Dog Patio Furniture – The Best Way to Enjoy the Fresh Air With Your Pet

No matter if you prefer relaxing with your furry companion or simply lounging alone, dog patio furniture allows both of you to enjoy the fresh air. Pet-friendly pieces feature scratch and chew resistant surfaces as well as removable slip covers to protect furniture from hair, rain and mud build-up.

Make an indoor/outdoor space for your pet that will keep them away from furniture by creating a barrier of cardboard boxes or an upside-down carpet runner, or spray commercial dog repellent onto the furniture itself.


Dog lovers and other animal enthusiasts looking for pet-friendly outdoor seating, there are options designed with your pups in mind. These sets provide comfort, durability and safety – featuring materials resistant to mildew and mold growth; perfect for protecting from muddy paw prints or chewing! Providing plenty of support while your pets relax outdoors together is also key!

Aluminum furniture offers an elegant aesthetic with minimal upkeep requirements. Though sturdy enough to withstand playful puppies, its lightweight construction means you can move it easily when necessary. Some styles of aluminum furniture feature clean lines without embellishments while others add color and texture with traditional or hand-woven rattan accents – perfect complements to minimalist frames!

Iron patio furniture offers another stylish, durable solution for entertaining outdoors with your pets or cats. While more costly than aluminum options, iron furniture tends to have more traditional designs and requires regular spray-downs to avoid rusting.

If you want to preserve an antique woven rattan or wicker set, consider investing in a catio enclosure for your cat or dog rather than replacing the furniture itself. Or consider training them not to jump onto chairs and sofas by placing their bed nearby and giving treats when they hop up onto them; or create a separate yard space specifically dedicated to feeding, watering and entertaining your pets instead; doing this may deter them from jumping up onto furniture because they will have more fun playing outside with their favorite toys and treats than doing it indoors!


Pet parents looking to relax with their pups or kitties on a patio must plan carefully for furniture arrangements that are both attractive and durable. No matter if it is a spacious backyard deck or an intimate balcony space – there is cat- and dog-friendly patio furniture suitable for every need!

Choose rattan or wicker furniture as it won’t succumb to their scratching and chewing habits, while wood dog patio furniture can stand up well under furry family members. If cushions become damaged by pets, cover them with synthetic fabric covers in order to prevent accidental spills or stains from staining the upholstery and ruining its aesthetics.

Iron is another strong metal that will stand up to rough treatment from pets, looking classic while adding charm to any porch or patio space. Unfortunately, iron can rust quickly so regular care must be taken when cleaning it to keep its new appearance.

Composite furniture is constructed of eco-friendly recycled plastic, making it eco-friendly while remaining sturdy. Only an extremely aggressive chewer could damage it; to safeguard your investment in composite patio furniture consider investing in sets with matching cushion storage boxes that keep cushions neatly organized until you need them again.

Well-trained pets generally avoid jumping on patio furniture, but if your animal persists with this behaviour, use a command such as “off” to train it away from it. Catch your pet while it is sitting on it and say the word while offering an incentive such as a dog treat to get them off. Do this consistently until your pet learns to avoid jumping up on patio furniture altogether.


Wicker patio furniture provides an elegant, classic aesthetic and is great for use around pets, such as dogs or cats, due to being scratch-resistant and durable. If your animal chews things frequently however, another material might be more suitable. As natural color of wicker may fade with age and it’s easy for stains to accumulate on this piece, frequent cleaning will keep the piece looking its best!

Synthetic wicker furniture, constructed of weather-resistant poly resin, makes an excellent addition to a pet-friendly patio setting. Reminiscent of wood, it can still resemble its appearance while being less likely to be damaged by scratching and chewing pets. Furthermore, lightweight design makes this an easy addition that allows you to arrange various seating configurations within your outdoor space.

If you decide on wicker furniture, be sure to purchase high-quality pieces. Since you will likely spend a considerable amount on this type of piece, ensure its lifespan by using outdoor furniture covers or barriers which prevent pets from jumping onto it.

One way to deter your pup from jumping on furniture is to provide him with his own play area in your yard. You can do this by installing a fence that encloses the patio area or simply creating an area using an empty kid’s sandbox filled with soil or sand; adding toys and treats in there should encourage him to play there instead of on patio furniture – with some patience, you may eventually train them not to jump up onto it again!


Pets can cause havoc to your patio furniture with their dirty paws and sharp claws. Luckily, certain materials that are pet-friendly and weather resistant exist. Choose wicker, metal or wood patio sets, pairing it with outdoor cushions that withstand weather elements like durable outdoor cushions. Furniture covers or barriers may also help shield sofas, chairs and chaise lounges against dirt, mildew or other forms of damage to ensure cleaner furniture longer.

Woven rope furniture can be beautiful, yet inviting for chewing by dogs and sharp claws on cats. While you may still enjoy its style, training your pets to stay off of it or purchasing pet-friendly replacement pieces would be best. An alternative could be purchasing a woven rattan sofa made of Babul trees (also called Acacias, Wattles or Mimosas). These hardy plants thrive under drought-intense climates while withstanding temperature extremes.

Rattan chairs and tables come in all kinds of styles – from modern to traditional – with low profiles designed to make them comfortable for you and your furry friend alike. Furthermore, you may even be able to find a curved sectional with plush cushions designed specifically to support both of you.

If sand or salt gets into the cracks of your rattan furniture, consider sealing it with polyurethane sealer or water- and stain-resistant spray paint to keep rust at bay. For an environmentally-friendly option, recycled plastic furniture made out of PET soda bottles and milk jugs may also offer good options – these pieces are durable enough to withstand UV rays from sunlight without becoming discolored over time.