Cool Patio Furniture – Find the Styles That Work Best For You

cool patio furniture

No matter whether it’s to enjoy morning coffee on your back deck, entertain friends over for dinner on weeknight or enjoy poolside relaxing, cool patio furniture will help elevate any outdoor space. From lounge sets and dining sets, find pieces that work best for you.


Wood patio furniture adds natural charm and classic style to most outdoor spaces. Hayslett emphasizes its practicality: wood furniture has the strength to withstand even extreme weather conditions without cracking under pressure or fading quickly in sunlight. When selecting the ideal type of wood for your needs, however, some varieties are more durable than others and respond differently depending on where it’s exposed to elements – teak and acacia wood are more resistant than other varieties to humidity while some, like pine can crack under extreme heat or fade quickly under direct sunlight than others like pine can do – it all depends on which species and species is chosen – the choice depends on the species and species chosen according to which weather conditions it encounters.

Wood furniture’s color can also play a big part in how it blends in to its surroundings, according to Hayslett. A natural finish will go perfectly with soft shades found on a gravel patio while painted pieces add visual pop against darker surroundings. Vivid hues may even work on wooden decks–just be sure they complement surrounding flower gardens and stones or brickwork!

If your wooden patio furniture needs an update, try repainting it with exterior wood stain or paint that is water-resistant and contains UV inhibitors – for instance Pure Tung Oil by Real Milk Paint Co is one such product; its formula cures through oxidation rather than evaporation so that it’s suitable for surfaces in contact with food.

Another way to add some flair and personality to wood furniture is reupholstering it in vibrant fabric. There is an almost limitless array of fabric choices for outdoor upholstery; there’s sure to be something perfect for every aesthetic imaginable! For a boho aesthetic, experiment with different patterns and fabrics in vivid hues; for an eclectic feel try mixing patterns and fabrics from various sources that complement each other while complementing the colors in your garden and creating an overall harmonious aesthetic.

If you don’t want to commit to completely reupholstering your furniture, adding some accent pillows may do just as well. Throws can also bring interior style outdoors. A plush throw can bring warmth and comfort while providing protection for furniture pieces.

Shades of green

Shades of green make an excellent choice for patio furniture as they blend in effortlessly with most colors. Light sage and mint are especially refreshing and bring the beach feel into any backyard garden, while earth tones add rustic appeal that helps balance out plants on patios with lots of foliage. Green hues can even serve to highlight other features like stone patio floors and exterior paint colors!

If you’re not quite ready to commit fully, introducing green into your patio space can start by adding accent pieces – such as a green striped hammock. Or use its hues as part of the decor in a water fountain or planter; for additional splashes of hue consider painting an accent wall or window frame in this hue.

Wood tones make an attractive choice for patio furniture, adding warmth and inviting charm to any landscape. Furthermore, they’re durable enough to withstand even inclement weather without needing regular staining or varnishing sessions – faux finishes may provide a quicker and cheaper solution if time-poor individuals don’t have time to properly maintain wood furniture themselves.

Gray and yellow are ideal complements for shades of green. As neutral yet bold hues, they work perfectly together. For something bolder, try bronze: this metallic hue works especially well against dark tan patio furniture with wood tones and dark wood-toned patio furniture; though pairing it with white will cause no clash in tonality between each shade.

Vivid hues like purple irises and orange calendula can add visual interest to green furniture in your yard, yet be wary not to oversaturate the area with too many vibrant hues; too many can make the space seem cramped and overcrowded; instead opt for subdued hues that remain stylish but won’t overwhelm its surroundings.

Minimalist designs

Minimalist designs make an excellent choice for luxury patio furniture, whether your view includes ocean or city skylines. Their clean lines and contemporary feel combine perfectly with modern accents. To achieve this style of furniture design, use neutral colors in combination with durable yet versatile pieces like this modular corner design from Modular Corner Designs; these modular corner pieces can easily be moved around to take advantage of different views; fabric that’s dirt- and water-proof will also keep the space invitingly clean and beautiful.

To create a minimalist outdoor space, start by clearing away all debris and items that don’t serve a specific function from your area. This will enable you to see more clearly the space itself so you can determine how best to decorate it. Minimalist outdoor furniture is great for smaller patios because its compact footprint fits seamlessly with surrounding landscaping – if you want some color just choose something complementary of what is already there like your garden or home colors.

Repurposed industrial materials make a striking statement in minimalist patios, adding elegance with just a little sophistication. A steel bench can easily be transformed into a coffee table using just its frame and tabletop; or use concrete planters as magazine or vase storage solutions; for something a bit more organic try wood furniture made from pallets.

One minimalist option for your patio furniture should be made of metal, which is easy to maintain and looks aesthetically pleasing with the greenery of your yard. Metal furniture makes an excellent addition to contemporary and modern garden spaces alike; further enhancing it with modern lighting such as sconces or chandeliers at eye level (to avoid shadowing on walls and furniture) or mirrors or wall art with abstract designs.


Wicker patio furniture is an excellent way to keep outdoor furnishings light and comfortable, providing a natural aesthetic while being easy to care for. Just use a dry brush with dust removal capabilities or sponge it down with mild detergent after each use to keep its texture looking its best while protecting its color from fading over time. Added bonus? Lightweight pieces make wicker easier to move around or rearrange.

Wicker patio furniture stands out among its competitors due to its vast selection of colors and finishes, making it suitable for any backyard setting and pairable with wood or metal pieces. It will create an eye-catching focal point in any garden space and complement existing decor in equal measure. The striking contrast of its tones will only make your furniture even more striking while enriching its surroundings even further.

When looking to decorate your patio simply, try adding tables and chairs with wicker seats as an easy solution. These furniture pieces can be constructed out of metal, wood or polyethylene resin wicker – this durable material can be woven around its frame for years of enjoyment! Besides its aesthetic benefits, wicker can also be stained in various hues to match other decorations on the patio.

All-weather wicker furniture is ideal for outdoor spaces as it can withstand a range of climate conditions – including Arizona heat, Texas humidity and even snowy winter weather! However, for your own safety it may be prudent to bring indoor during periods of heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Though wicker furniture is durable, it still can be subject to damage over time. Therefore, purchasing a cover may help extend its life and protect it from extreme weather conditions – prolonging its enjoyment in your backyard for many years ahead! It will also protect it against sun damage so you can enjoy it for as long as possible!

Wicker furniture is a timeless addition to any outdoor space, adding both warmth and character. When selecting neutral-hued wicker pieces, select brighter pillows or throws for additional pops of color on the furniture.