Decorative Accents From the Uttermost Lighting Collection

uttermost lighting

Add rugged and masculine styling to any library, den, or rustic western room decor by placing this table lamp with its realistic stag horn red deer base into your library, den, or rustic western room decor. Boasting burnished bone ivory finish with crackled wood tone base and cast aluminum accents. Plus its sueded chocolate fabric shade.

Uttermost products are developed, manufactured, and packaged with shipping in mind; as a result they boast one of the lowest damage rates in their industry.

Ceiling Fixtures

The ultimate collection of lighting fixtures showcases pieces that are both artistic and functional. Whether you need a chandelier for your dining room or bathroom sconces to illuminate both areas of the home, these fixtures are made of superior quality materials that will stand the test of time – not to mention their wide array of traditional and modern designs that add sophistication and refinement to any home design scheme.

Ceiling fixtures such as flush mounts, chandeliers and sconces as well as pendant lights designed specifically for kitchen work spaces can all make an important statement about the size and design of a space. When selecting fixtures to adorn any space it’s crucial that they fit with its size; too big will overwhelm it and feel crowded while too little may not provide adequate illumination.

Flush mounts can serve several functions, from ambient illumination to accentuating artwork. Generally made from plastic material with a glass shade that covers its bulb. Chandeliers provide more dramatic options that serve as focal points in any space – and tend to be the more costly ceiling fixtures, yet more versatile options as well.

Wall sconces can be utilized in numerous applications. From lighting hallways and pairing them with mirrors or sculptures to creating an intimate and welcoming ambience in bedrooms – wall sconces offer multiple uses!

This collection offers ceiling fans that make an ideal addition to any space, helping create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance in rooms such as foyers, living rooms and dining rooms.

Uttermost is a family owned company that has been operating for more than 45 years, dedicated to offering exceptional customer service and providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Their success stems from three key principles: providing great design at exceptional values; supporting home furnishings retailers renowned for quality goods; and treating their employees, sales representatives and designers as partners in business. Their products are manufactured in Rocky Mount Virginia before being distributed nationwide through an advanced West Coast Distribution Center that ensures quick deliveries.

Table Lamps

From coastal charm to timeless elegance, uttermost table lamps provide decorative accents and functional illumination for unique room themes. These versatile illuminators can add the perfect mix of style and utility into your interior spaces.

Consider how your new table lamp will complement or stand out against your room’s color scheme when choosing it; bright hues may serve as stunning focal points while neutral tones like white and gray provide subtle accents without overshadowing its design theme.

Uttermost Rosa table lamp captures our imagination with its graceful rose body covered in subtle highlights and classic hardback drum shade that keeps its look refined and sleek. Available in multiple finishes to fit into any interior decor scheme.

Natural clay, taupe, white and charcoal tones combine for a unique artisan-crafted appearance on this ceramic base highlighted with antique brass finished details. The shade features white linen fabric while glaze colors may differ to add even greater authenticity and personality to this table lamp.

Uttermost has been family-owned and operated since 1975, dedicated to offering superior home accessories at reasonable prices. Their Rocky Mount, Virginia headquarters remain fully owned and managed by founders Bob and Belle Cooper; today the company serves customers on multiple continents with lighting and home furnishings designed and handcrafted by talented artists and skilled artisans; while using innovative product engineering technologies and superior packaging reinforcement they boast one of the lowest damage rates in their industry.

Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can add a sense of ambience and balance to a room, as well as lighting up reading nooks. No matter where they’re used, wall sconces will make any space feel more welcoming and inviting.

Wall sconces come in various styles and sizes, so it is essential to consider how your chosen one will complement the overall aesthetic of your room before selecting one. Furthermore, consider their purpose in relation to how they’ll be used – for instance if they will serve as part of bathroom lighting it should be at least 60″ from the floor for adequate task light.

An important consideration when selecting wall sconces is whether or not you want them to stand out in your room, for example if there are many natural colors present, it may be beneficial to choose more neutral-colored sconces so as not to clash with the other elements in the space. Conversely, if there’s a particular hue you really enjoy and would like highlighted through your wall sconces then consider going for brighter designs that stand out more.

Once you know which style of sconce you’d like, it’s time to shop! There is an incredible variety of choices on the market; take your time exploring everything that’s available. Traditional and modern options alike will all fit seamlessly with any space.

Traditional sconces combine timeless design features like curled arms and round backplates with more contemporary aesthetics, like lack of ornamentation and more straightforward structures. They’re an excellent way to achieve both traditional and modern styling simultaneously in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms or any space that requires an updated classic aesthetic.


Chandeliers are an elegant focal point in many homes, drawing the eye with their scale and intricacy. Chandeliers often pay tribute to historical, cultural, or artistic movements while imparting an aura of grandeur in any given room they grace. Their designs can range from eye-catching statement pieces to subtle additions in decor schemes alike.

Chandeliers come in many styles, from crystal to traditional and contemporary chandeliers. Each design adds its own signature look and feel, adding elegance to any room they grace. When choosing the ideal chandelier for your space, consider its dimensions and ceiling height; for example, in 12-by-12 foot rooms it would best suit a chandelier with at least 24 inch diameter.

An important consideration when purchasing a chandelier is its color scheme and design style. Crystal chandeliers add drama to a dining room while traditional chandeliers create a warm glow in any setting. When choosing a chandelier it’s wise to ensure it meets local electrical and safety regulations while meeting both your budget and overall home aesthetic requirements.

Uttermost is an innovative home goods company that specializes in furniture, wall accents and area rugs for the modern home. Their focus on quality artistry and providing timeless aesthetics sets them apart from brands who only offer one product or type; whether you need something as basic as flush mount lamps or more extravagant such as chandeliers – Uttermost’s collection has what you need.