Cushionless Patio Furniture

Relax in your outdoor living space without the burden of cleaning and storing cushions with cushionless patio furniture. Breathable resin wicker material provides ventilation while its durable construction keeps your seat cool and comfy.

Select outdoor fabrics designed to withstand the elements, such as fade-resistant and mildew-resistant olefin or 100% solution dyed acrylic fabrics. It is important to keep cushions inside during rainy weather or invest in covers to safeguard them against sun damage.

Sling furniture

Sling furniture is an excellent solution for those who would rather forego cushions’ hassle and expense, yet still desire comfort and style. Constructed of flexible fabric that fits over its frame, sling furniture provides both style and comfort simultaneously. Available in various styles ranging from traditional to modern designs, its lightweight construction allows it to be moved around easily making this a fantastic option for entertaining purposes.

Sling furniture’s fabric construction allows it to quickly dry after rainstorms or pool parties, and has a high strength construction that won’t tear or break easily under normal use. Contrary to popular belief, however, sling furniture doesn’t actually tear easily under regular usage and should instead be properly tensioned for maximum durability and toughness.

Sling furniture’s main advantage lies in not requiring cushions, saving both time and money on maintenance costs. Furthermore, it’s extremely comfortable for sitting in as the fabric conforms to your body shape while quickly drying off after each use.

Are you searching for ways to add patio furniture without spending too much money? Sling chairs and sofa sets could be the solution. Their lightweight aluminum frames won’t rust or break easily while their durable sling material dries quickly for fast use in all seasons – plus, there are multiple color choices available so as to suit every decor!

At Hauser’s Patio, they provide cushionless patio furniture of every color to meet the aesthetic needs of every outdoor space. Choose bolder hues if you want a bold statement while more neutral hues create an elegant atmosphere. Indulge your artistic side by mixing and matching different hues on chairs and sofas that combine multiple hues for an eclectic vibe! To learn more about sling furniture check out their online catalog; they have a huge selection of cushionless patio pieces with their knowledgeable staff ready to assist you in finding just what pieces are perfect! Get in touch today with them today so we can get you started!

Polymer furniture

Outdoor polymer furniture can provide San Diego homeowners with an ideal way to craft comfortable yet low-maintenance patio spaces. Crafted using raw materials that are melted together before being poured into molds for cooling. Once hardened, polymer pieces can be removed from their molds and painted or stained according to preference before being stored away until needed for use again – unlike wood furniture which must be regularly refinished and sealed!

Polymer backyard furniture offers an expansive selection of colors and designs not available from traditional wooden patio furniture, with easy care required by its composition compared to wood furniture that often needs to be refinished or stained regularly to maintain its color. Furthermore, unlike wooden furniture that needs regular refinishing/staining to keep its hue alive.

Polymer outdoor furniture also boasts sustainability benefits, as it is typically constructed out of recycled plastic milk jugs – making it an environmentally-friendly choice that stands up well under Southern California sun exposure. Furthermore, its durability means it stands up well over time and makes an ideal addition to any patio setting.

When selecting cushionless patio furniture for your home, it is essential to take into account both the size and layout of your outdoor space. Select furniture that fits snugly within the area without overcrowding or blocking pathways; consider also what use your outdoor area will serve, such as dining, relaxing or entertaining.

An ideal cushionless patio furniture set will blend in seamlessly with the design aesthetic of your home while offering both comfort and durability to you and your guests. Hauser’s Patio has a selection of customizable outdoor furniture pieces so you can find exactly what fits for your space.

Start exploring our selection of cushionless patio furniture at our online showroom. Take your time exploring all of your options before reaching out with any inquiries; we are more than happy to assist in finding you just the right set!

Wood furniture

Wood patio sets add warmth and elegance to any home, as well as serving as the centerpiece for outdoor entertaining or relaxation. Wood furniture lasts long-term without frequent replacement needs; however, like all forms of furniture it does require periodic care in terms of cleaning and staining to preserve its color and shine.

The Laguna 4-piece patio furniture set makes an eye-catching statement in your outdoor living area. Crafted from durable and sustainable eucalyptus wood (known as karri gum), its seat cushions are weatherproof and machine washable for easy care. Included with each set are left and right loveseats, corner chair, coffee table and cushion covers that reversibly cover them – ideal for low maintenance living without extra pillows needed to complete it all!

If you prefer more modern aesthetics, the Malmo 6-piece Wicker Patio Furniture Set is an outstanding choice. This eye-catching set combines contemporary and traditional styles for an eye-catching appearance that stands out in any climate. Constructed of lightweight aluminum frames that are resistant to corrosion and suitable for year-round use; powder-coated finish offers scratch and rust resistance making this furniture long-term and durable.

To maintain their original condition, cushions require proper care to remain in good condition. When not in use, bring your cushions inside for safekeeping to protect from rain and sun damage; investing in furniture covers could also prove helpful; cleaning with mild soap and water periodically will stop mildew growth from taking hold.

Durability in outdoor furniture depends on the materials and elements used to construct it, how you use the piece, care taken in its care and maintenance, as well as intentionality with care and maintenance. Selecting durable pieces will enable you to enjoy your outdoor space for years.


Cushions add comfort and visual appeal to patio furniture, making the seating experience much more pleasurable. Available in various styles and colors, selecting a cushion should take into account both seat size and fabric preferences; durable materials should be water resistant and easy to maintain when picking out their cushion protector – using one could protect against moisture or mold build-up!

If you want something with more flair in your cushion design, opt for one with a piped edge. This type of cushion features an exposed seam covered by fabric; either matching or contrasting fabrics may be used for this seam. Piped edges add an elegant touch and are great additions for metal, wooden, or plastic outdoor furniture.

Another style of cushion is the tufted cushion, constructed by sewn-together tufts sewn together into a larger square shape. They may be constructed of either polyester or a combination of polyester and down. Polyester allows for resilience with soft downy comfort for those seeking both. Keeping this type of cushion looking its best requires regular fluffing to maintain its structure; but its effort will pay off in terms of providing a luxurious soft feel!

Foam cushions are among the most widely used cushions available, and come in various varieties. You can easily shape one to fit the shape of your sofa or chair. Plus, this type of cushion is lightweight and water resistant making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use and cleaning is simple using a pressure washer.

Some manufacturers are beginning to offer more individualized seating experiences with cushion cores designed specifically for them. For instance, some cushions are constructed using foam that’s wrapped with Dacron polyester fiber – this combination creates more durable cushions that offer increased back support.