Deep Seating Patio Furniture

deep seating patio furniture

Add style and comfort to your backyard lounge furniture with premium-quality deep seating cushions made with durable performance fabric, made to withstand sun exposure as well as moisture, mold, mildew and fading.

Explore a wide array of colors, patterns and textures that complement your existing patio decor. We offer premium outdoor deep seating furniture sets with matching ottomans to help create an idyllic retreat right in your own backyard.


An inviting seat with ample cushioning is key for extended relaxation. Deep seating patio furniture allows you to do just that; whether chatting with friends, reading a good book, or watching the birds fly freely around your newly completed backyard landscaping project. Choose between full conversation sets like the Darlee Rockport Club 6-Piece Modular Deep Seating Set or opt for an intimate lounge chair to unwind and get cozy.

If you’re planning an outdoor entertaining session for family and friends, wicker deep seating sectionals could be just what the doctor ordered. With three-, four- and five-piece sets to choose from, these patio furniture sets provide everything needed for comfortable entertaining – plush cushions and sturdy frames give guests plenty of room to linger, chat and indulge in cocktails and appetizers for hours on end!

When purchasing an outdoor wicker deep seating chair, loveseat or sofa, cushioning quality should be of top priority. When searching for suitable cushions to match these pieces, look for high-density inner material which won’t crush after repeated use and has bounce and resilience so your cushions remain comfy for months afterward.

Design of deep seating patio furniture should also play a key role in its comfort. Look for pieces with higher seats than standard outdoor chairs so it will be easier for you to sit without tucking your legs under. For even more relaxation, add an ottoman as part of your lounge chair or sofa – not only will this elevate the decor, but it provides additional seating or can even serve as an opportunity to doze off during warm afternoons!

Once you’ve completed a hard day’s gardening work, watered the plants and finished mixing up your potting soil, take time out for yourself. Unwind with some restorative lounge chair or two-seat settee seating under an attractive tilt market umbrella to block out the sun as it lowers for the day. And keep drinks, snacks, reading material close at hand by including an appropriate coffee table or side table in your conversational setting.


Your outdoor deep seating furniture must withstand all forms of weather conditions, from rain and mildew to sun exposure and dirt. For optimal performance, weather-resistant materials like marine-grade aluminum or stainless steel hardware should be used; they won’t rust and will support the weight of your guests without issue; other materials, such as softwoods may become quickly scratched or dented over time.

Your choice of cushion fabric also plays an integral part in extending the durability of your furniture. When shopping for outdoor cushions, look for ones constructed using all-weather performance fabrics designed to repel water and resist fading after prolonged sun exposure. Deep seating cushions featuring high density foam cores offer extra support while remaining cozy.

When purchasing patio furniture, its frame design should also be taken into account. From sleek contemporary silhouettes to timeless classic styles, there is something suitable for every taste available to you. Wicker styles such as Adirondack chairs or gentle rockers provide comfortable reading spaces; other pieces feature more intricate features like sectionals with plush cushioned seats and backs or sectional sofas with plush padded seating and backs are suitable.

Once you’ve found the ideal deep seating patio furniture for your home, accessorize to create an inviting and hospitable environment for both entertaining and relaxing. Cushioned ottomans make an excellent addition to any chair, love seat or sofa in your collection; their convenient placement enables feet to rest on while sinking deeper into a deep seating sofa is the ideal spot for sipping a beverage or reading a good book.

Coffee tables are another wise investment for your backyard, as you’ll find an impressive range of tables that pair perfectly with any of our deep-seating chairs, sofas or swings. Our outdoor foundation pieces will add fresh air to your porch or deck while giving your guests somewhere to set drinks, snacks or books while they unwind together.


Create a comfortable lounge space with a deep seating set and ottomans that work individually or together to form an ensemble. Most deep seating chairs and sofas feature low, comfortable arms and fully supported backs for an ambiance ideal for socializing and relaxation. Add an ottoman to any outdoor lounge chair or loveseat to kick up your feet further into comfort, or pair one with all-weather coffee tables or side tables that provide drinks, snacks, ambient lighting within reach and easy sightlines.

With an assortment of frame colors, fabric grades and combinations available to you, customizing the look of cushioned deep seating patio furniture to match both your indoor and outdoor decor is now easier than ever! Select an earth-toned or neutral-hued POLYWOOD lumber frame color to complement the deck, then select from among performance fabrics designed to withstand environmental stressors like food and beverage spills, salty air or mold and mildew growth. Complete your signature outdoor style by pairing up earth tones or neutral hued lumber colors with vibrant Sunbrella cushions!

To increase your entertaining options with a cozy and inviting gathering spot for you and your guests, invest in a full 6-piece deep seating patio furniture set. Customize its seats and backs according to your space and entertaining needs; two club chairs, a settee and coffee table are included as part of this set; add optional corner wedge and armless end table additions to create an intimate gathering place that brings people together intentionally and intimately.

If you’re furnishing a tighter space like a small balcony, opt for a 3-piece deep seating patio furniture set. These sets typically include two club chairs and an end table to fit more snugly.

Attractively and timeless in design, nothing tops a quality cast aluminum deep seating patio furniture set powder coated in Fresh Teak color for weather resistance and covered by an 10 year limited warranty against structural defects.


Are You Searching for Patio Deep Seating Chairs to Expand the Functionality and Add Additional Seating in Outdoor Space? Consider Aluminum Deep Seating Chairs! These pieces offer comfort like lounge chairs while adding functionality with table top surfaces, making these pieces versatile enough to suit almost any outdoor decor style. Find aluminum deep seating chairs in different colors, styles, and designs to meet all of your patio furniture needs.

Deep-seating patio furniture can transform your outdoor living and entertainment area. Paired with lounge chairs, ottomans, or other accessories such as umbrellas and plant stands, deep seating patio pieces offer design flexibility for both expansive backyards or intimate patios.

An outdoor wicker couch, complete with matching chairs and ottoman, creates an ideal environment for socializing among family and friends. When combined with side or coffee tables, these pieces become even more functional allowing drinks, snacks and lighting to remain within easy reach of all members of your group.

Rattan and wicker patio furniture offers deep seating comfort while adding rustic charm. Constructed from weather-resistant resin materials, these pieces can withstand UV exposure, hot and cold temperatures, rain, sleet and snow without damage to their structure or aesthetic.

Once you’ve selected the ideal style and size of deep seating patio furniture, think about additional ways to customize your patio space. Outdoor pillows are an affordable way to increase comfort on sofas, loveseats, and chairs while creating an eclectic and personalized aesthetic – consider mixing and matching different coordinating cushions to achieve that effect!

Fire tables can add warmth and ambience to deep-seating patio furniture sets, offering both relaxation and socialization opportunities in an inviting setting. Furthermore, these tables are easier to use, safer and more convenient than standard wood-burning fire pits.

Finally, when it comes to patio furniture storage solutions, benches or ottomans offer both seating and space for books, blankets, or any other items you need stored away. These versatile pieces will help keep your space organized and free from clutter.