xemena lounge chairs crafted of stainless steel or polycarbonate resin, evoke distinction, serenity, glamour, sensuality. Gandiablasco’s minimalist designs emphasize architectural character while thermo-coated aluminum and high-tech Dekton surfaces add modern charm.

Gandiablasco began operations in Valencia, Spain and initially focused on textiles such as blankets and carpeting. When its president, Jose A. Gandia-Blasco Canales, was unable to locate furniture that fit his villa in Ibiza he decided to change the company’s business model by shifting focus onto design as its main priority.

Gandiablasco designs contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories that reflect Mediterranean culture and lifestyle. The brand is inspired by Ibiza’s vernacular architecture as well as Jose A. Gandia-Blasco and his family’s passion for outdoor life, along with designers such as Patricia Urquiola, Neri&Hu, Soren Rose Front Raw Edges Fran Silvestre arquitectos Luca Nichetto among many others.


Designer Skagerak’s beautiful outdoor furniture in wood and leather exemplifies Scandinavian design that marries aesthetics with utility. Their Norr tray and benches will bring Scandinavian chic into any home or garden, featuring sturdy European oak that develops an appealing patina over time.

Their motto of “Designed for Generations” exemplifies their dedication to long-lasting furniture that is both sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. Their luxurious teak patio furniture utilizes wood from sustainably managed plantations forests for sustainable harvesting practices, with sophisticated modern and classic styles available in their elegant designs.

Felappi (2019) notes that many high-end indoor furniture manufacturers do not offer outdoor lines, making it difficult for interior designers to seamlessly connect indoor and exterior spaces. Premium luxury outdoor furniture brands such as Exteta bridge this gap by employing cutting edge production technology and refined materials – hand-finished solid mahogany frames paired with Loro Piana fabrics create lasting elegance for their stylish rattan and wicker outdoor furniture pieces.


Mamagreen Furniture excels in creating luxurious casual outdoor environments. Their design philosophy embraces the idea that fine furniture should enhance spaces beyond your home and enhance nature’s beauty, as well as being eco-friendly and sustainable – including using FSC certified recycled teak.

Vincent Cantaert of Belgium founded this company to meet an emerging demand for eco-friendly outdoor design. Their designs boast sleek lines, accurate proportions and harmonious combinations of materials – an aesthetic carried across their luxury outdoor furniture collection ranging from Norma lounge chairs to Boulevard deep seating sectionals.

Outdoor dining tables from this brand come in all shapes and sizes, some featuring extendable leaves to accommodate larger gatherings. Their bar tables and stools make entertaining easy while their daybeds invite relaxing afternoon sun napping sessions. Furthermore, there are outdoor fireplaces to add warmth and ambience to your backyard retreat.

Janus et Cie

JANUS et Cie is an industry leader when it comes to designing furnishings for outdoor spaces that foster connection, balance and well-being. Their modern outdoor commercial furniture reflects nature’s inspiration while standing up against harsh environmental conditions.

Their products are constructed of aluminum with JANUScoat coating for enhanced corrosion protection in non-marine environments and prevents rust and oxidation. All pieces are also welded rather than fastened using nuts and bolts, giving a stronger product while eliminating maintenance issues caused by mechanical fasteners.

JANUS et Cie of Santa Fe Springs boasts from 201 to 500 employees and offers paid vacation, health insurance, retirement plans, free parking for their customers and has received an excellent 3.5 star InHerSight Score from anonymous employees based on ratings from InHerSight; additionally they boast an outstanding sustainability rating which plays a key role in many client contracts.


Exteta was established in Brenna in Brianza in 2006 to spread Italian-made designs globally while marrying evolution with tradition. Their collections go further by blurring indoor and outdoor living environments into hybrid environments where instinct and culture co-exist, drawing inspiration from history as well as contemporary designers such as Paola Navone, Franco Albini, Gae Aulenti as well as contemporary designers like Ludovica+Roberto Palomba + Massimo Castagna to form its strong modern personality.

Exteta’s luxury outdoor furniture collections showcase Italian craftsmanship through their use of Sapelli mahogany and high quality fabrics, such as those found in its 10th Kitchen cooking system and Levante, Panarea and Montecarlo collections – which feature pop lines, geometric shapes and refined finishes.


Dedon was one of the pioneers to use cutting-edge manmade fibers to craft luxurious outdoor designs and revolutionize how people live outdoors. Established in 1990, they have revolutionized how people experience outdoor life.

Dedon has become a worldwide household brand since their foundation in Germany in 1972 and production facilities on Cebu Island in Philippines in 2002, boasting representation in 80 countries on six continents and setting standards in woven furniture design.

Dedon’s innovative synthetic fiber is manufactured in Germany and then handwoven into luxury outdoor furniture in the Philippines by some of the world’s finest weavers, creating light yet strong and comfortable furniture that stands the test of time. Their proprietary synthetic fiber resists inclement weather, fading and abrasions from sunlight exposure, saltwater chemicals like chlorine and pool chlorine as well as being soft to the touch making Dedon furniture feel like works of art while being put through daily use – something epitomized by designer Stephen Burks’ ROII lounge chair design as an example of this approach to everyday usage!


Hosting a backyard barbecue is one of the most anticipated rituals of summer, providing an opportunity to share delicious food and refreshing beverages with loved ones in an idyllic outdoor setting. Selecting suitable luxury patio furniture can help create the ideal outdoor oasis, and many brands provide interior design or room planning services to assist in finding what fits best in each space.

Gandiablasco’s luxury teak furniture designs evoke Mediterranean culture with timeless forms that fit comfortably in both contemporary and traditional environments. Their Arena collection of seating and dining furniture pairs minimalist elegance with sleek contemporary aesthetics for an aesthetic experience like no other.

Barlow Tyrie has been crafting teak furnishings for almost 100 years, crafting timeless furnishings of heirloom quality and weather resistance. Their benches and dining tables come from environmentally responsible plantation teak forests and have earned international design awards. Janus et Cie produces high-end luxury pool and garden furniture designed with sustainability in mind; using eco-friendly natural hardwoods along with recycled plastics and marine-grade stainless steel as sustainable materials; their sophisticated sunloungers can be found worldwide as can their durable teak framed sofas from these high-end manufacturers.


Manutti’s luxury outdoor furniture collections are carefully curated to reflect a 360-degree perspective, from refined designs to high-end materials. Since 1992, Manutti has been designing and manufacturing premium outdoor furniture that inspires, delights, and brings people together.

Stephane de Winters, their founder and CEO, has always shown an instinctive appreciation for materials, fabrics and their raw aesthetic. This has earned the company international acclaim and praise.

The brand’s selection of outdoor sofas, lounge chairs, and daybeds is designed with function and comfort in mind. Their high-quality cushions feature water resistance as well as welded seams for durability and longevities.

They use eco-friendly materials like teak and recycled aluminium, and provide various custom finishes to fit any environment. Their furniture also incorporates breathable fabrics which are mildew resistant and easy to maintain – such as those found on their Zendo Sense footstool or Sandua daybed.