Deep Seating Patio Furniture

deep seating patio furniture

Bring the comfort and style of indoor sofa sets outdoors with deep seating patio furniture sets. Choose from various designs to accommodate different seating preferences as well as meet the purpose of your outdoor space.

Durable materials like recycled HDPE and poly-resin require minimal upkeep, while weather-proof options like wood harvested using sustainable practices should stand up well against Mother Nature.


Cushions are key when purchasing a deep seating set; they determine its comfort. Cushioning serves both as support and as an aesthetic feature – select fabrics that complement the color scheme of your furniture or add some variety with more vibrant patterns to personalize your look and add vibrancy to the room.

When purchasing deep seat cushions, take note of their fabric type and durability. High-performance fabrics are designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions like dew drops, raindrops and UV rays; additionally they’re resistant to fading, mold and mildew growth and can easily be cleaned using just damp cloth.

One important factor when selecting your seat cushion is its fill type. Solid foam cushions offer affordable support that retains its shape over time. Poly fiberfill cushions offer more cushion-like seating comfort for deep seating furniture.

To make your cushions even more comfy, consider selecting ones with zippers so they can be removed for washing. Such cushions make cleaning simple, and stay firm even after repeated use. When hosting parties or simply gathering with family and friends outdoors, add decorative throw pillows as the final touch – they add character and can help tie together an outdoor decor theme seamlessly.

Cushions can help create a cozy backyard retreat, perfect for hosting guests or relaxing with a book. Deep seating patio furniture transforms your backyard into an idyllic five-star resort; family, friends and neighbors will appreciate having extra seating available to them that allows them to sink into and lounge comfortably for hours at a time; they may even stay outside longer when supported by supportive outdoor furniture!

Build Quality

No matter whether you’re lounging back and relaxing or entertaining guests, your patio furniture should provide support and comfort. Deep seating furniture features extended seat depths to make lounging more relaxing – which also allows taller individuals to sit more easily in chairs!

Frame of outdoor seating should also be constructed from quality materials to ensure it stands the test of time. Cast aluminum offers on-trend styles while lasting through seasons; wicker is made with high quality resin that stands up well to weather; or for rustic designs, wrought iron requires little upkeep in order to stay looking brand new.

Teak wood is known for its durability and natural weatherproof properties. With its rich brown hue and beautiful grain patterns, teak will enhance any backyard and is suitable to stay outside all year. Over time it will develop an appealing patina that only adds to its aesthetic value.

If you prefer something less rustic, synthetic or composite wood may be a better solution. Made of recycled wood fibers combined with polymers or thermoplastics and UV stabilizers or colorants for long-term performance, synthetic wood provides a low maintenance alternative that still looks good after years in direct sunlight.

Once you’ve selected the ideal fabric and frame for your deep-seating furniture, the next step should be selecting cushions to complete it. Choose high-performance fabric which resists mildew, fade and water, yet offers plush, plush comfort that lasts. A luxurious feel and long-term comfort is what’s needed here.

Add throw pillows to your outdoor seating space for a layering effect that’s both chic and cozy. Try pairing contrasting throw pillows with cushion colors or patterns that you find appealing, as a way to draw the eye to certain themes or patterns in the cushion fabric – browse our Outdoor Pillow Layering Guide for more details!


Deep seating patio furniture comes with various upholstery options for its cushions. Outdoor cushions often use durable performance fabrics like Sunbrella that repel rain while resisting heat, sand, and salt. Other popular choices are commercial-quality teak that naturally resists moisture damage from moisture accumulation as well as insect damage as well as stylish options like wicker.

No matter which fabric you select, make sure it has a 5000-hour UV rating and waterproof properties to prevent discoloration over time. This will protect the furniture’s deep seating from being faded and worn over time.

Fabric selection plays a huge part in how comfortable patio furniture will be. Foam cushions should have high-density foam for maximum support and comfort; cushion cores must also be made of long-wearing and fade-resistant materials to provide optimal performance.

An inviting patio deep seating set is an excellent way to bring together family and friends for relaxing conversations under the stars. To elevate your entertaining, consider upgrading to a sectional sofa set – it allows everyone in your group to sit comfortably, making an ideal conversation zone that allows you to discuss everything from politics to sports with ease!

Add a coffee table or end table to your outdoor living space to complete its look, or add decorative rugs for even greater comfort and style in your backyard retreat.

Search our selection of deep seating furniture to find the ideal piece for your patio or balcony. With different styles and brands to choose from, you are sure to find something suitable to your personal tastes – traditional cast aluminum outdoor sectionals, modern wicker modular sets or anything in between – we have pieces sure to turn any backyard into a luxurious escape! Don’t forget adding outdoor pillows for added color and comfort!


An outdoor living area would not be complete without some accessories to make guests feel at ease and relaxed. These may include decorative pillows, table covers and umbrellas – these add color and contrast to seating areas while potentially altering their look altogether.

When purchasing patio furniture, it’s essential to factor in style, function and budget. Measure the area where your furniture will reside for an idea of scale before determining your seating needs – are you planning on hosting frequent parties or simply spending quiet mornings alone? This will help determine whether a dining or conversation set would best fit.

Seat height should also be considered. For optimal lounge-type positions, look for seats at least 22 inches deep – and consider this factor when buying patio tables as well. Seat depth also matters when eating and drinking from them!

Material used to construct your furniture should also be considered carefully. Wicker is a great choice because of its versatility and on-trend appeal; however, other choices exist such as aluminum (rustproof), teak wood and IPE for its timeless beauty and unmatched strength. Some materials require more maintenance than others but with proper preventive care your new patio furniture will withstand the elements for years.

One way you can keep your new patio furniture looking its best is to regularly wipe down fabric cushions and frames with mild soap and water, store them when not in use, apply protective sealants or anti-rust treatments annually, regularly cleaning surfaces promptly to stop dirt from building up, and applying sealants or anti-rust treatments every year. With these simple steps in place, your deep seating patio furniture will remain beautiful season after season!