Feizy Rugs Review

Feizy Rugs has been creating stunning rugs for 47 years. Offering traditional, modern and transitional styles in various constructions and fiber types.

Wool & Silk rugs combine two natural fibers that compliment each other beautifully for an eye-catching appearance. Maintenance for these rugs is effortless with regular vacuuming and prompt blotting of spills when necessary.


John Feizy founded his business over three decades ago in Dallas, Texas, with the intent of turning it into one of the leading manufacturers and innovators of fine handmade rugs in the world today. Through hard work and dedication he built it up into one of the biggest producers and manufacturers. Today it stands as one of the largest producers and innovators of handmade rugs using silks, wools and trendy fibers such as jute sisal and polypropylene; their signature rugs can be seen across hand knotted, hand tufted and hand woven constructions.

Feizy offers timeless collections showcasing classic elegance, transitional styles and clean contemporary looks in timeless hues and patterns. Their commitment to excellence and superior service continues to expand their operations; domestic and overseas manufacturing facilities work seamlessly alongside their corporate design team in order to produce an array of inspired products efficiently and effectively.

Feizy Rug Company began rug making in 1973 and their passion is evident in every knot, tuft, and finish of each exquisite piece that they now create. Their collections range from Old World to contemporary styles; offering handmade, machine-made and one-of-a-kind pieces designed and selected to complement our eclectic world.

Feizy’s expert designers can translate timeless designs and traditional motifs into modern rugs using cutting-edge weaving and color techniques, creating beautiful yet durable rugs with timeless designs that remain fashionable yet practical for today’s homes. Feizy offers rugs in various sizes that can be customized to meet the needs of each room in which they are placed, from casual geometric to contemporary floral or trendy arrow motifs – there’s sure to be one to fit into your lifestyle perfectly!

Machine Made

Add beauty and durability to your home with power-loomed Feizy pieces, from stylish transitional designs to chic traditional ones. Machine woven from polypropylene and polyester in Turkey, their durable surface can withstand heavy traffic without losing its lustrous shine. With designs spanning both transitional and traditional styles available here.

Product Description Created to complement today’s most sought-after color schemes, the Camellia collection offers unparalleled versatility. Boasting subtle yet striking distressed motifs set against an earthy color palette of browns, beiges, greys and ivory hues. Power loomed of high-grade shrink and metallic polyester fibers in Turkey for durability and easy care, this rug makes a statement piece.

Feizy Cadiz collection draws its inspiration from the elegant architecture and romantic colors of Cadiz Spain to offer approachable patterns harmonies and textures that easily unify a room. Constructed using power loomed polypropylene construction techniques, these pieces reinterpret handmade rug textures at an accessible price point.

Feizy Rugs was established by John Feizy in Texas over four decades ago, offering show-stopping designs to an extensive variety of global customers. Feizy offers distinctive offerings of handwoven and machine-made rugs designed specifically to meet today’s eclectic and dynamic lifestyles. Each rug is carefully handpicked. With an extensive collection of timeless styles and constructions crafted from every imaginable fabric ranging from silks and wools to trendy materials like jute art silk and polypropylene, they are widely known as one of the largest manufacturers and innovators of fine rugs in the industry. Each collection is designed by top in-house designers both domestically and overseas to stay abreast of a quickly changing marketplace.


Modern Feizy area rugs feature an eye-catching color palette of neutral tones, crisp whites and soothing blues that offer a sophisticated combination of geometric and floral designs that makes these rugs perfect for modern spaces and settings. Size and style options can be tailored specifically to meet the requirements of your space or setting requirements.

Feizy rugs are hand woven from various textiles such as silk, wool, jute and polypropylene – premium materials which provide strength and durability in their intricate weaves and delicate patterns designed to withstand high traffic areas of your home. Easy to maintain and stain resistant.

The company’s dedication to quality and innovation has earned them an outstanding reputation among rug manufacturers and retailers. Their artisans specialize in handcrafting techniques like knotting, weaving and tufting; using innovative fibers and dyes in producing stunning rugs that span over thirty collections organized into categories.

Grayson, Lorrain and Colton collections of modern feizy rugs are three of the most renowned modern feizy rug collections available today. Grayson features a relaxing palette that integrates warm and cool tones to bring balance into any space, with soft polypropylene fibers carefully cross-woven in order to accentuate harmony between pattern and color – taking inspiration from traditional hand knotted pieces with bohemian and traditional influences alike.

The Colton collection offers a more minimalistic approach to modern design with its linear motif and sophisticated neutral palette. Boasting high/low pile woven with sheen for added dimension that elevates any space, its polypropylene and metallic polyester fibers make it durable enough for your high traffic areas, naturally stain resistant, making this rug stain-proof!


Feizy Rugs can provide everything from classic Persian rugs to Indian ones – and everything in between. Their long history of supporting rug making continues today by supporting weavers across three continents in their efforts to perfect and preserve this craft as we know it today. Their dedication to providing quality products stems from principles held dear by four generations.

One of their latest innovations, Smartsheet is a collaboration platform that has allowed them to streamline the business and streamline processes. They have consolidated separate teams from regional sales, B2B sales, e-commerce sales and key accounts into a single organization to give executives an improved view of customer information and trends; in addition they use visual reporting tools available through Smartsheet to identify bottlenecks quickly.

Feizy recently unveiled a dashboard displaying their top five highest-priority customer accounts and allows executives to click through to view critical path items for each. This helps the company prioritize time and resources to ensure all high-priority projects stay on schedule.

Feizy honors the rich tradition of rug crafting through their One-of-a-Kind rugs. Each rug in this series is created in traditional fashion and takes months or years to finish; no two rugs ever look exactly the same and each tells its own unique tale.

Feizy Fallon collection provides an outstanding example. Crafted from 100 percent premium wool, its intricately woven design can be power-loomed for long-term wear-and-tear resistance in high traffic areas of your home while its timeless style blends effortlessly into any decor scheme.


Feizy Rugs provides an extensive collection of floral designs perfect for adding feminine charm to any living space. Choose from antique inspired patterns or more modern floral patterns – they’ll bring feminine style into any living room or living area! Featuring neutral color palettes with subtle floral motifs and designs as well as geometric shapes to bring a sense of sophistication into the room, Feizy’s Floral designs offer something suitable to add feminine charm anywhere in your home.

Feizy Reagan collection rugs are handwoven of luxurious viscose and wool blend, featuring intricate ornamental patterns reminiscent of vintage works of art. Weathered finishes add old world charm, with this collection’s variety of sizes and colors offering something perfect for every space.

John Feizy established Feizy Rugs over 35 years ago, and since then the company has continued John’s passion for original handcrafting while meeting modern demands. Feizy Rugs continues to push the limits of what can be achieved with fine rugs by creating some of the most innovative designs available today.

Feizy area rugs come in contemporary, traditional, transitional styles and hand knotted, hand tufted or power loomed styles to meet every decor taste and preference. As an industry leader when it comes to providing on-trend and fashion-forward designs crafted using premium materials like silk, wool, cotton bamboo sisal and polypropylene; LuxeDecor offers their complete feizy rug collection so that you can find your ideal floor covering!