Elevate Your Backyard With Patio Bar Furniture

Add elegance and functionality to your backyard with patio bar furniture designed for multiple purposes and aesthetics. Whether you want a casual cafe-inspired vibe or want to expand the back porch for entertaining purposes, these pieces have you covered!

All-weather wicker furniture can add a bohemian, coastal or tropical aesthetic. However, for longer-term durability consider options made with eucalyptus or teak wood.


Wicker furniture has quickly become one of the go-to solutions for patios and outdoor spaces, due to its natural aesthetic that suits a range of environments and home exteriors, durability, and sustainability. Most wicker furniture made today comes from recycled plastic or resin materials and can come in an array of colors that match any aesthetic or color scheme.

Wicker furniture can be made out of many organic materials such as rattan, seagrass, bamboo cane or reed; and can also be woven into intricate shapes for tables chairs and sofas. As it’s lightweight it makes moving or storing it effortless.

Wicker furniture stands up well against extreme weather conditions and humidity conditions; making it easier to keep looking like new with just a hose down or wipe with a cloth. A periodic washdown also helps avoid dust and pollen build-up which is great for people suffering from allergies.

Wicker furniture offers several advantages when it comes to comfort. Due to its tight weave, which cannot provide as much support than solid wood chairs or couches, most wicker pieces come with cushions on both the seat and back for additional support when sitting for extended periods in direct sunlight. This makes the furniture much more pleasant for long periods spent lounging outdoors.

Wicker furniture is well known for its strength and durability, which make it suitable for most situations while not as flexible as other forms. While this might pose some discomfort to those used to more flexible seating experiences, its stability makes wicker an excellent choice for children’s play compared to wooden or metal pieces that might become unstable over time and endanger little hands and feet.


Wood has long been the go-to material for patio furniture due to its natural beauty and impressive durability. Acacia wood stands out as an especially resilient species, naturally resisting moisture and weather damage with minimal upkeep required. Teak also makes an excellent option, being naturally resistant to mold and rot while ageing gracefully into its silver-gray hue with minimal care required for maintenance.

Removing dirt and debris that contributes to deterioration and staining requires regularly wiping outdoor wooden furniture with a mild detergent solution and soft-bristle brush, along with periodic rainstorms or higher humidity conditions, or moving it indoors during extended rain or higher humidity conditions, whenever possible. Waterproof covers with airflow can also protect furniture while helping it dry faster.

Sealing outdoor wooden furniture can help protect it from sun and moisture damage, with water-based sealants being fast drying and easy to clean up while oil-based sealants offer richer finishes with deeper penetration. Both types can be applied using brushes, rollers or spray cans and require periodic reapplication.

Alternately, staining wood furniture is another effective solution to protect it from sunlight and moisture without diminishing its aesthetic value. Prior to staining, lightly sand the piece with fine-grit sandpaper until its surface is smooth before wiping away dust using a dry cloth. When selecting your stain hue and color combination based on factors like moisture resistance, color permanence, UV protection, etc…, follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper application before applying each coat – best time is early morning before direct sunlight hits them directly!


Wrought iron patio bar furniture offers timeless elegance that compliments many decorating styles. Available in various finishes to meet your taste, simple or elaborate designs are available to meet the needs of minimalist or dramatic spaces alike. Wrought iron is a sturdy material that stands the test of time – however if your pieces will be regularly moved around or exposed to windy conditions then use protective coverings or coatings in order to avoid corrosion and rusting issues.

Wrought iron furniture offers several distinct advantages over plastic chairs or wooden tables in areas subjected to high winds, like those found at beaches or beaches with natural elements like sea spray or roughhousing children – one being its extreme durability even under adverse conditions like strong gusts of wind. Therefore, metal chairs and tables make an excellent choice for hosting parties or large gatherings in outdoor spaces.

Wrought iron’s other major advantage lies in its ease of maintenance; simply using mild soap and water will do wonders to keep it looking brand new! Furthermore, its resistance to corrosion means it will remain looking its best longer than most materials would; certain manufacturers even apply special coatings that provide added rust-resistance qualities to their products.

Metal furniture can make for an appealing and long-term option in outdoor bar furniture, yet it requires extra care compared to materials like wicker or wood. When purchasing wrought iron chairs and tables for use outdoors, make sure they are free from rust. Rust can cause sharp edges that snag clothing as well as weaken the materials holding together the furniture’s structure – two factors which must always be kept in mind before placing these in outdoor settings.

Wrought iron furniture can be quite heavy, making it hard to move or rearrange when necessary. This could prove problematic if space is limited and you frequently need to relocate pieces of your furniture.


Cushion patio bar furniture brings indoor-quality comfort to outdoor entertaining spaces, offering hundreds of fade resistant fabrics in various shades that are made to last. PatioLiving’s cushion furniture also uses filling that drains quickly for draining, mold resistance, mildew resistance, dirt resistance, as well as covers that resist dirt accumulation. Many frame options also feature swivel chairs, rockers, chaises for additional functionality and convenience; exclusive Snow color cushion covers come included for this set; however you may add another backup set in another color if desired – seating four people comfortably in the USA! Made in USA