Durable Deck and Patio Furniture

Deck furniture can be extremely long-lived when properly maintained. Wicker and rattan, as well as wood such as teak and spruce, will typically outlast metals such as wrought iron and steel which rust quickly but require regular upkeep.

Combining furniture styles is an effective way to give your backyard an original aesthetic. Add pops of color with throw pillows and outdoor rugs for an interesting visual.

Barlow Tyrie

Luxury outdoor furniture is constructed to look gorgeous while lasting for decades. The most upscale brands of patio and deck furniture feature materials made of high-grade wood such as teak or mahogany; all-weather fabrics like antimildew Sunbrella acrylic fabric provide additional weather resistance.

Barlow Tyrie has earned international renown for their beautiful classic designs and premium quality teakwood furniture since 1920. Since then, they have built an esteemed international reputation for tried and tested construction as well as appealing aesthetics – particularly their teak garden furniture that fits seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary landscapes. However, Barlow Tyrie also offer durable furniture made of stainless steel powder coated aluminum or handwoven synthetic fibers for more resilient solutions.

Teak trees take decades to reach maturity and are valuable commodities. Recognizing this, the founders of Barlow Tyrie started an ambitious replanting program nearly 100 years ago in order to protect this valuable resource. Since then, Barlow Tyrie has been EU FLEGT certified and committed to sustainable harvesting practices, as seen by their furniture collections which combine teak frames with Textilene sling seating and ceramic table tops in modern designs that look good while performing effectively.


No matter the style or mood you’re after, Gandiablasco provides luxury outdoor furniture that blends contemporary ideas with premium materials and traditional manufacturing processes for long-lasting and minimally maintained collections. Their high-end outdoor collections use durable materials like tempered glass and colorfast Sunbrella fabric – with all products coming backed by an unparalleled 10-year warranty!

Gandiablasco’s mission is to spread Mediterranean lifestyle. Their contemporary patio furniture combines high-end materials and expert Italian handcraft artisanship, such as the Seora line featuring solid mahogany frames upholstered with Loro Piana fabric and Loro Piana upholstery; daybeds and chaise lounges boast luxurious appointments such as Ferrari Batyline shades, inset marble side tables, stainless steel canopies.

Gandiablasco began manufacturing blankets in Ontinyent, Valencia, Spain in 1941 before transitioning into modern patio furniture production during the 1990s. Under Jose Gandia-Blasco Canales as president and artistic director, most designs for Gandiablasco come to fruition; his inspirations come from Ibizan architecture as well as Mediterranean lifestyle elements. Furthermore, international architects such as Patricia Urquiola, Neri & Hu, Soren Rose Front Fran Silvestre Arquitectos or Luca Nichetto collaborate on collaboration projects alongside him and him working alongside him on designs for Gandiablasco designs as well.

Paola Lenti

Paola Lenti’s eponymous brand produces indoor/outdoor furniture and rugs made from high-performance materials that resist weather and sunlight exposure, such as natural and synthetic fabrics – creating beautiful collections that blend indoor living with outdoor living seamlessly.

Paola Lenti founded her eponymous company in Meda, one of Italy’s main design furniture districts, in 1994. Working closely with Francesco Rota as well as specialists such as high-tech fabrics such as TencelTM for durable yet comfortable furniture products is their specialty.

The company specializes in designing textiles that combine beauty and practicality, using raw materials such as technical yarn and ropes woven together into luxuriously soft coverings in stunning or subtle hues.

This company also specializes in custom furnishings for yachts and has been featured at the Monaco Yacht Show. Their innovative approach to materials and color make them one of the leading names in modern indoor/outdoor living.

Kettal Group

Kettal Group provides modern outdoor patio furniture that complements modern architecture. Their luxury garden chairs and tables are lightweight, durable, low maintenance pieces made of high-quality materials such as galvanized steel, tempered glass and weatherproof aluminium. Their exquisite collections include Arena which blends modernist Mediterranean styles into sophisticated sculptural structures with daybed structures that enhance villa terraces, hotel poolsides and botanical gardens alike.

Kettal believes in paying attention to details beyond product design and comfort. Their design-driven process combines environmental and social responsibility with innovative production techniques in order to craft outdoor furniture that stands the test of time aesthetically and structurally, like weatherproof woven sunlounges or stainless steel dining tables that adorn resort poolside environments worldwide.

Seora’s luxury beach and yacht style patio furniture is tailored for the affluent jet-setting elite, using handcrafted premium materials with Italian artisanship to craft contemporary outdoor sofas and lounge chairs with an aesthetically pleasing sculptural presence. Curved solid mahogany frames, Loro Piana fabric upholstery and Ferrari Batyline colored cushions combine for stunning results in this range.


Finding beautiful yet durable deck and patio furniture is the key to enjoying outdoor spaces without extra maintenance or stain concerns. Poly furniture made from weatherproof materials like polycarbonate makes this an excellent option, whether you are new homeowner or an established one – its versatility makes this choice the smart choice for outdoor spaces of all kinds.

With the appropriate accessories, outdoor furniture for any style or size of patio can be found. Rugs and lamps can add texture and color to your seating area while decorative pillows or cushions add comfort and add visual interest to your overall design aesthetic.

Other accessories to consider for outdoor enjoyment include umbrellas and bases to provide shade from the sun during the day and create ambience after dark. You can make these as simple or intricate as desired; just pick an option that meets both your budget and aesthetic preferences. Alternatively, consider getting modular outdoor furniture sets which feature pieces designed to break apart into multiple seating elements like chairs and ottomans to fit into smaller spaces more easily.


At Milan Design Week, Exteta unveiled new outdoor pieces designed with the same attention to detail found indoor furniture designs. Their luxury patio pieces combine contrasting silhouettes and intertwined lines into an harmonious composition – such as their Ribes sofas and Piper chairs complemented by Caprera low tables and Cosmo rug, or Ombrina sunshades for relaxing under the sky.

Parisian fashion designer Jacquemus and Exteta collaborated on an off-white structure upholstered with yellow striped fabric to reissue Gaetana ‘Gae’ Aulenti’s Locus Solus outdoor furniture collection from 1964. These pieces come available with different fabrics.

Exteta unveiled its 10th Vieste armchair by Massimo Castagna at this year’s exhibition, an elegant piece which combines modern forms with classical elements in an effortlessly elegant piece. Available in Canadian Red Cedar or Sapelli mahogany woods with your choice of upholstery fabric options available as an upgrade option.

Sifas is an industry leader when it comes to high-end woven outdoor furniture, using premium materials and designs that stand up to harsh elements. Their designers are known for blending modern ideas with classic production techniques and top quality fabrics.

Kingsley Bate

Kingsley Bate offers deck furniture that combines innovative modern ideas with premium materials and traditional production techniques, in designs that reflect how people socialize and relax outdoors. Their generous proportions, understated elegance, and welcoming familiarity are favored choices among luxury commercial and residential locations alike.

Teak furniture is highly durable, aging gracefully into an eye-catching silver patina over time. These characteristics make it perfect for outdoor use in all weather conditions and insects; its unique qualities also make it suitable for use indoors by being insect proof and UV protected. Our company also provides all-weather woven patio furniture made of high-grade, all-weather wicker fibers which resist fading, tearing and provide salt air/direct sun environments suitable for woven patio furniture woven in these fibers for woven patio furniture solutions made of all-weather woven patio furniture made of all-weather all weather wicker fibers designed specifically to resist both.

Stainless steel furniture boasts a chic, contemporary aesthetic that works beautifully in any interior style. Take for instance the Kingsley Bate Hudson collection: its slim form and mid-century flair make this collection especially striking. Seats and backs are constructed using all-weather wicker, eliminating cushions completely; Natural Cord Wicker is standard while special orders for Charcoal Woven Lace can also be requested. In addition, this collection also comes equipped with dining tables and chairs ideal for poolside or shady areas.


Oasiq offers high-end patio and backyard designs at reasonable prices with its signature deck furniture line made of commercial-grade aluminum and durable Sunbrella fabrics, while also cultivating its own teak plantations and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Their Skagen deck chair, for instance, is contemporary yet timeless as it blends natural teak wood with anthracite synthetic rope to create an eye-catching seat perfect for any outdoor space.

Oasiq designs are inspired by nature, taking cues from spiraling patterns of sunflower florets for their simplicity and balance. Their elegant lines and natural beauty enhance outdoor living experiences and help connect people to their environments.

Mamagreen, an award-winning Belgian retailer that creates stylish outdoor furniture made of recycled materials for modern living spaces. They feature modern sofas and chairs made with recycled material while lightweight woven pieces allow easy repositioning during harsh winters or scorching summers. In addition to providing trendy products directly to customers without intermediary costs being passed along; Mamagreen provides its services via direct sales models that eliminate middlemen.